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The ALT KEY LOCKUP bug is back, and shows itself with the latest version of Windows 10! We have two solutions:
Bruce wrote a template during the ClarionLive Open Webinar. This needs to be applied to every app in your solution, and is a good example of how to add code to every window using a template: Download UltimateWindowExample
Carl Barnes wrote a solution for this, and it was published in ClarionMag. Dave Harms has given permission for everyone to use it!! Thanks Dave!!! This is added to your AppFrame only: Download CBAltWin7Fix
jrtResize (resize browse columns when browse is resized) is available on Github https://github.com/ClarionLive/UltimateUtilities/tree/master/jrtResize
Discount From Lindersoft: We have created a special CLARIONLIVE 20% discount coupon to give access to SetupBuilder Developer Edition for $319.20 instead of $399.00!

Fun Fact! The first ClarionLive! webinar was held on Friday, March 27th 2009 and featured Andy Wilton!



8/3 - TBA
8/10 - Mike Hanson - The Mover ABC to Legacy - Code
8/17 - Mike Hanson - The Mover ABC to Legacy - Templates
8/24 - TBA

TBA - Greg Bailey - Browses - Part 2
TBA - Dominique Benoit - TSPlus Updates
TBA - StimulSoft - StimulSoft Dashboard
TBA - Mike Gorman - More Data Topics
TBA - Charles Edmonds - ProSeries Products

ClarionLive Webinars
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July 27 2018
Download Webinar 473 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 473 (MP4 File)

This week, Gary Chefetz from Kayako will be demonstrating the Kayako Help Desk software!
Kayako helps companies manage customer requests and conversations over any channel, support customers better, and stay personal as they grow!
Learn more at www.kayako.com, then stop buy the webinar for a full demonstration!
Gary Chefetz


July 20 2018
Download Webinar 472 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 472 (MP4 File)
This week, Nardus will be showing us Postman!!
What is Postman?
"Postman is a powerful HTTP client for testing web services. Created by Abhinav Asthana, a programmer and designer based in Bangalore, India, Postman makes it easy to test, develop and document APIs by allowing users to quickly put together both simple and complex HTTP requests."
You can read the full review here: https://www.programmableweb.com/news/review-postman-client-makes-restful-api-exploration-breeze/brief/2014/01/27
Nardus Swanevelder

Presentation, Mind Maps and Source Code for the QuickBooks Online App is available here:


July 13 2018
Download Webinar 471 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 471 (MP4 File)

Last week, Mike Hanson presented a hand coded approach enabling users to reorder items in a browse. He refactored that one-off approach into a generic class. This week he'll create a template that can apply that class to a browse.
Mike Hanson


July 6 2018
Download Webinar 470 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 470 (MP4 File)

Mike Hanson likes to get things in order, including letting users reorder items in a Browse. He'll refactor some custom hand code into a generic class, which can be easily applied to other browses.
Mike Hanson
two hours!


June 29 2018
Download Webinar 469 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 469 (MP4 File)

This week, Mike's presentation is "Clarion Data Dictionary (DCT) , Quality Assessment & Repair".
Topics include:
1. Metadata, Metadata What-For Art Though?
2. What is the Data Dictionary
3. What is the Clarion Application
4. How are the DCT and the APP interrelated
5. What are the Types of objects in the DCT
6. Assessing the DCT via Control Templates
7. Repairing/Changing/Adjusting the DCT
Mike Gorman


June 22 2018
Download Webinar 468 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 468 (MP4 File)

Alejandro and Roberto are back! This week, he'll be talking about his Stimulsoft Template for .Net & Javascript!!
Alejandro Elias Roberto Renz

0:10 Stimulsoft Template for Clarion
0:11 Version for .Net and Javascript
0:12 ConvertToJson
0:13 Diagram of model (Rport manager)
0:14 Report Manager - Template Prompts
0:16 Browse Reports Procedure
0:17 ReportStimulSoft Procedure
0:18 Report Designer
0:20 "Reports" Report uses TPS to JSON
0:25 Field Formats / Fields to Disable
0:27 https://jsoneditoronline.org
0:28 Using Queues
0:33 Using ODBC SQL Table
0:35 Showing Json from TPS, Queue and ODBC in one report
0:36 .Net Example from scratch
0:38 Add Stimulsoft Reports Template
0:39 Import 2 procedures - ReportStimulsoft & ConvertJson
0:39 Add Button - AJECallDesignerControl
0:41 Add Button - Print Report - Call ReportStimulsoft
0:41 Populate template - ReportStimulsoft
0:42 ConvertJson settings
0:43 Copy localization folder
0:44 Run Report Designer to design report
0:48 Print the new Report
0:49 Making changes to ConvertJson Procedure
0:52 Translation - English, German, Spanish
0:56 Owner string for SQL
0:58 Javascript version - NetTalk app accessed through browser
1:01 Looking at code - ReportStimulsoftJs
1:03 FormPrintReport, StimulSoftViewer
1:07 WsToJson (WebService)
1:09 Base64 discussion for encrypted passwords and images
1:11 Back to WebService
1:15 Consuming data available from WebService from ReportDesigner
1:17 Format date
1:23 Pass Filter on URL
1:24 Json Example From scratch
1:25 Add Stimulsoft Reports Template
1:26 Import procedures
1:28 Copy mailboxes.mrt
1:30 WsToJson - allow file to export to Json
1:31 WsToJson - Prefix
Rest to follow
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


June 15 2018
Download Webinar 467 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 467 (MP4 File)

This week, Alejandro will be talking about using NetTalk with Arduino and Alexa! Now that's got to be pretty cool, right?! Roberto Renz and Dries Driessen joined in on this fascinating topic.
Alejandro Elias Roberto Renz

0:18 NetTalk, Arduino & Alexa
0:19 What is Alexa, Arduino?
0:20 How to create Alexa Skill https://developer.amazon.com/alexa/console/ask
0:24 Diagram showing different parts
0:24 Ivocation
0:25 Intent
0:26 Intent is send to WebServer
0:27 Create variables for intent
0:29 Build Model
0:29 https://alexa.amazon.com
0:32 How to program Arduino http://www.arduino.cc
0:34 Compile Arduino code
0:35 Upload code to Arduino
0:36 Nodemco ESP8266 hardware
0:39 Webserver that talks to Alexa + Webservers controlling devices
0:41 Test option in Alex skill
0:44 Show POD changing values on web page
0:48 Demo of app
0:54 Looking at Arduino code
0:55 WebSocket App - receive from 2 Arduino
0:57 WebServer - Alexa & "local" WebServer
0:58 WebSockets
1:01 Assign ip address to each physical port of Arduino
1:02 More demo
1:07 RunIntent in Skill based on variable
1:10 Wolfgang - Sketches for Arduino
1:12 Discussion on Arduino devices / Rasberry Pi
1:17 Discussion about the need of an Echo to do development
1:19 For Account linking requires Echo device
1:21 Dries sharing Alexa code with everyone. dries@indirection.nl
1:22 Discussion on what this can do for you
1:24 Google Home
1:27 Some Spanish language :-)
1:28 Business ideas - Alexa comes with screen, Echo Show
1:39 OAuth
1:42 Wrap it up
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


June 8 2018
Download Webinar 466 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 466 (MP4 File)

There's been a major re-working of SQL Script.It! for some time now, and it's almost here! This new release will have two major new features; collaboration, and end-user update monitoring! This is all made possible by a new web service soon to be launched, the SQL Script.It! Project Center!

Collaboration allows two or more developers to work on the same project. Changes made to scripts by one developer will be replicated to all developers on the project. This includes changes to the master database! For example, if you create a new stored procedure in your master database in SQL Studio, that new procedure will be automatically imported into SQL Script.It!, and the new script will be replicated to all developers on the project, and the master database at each location will also be updated with the new procedure!

End-user update monitoring enables you to ensure that any scripts you deploy to your end-users are being installed without errors. When an end-user updates, the update log is uploaded to the SQL Script.It! web service where you can see the results. You can also be alerted by email or text if there are any failures.

The new SQL Script.It! Project Center web service is built with CapeSoft's NetTalk! In addition to demonstrating the new SQL Script.It!, we'll be going behind the scenes and talk about how the web service was built. We'll talk about what our goals were, how they changed, what we did wrong, and what we (eventually) did right!
John Hickey
Mary Wade
Bruce Johnson

0:15 http://www.learnh5fast.com & https://kartra.kartra.com
0:45 SQL Script.It!
0:45 What is SQL Script.It?
0:47 How do we use it?
0:48 Need it to do more
0:49 Two more features - Collaboration, end-user monitoring of executed scripts
0:52 Magic ingredient - web service (AWS, HMailServer, KompoZer, ChargeBee)
0:53 Nettalk is the glue
1:00 https://sqlscriptit.com Project center demo
1:03 Journey begins - how to sync data
1:09 Decision Point 1 - how do we offer this
1:10 Things we had to do
1:12 LetsEncrypt certificate
1:16 Decision Point 2 - support multiple users
1:19 Separate databases is the way to go
1:26 Everything broke - but got it fixed and added stuff
1:28 Added monitoring of end-users
1:30 NetWebServiceMethods
1:34 Use Group as Parameter not individual fields for NetWebServiceMethods
1:37 Points-of-sale program
1:40 ssiupdater class
1:43 Decision Point 3 - what plans should be available
1:44 Decision Point 4 - what should the web site look like
1:45 KompoZer
1:47 Display Plans - NetTalk
1:49 NetWebSource - build HTML page
1:51 Staying in NetTalk Framework - move handcoded Plans into Nettalk Browse (see Nettalk Webinar 196)
1:55 Demo of "card" Browse
1:56 CSS https://www.w3schools.com/w3css
1:58 ChargeBee - manage subscriptions
2:00 Project Center - safe automatically - no save button
2:03 Stay in the Framework
2:03 Still more to do
2:04 Beta users needed
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


June 1 2018
Download Webinar 465 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 465 (MP4 File)

Mike Hanson on Unit Testing with this Toastmaster's Application!

Greg Bailey steps in with an ad hoc example on adding SQL to a browse
Mike Hanson
Clarion Date: 79413
0:02 Introductions
0:03 Rules of the webinar. 4th rule: Eat your (green) vegetables!
0:04 Announcements
- Open webinar talked about working with time zones and dictionary integrity checking
- John has finally posted all Open Webinars! Current through May
- NetTalk Webinar included interesting topics including notifying windows applications when something happens in a NT web application
0:09 Mike arrives!
0:11 Topic suggestion: another webinar on SMS via GSM and Fingerprint recognition in a Clarion app
0:13 Putting SQL in your browses (Greg Bailey) -- cliffhanger
0:23 Feature presentation begins!
0:24 Unit testing & test-driven development
- Write your tests, then write your code to pass the test
0:33 Toastmaster's Application
- Any better names for "ScheduleItem"?
0:39 Docking in the Clarion IDE
0:40 Back to programming! TM_Utility_UID class
0:42 The facility for unit testing: ClarionTest by Dave Harms - Creating a new DLL for unit testing
0:46 ClarionTest procedure naming convention: _###_Name
0:48 ClarionTest utility calls procedures in a specific way, which requires a specific prototype, which is generated for you if you used the Default procedure type
- Example: (*long addr),long,pascal
0:50 Our first (failing) test
0:51 Setting the Build Events to run your ClarionTest tests
0:54 ClarionTest runs!
0:56 Adding another test (and what happens when you create a test outside of a group)
0:59 Other features of ClarionTest - run some or all tests, again
1:00 Using Classes vs Procedures
- ClarionLive Class Creator (which isn't working on Mike's new machine during the webinar, but is a neat utility)
1:10 Link and DLL modes
1:13 Change Sum class to Math class, and exercise test class to prove that the test still works
1:15 Manipulating the sort of the procedures within ClarionTest
1:17 Testing the Multiply method of the Math class, and getting rid of the help comments generated by ClarionTest
- Experienced a compiler error on failure to properly declare the multiply method in Math.clw
- Demonstrate a simple reason why test-driven development is beneficial to the development process
1:22 Testing the Divide method of the Math class
1:24 Unit testing for the Toastmaster application
1:26 Using the Test helper procedure to streamline unit test development
1:29 The TM_Level class
1:34 Protected class properties
1:38 Liskov Substitution Property (LSP)
1:40 Reminder from last week: generally Private properties are a bad thing (TM_Toastmaster class)
1:44 Testing changes to the CalcScore method of the TM_Meeting class
1:59 Recap: unit testing enables you to catch errors introduced into your code and why it's bad to change your unit tests against a function in production
2:02 ScoreRepetition test procedure
2:17 A test passed when we expected it to fail. Then discussed how edge cases should become tests. Remember: the first time you write a new test, you want the test to fail; then as you write the methods the tests begin to succeed.
2:22 ClarionTest is available on GitHub at https://github.com/clarionmag/ClarionMagLibrary
2:24 Questions:
- Do you do solution builds with unit tests or just build a single app at a time?
2:27 Breeze over additional tests against the Toastmaster app and odds & ends that need to be done
2:34 Sometimes you have situations where all your unit tests are fine, but in the real world you have strange behavior. Write a unit test that proves the bug is there, then fix the bug so the unit test passes.
2:37 Recommendations for getting started with test-driven development, and wrap up.
- Integration testing vs. unit testing
- Unit testing and database connections, as well as initialization

Notes added by Flint Gatrell


May 25 2018
Download Webinar 464 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 464 (MP4 File)

Charles Edmonds on H5 Training
Bruce Johnson on Clarion Error Classes and his adjustments
Mike Hanson on a start to next week on Unit Testing
Charles Edmonds
Bruce Johnson
Mike Hanson
2 hours


May 18 2018
Download Webinar 463 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 463 (MP4 File)

Arnold's Birthday webinar is normally on the first or second Friday of July - sometimes the whole month like last year. But NOT this year! This year we are doing an EARLY Birthday Celebration Webinar!
Mark Riffey and Arnold will be trekking into the Python Universe with you and showing you why they added Python to their developer tool chest - You ask why and how can I do the same? Come join us on ClarionLive Weekly Webinar THIS Friday May 18th.
But start guessing why and come with your question, your own Python experiences, and your DevOp needs that go beyond Clarion. Be there!
Mark Riffey

0:05 Mark Riffey on Python
0:06 PyCharm IDE https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/
0:07 Looking at code example
0:10 Discussion about automating tasks
0:26 Discussion about possible technologies
0:30 Discussion about Udemy Python courses https://www.udemy.com
0:32 VS Code Editor
0:33 Modules in Python - argparse, O365, json, mandra, amazon, flask, requests
0:35 http://docs.python-requests.org/en/master/user/quickstart
0:38 Looking at list of daily tasks needed to be completed by Mark
0:52 Calling Dll
0:53 Virtual Environments
0:54 Using StandardOut and Oddjob
0:57 VS Code example
1:02 Python Course https://www.udemy.com/pythonforbeginners/learn/v4/content
1:07 Call Python code from Clarion
1:15 Python Course https://www.udemy.com/complete-python-bootcamp
1:20 REST Requests http://docs.python-requests.org/en/master/user/quickstart/#make-a-request
1:22 NetTalk API server works with Python
1:23 Other discussions
1:30 Discussion on modules: flask, requests
1:36 MS Python SQL Driver
1:37 Discussion on learning new stuff
1:42 Python Course https://www.udemy.com/automate/
1:45 .Net Core discussion
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


May 11 2018
Download Webinar 462 (WMV File)

This week, Charles will be presenting a new template called the "Enigma Protector Wrapper". It is a Clarion wrapper for the Enigma Protector software protection and licensing system.
This is a replacement for the Armadillo Software Protection system that was purchased by Silicone Realms for their own use and then withdrawn from the open developer market.
Due to the way it is written the class/template set are non-specific to any version of Clarion and it's supported all the way from Clarion 5.5 to Clarion 10.
There will be special pricing on it and also a discount code for developers when they purchase both the template and the Enigma Protector.
Charles Edmonds


May 4 2018
Download Webinar 461 (MP4 File)

The topic this week is... OAuth!
Part 5 of the (extended) series on Web Services, today we look at the question of OAuth authentication and see how to connect to services, like Google, Microsoft and so on, that use OAuth authentication.
Bruce Johnson

0:12 OAuth (Part 5)
Webinar 300, 302, 304, 459
0:13 Recap diagram
0:14 Making a Request - 4 things needed
0:15 Authentication
0:16 NetTalk Documentation on OAuth
0:16 Why OAuth?
0:26 CapeSoft Required Products
0:27 OAuth 1a / OAuth 2
0:28 Token
0:31 Step 1 You & the Service
0:35 Step 2 (Desktop) - Your Program & the Service
0:36 Step 2 (Server) - Your Program & the Service
0:37 Step 3 Your Program, your User & the Service
0:40 Step 1 - Demo: DropBox (https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps)
0:49 Step 1 - Demo: Google (https://console.developers.google.com)
0:59 Most important thing is Documentation
1:00 Step 2 - Demo: Desktop (DropBox)
1:08 Step 3 - Log into Dropbox from the desktop app
1:13 Step 2 - Demo: Server (web83.app)
1:20 Save and Load Tokens
1:22 oAuthTokens Table
1:25 Using the Token
1:26 Client Credentials Grant Type
1:30 NetDrive (implementation of dropbox/googledrive/onedrive)
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


April 27 2018
Download Webinar 460 (MP4 File)

Today, Mike will be demonstrating his Super QBE product!
*Easy Ad Hoc Queries with Super QBE (Query by Example). for Clarion
*Use a wizard or forms style query.
*Store queries for later reuse.
*Improved performance and flexibility over earlier versions.
*Perform query operations and automatically display the search results in your browse.
*Built-in query wizard in addition to forms style query.
*Use multiple Boolean operators like equals, not equals, begins with, contains, less than, more than, inside range and more.
*Tag all matching records, or display each record to optionally edit it.
*Toggle a Browse between showing "All" records or just "Tagged" records.
*Add a filter to a Report or Process so that only tagged records are used by the procedure.
*Use Super QBE as as advanced records locator.
*Easily control various general options that impact the entire QBE system.
*A Control template placed on a Form performs most searching operations and interface control.
Mike Hanson


April 20 2018
Download Webinar 459(WMV File)
Download Webinar 459 (MP4 File)

There are lots of APIs on the web that you can use NetTalk can talk to! But there are no standards. This week, Bruce looks at how APIs work, different obstacles you may run into, and how you can use NetTalk to overcome these obstacles!
Bruce Johnson

0:17 Bruce - Consuming a Web Service (Part 4)
Webinar 300, 302, 304
0:20 Recap diagram
0:28 Web Service
0:30 Documentation - Most Important Thing
0:35 Request
0:37 Methods (Get, Post, Put, Delete)
0:39 URL
0:41 Parameters
0:44 Post & Put
0:46 Headers
0:50 ContentType & FormEncodeType
0:52 Authentication
0:56 Cookies
0:57 CustomHeader
0:58 Example: Form Encoded Request
1:03 Example: REST (JSON) Request
1:05 Example: SOAP 1.1 Request
1:07 Example: SOAP 1.2 Request
1:12 Result comes back in PageReceived
1:16 Example App
1:16 API - Get Date
1:20 API - Get Data from Db (Single Record)
1:24 API - Get Data from Db (Multiple Records)
1:27 WDSL (Machine Documentation)
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


April 13 2018
Download Webinar 458(WMV File)
Download Webinar 458 (MP4 File)

This week, Mike Hanson joins us to demonstrate his Super Tagging templates!!
  • Create fast reports and processes.
  • Tags records in a file for later processing by the Report or Process templates.
*Store tags in memory or in files.
*Save and load sets of tags with a user-specified name.
*Icon support for tags and buttons.
  • Windows-style marking (Click, Shift-Click, Ctrl-Click); Tag, Untag, TagAll, UnTagAll and ToggleAll.
*Support Multi-user and multiple tags on a single file for separate operations.
Mike Hanson


April 6 2018
Download Webinar 457(WMV File)
Download Webinar 457 (MP4 File)

This week, Greg Bailey will be joining us with an in-depth look at the Clarion Browse Template!!! There have been lots of enhancements to the Browse template over the years, and Greg is ready to bring us all up to speed on all the different things you can do!
Greg Bailey


March 30 2018
Download Webinar 456(WMV File)
Download Webinar 456 (MP4 File)

This week Mike Hanson continues his series on Shorthand Fetches - The Aggressive Laziness Continues - Part 8!

And it's Template Time!
Mike Hanson


March 23 2018
Download Webinar 455(WMV File)
Download Webinar 455 (MP4 File)

It's John's Birthday Webinar Part 2!!
End-users want to be able to access their data anywhere, and NetTalk disconnected apps make that possible!
From the NetTalk Apps docs:
"With NetTalk Apps the goal is to allow different programs with different data stores, written in different languages, to share data in such a way that the data can easily flow between many different stores, and importantly, between many different kinds of stores. The actual storage of the data, and the capabilities of that storage vessel, cannot be taken for granted. Data might just as easily reside in an XML file, a SQL database, a browser's Local Storage or a local ISAM file. The goal is to allow many different kinds of programs to interact with their own data, and then share that data with each other."
This week, Bruce will be doing an overview of how disconnected apps work, and how you can implement them. Then, John will be showing how he's added this capability to an existing app, SQL Script.It!
Bruce Johnson
John Hickey


March 16 2018
Download Webinar 454(WMV File)
Download Webinar 454 (MP4 File)

It's John's Birthday Webinar Part 1!! Andy Wilton from Noyantis will be joining us!!
Andy says:
During Friday's webinar we'll recap on some of the enhancements we've added to our Chilkat Wrapper template. This will include a more in-depth demonstration of connecting, querying and updated online accounting packages such as Xero and QuickBooks Online. If time permits, we'll also look at some of the other functions that the wrapper provides such as JSon, Xml, Google Authentication, and SMS
Lots of the addons that we all get asked for each and everyday but don't know where to start!
Andy Wilton

13:00 - Start Feature Presentation with Any Wilton, Noyantis.
13:30 - Overview of Noyantis Chilkat templates for Quickbooks & Xero accounting.
15:15 - Overview of Chilkat ActiveX available functionality. Some free, some require license.
18:30 - Noyantis QuickBooks task class.
20:00 - Begin Quickbooks discussion, online QB account.
31:00 - QB authenticating example.
32:45 - Using Postman for communication testing.
42:00 - Connect/Reconnect to Quickbooks.
49:15 - How to configure QB access/keys for different customer companies (do we or do they?).
53:35 - Query data from QB & Json viewer.
1:02:35 - ID & Sync-Token.
1:10:50 - Begin Xero Account discussion.
1:15:06 – Security certificate.
1:20:45 – Xero task class (Contact example).
1:24:04 – Google Calendar, Dropbox, SMS.
1:27:50 – Sage 1 Accounting is coming.
1:29:15 – What fields are used to sync? ID# from accounting provider tables.
1:36:38 – Does this work with QuickBooks Enterprise?
1:38:00 – What Noyantis products are required for interface to Quickbooks & Xero online accounting?
1:43:18 – Other base classes, Json & StringBuilder
1:55:00 – Wrap-up

Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


March 9 2018
Download Webinar 453 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 453 (MP4 File)

This week, Mike Gorman will be talking about Database Objects!
Mike says:
Starting in the late 1970s, Objects starting to be all the rage. My olde boss (now deceased) at Yourdon, Inc, Matt Flavin, created something called Database Object Classes. Now, because Matt was my boss, I ‘accepted’ it as great! Now, however, I know it is. At the time, we, Yourdon-database teachers, all taught it, students marveled at it, but frankly nobody really knew what it meant or what its value really was.
About in the middle 1990s, along came Clarion’s Classes. What were they? Not what Matt Flavin had put forward in the late 1970s. Not SQL Objects. And not the Business Objects community invented. While Clarion’s Classes are unique, they have all the trappings of object-stuff: Inheritance, Polymorphism, data definition, and methods (a.k.a., processes). You use them in the development of Clarion applications that included use of Clarion’s method-enhanced data management language.
OK, it now seems that for the past 45 years we have had multiple uses of the string “Object” with the only common characteristic that “nobody” agrees with anybody else on what it means, what it s good for and finally, what it does. That said, the “requirements” for Mike Gorman’s Database Object Classes presentation are:
● It has to be understandable
● It has to be valuable
● It has to be implementable
● It has to be able to accomplishable with the tools we already have
In short, it has to be what Matt Flavin actually intended back the late 1970s
Mike Gorman


March 2 2018
Download Webinar 452 (MP4 File)
Really, we started working on the new ClarionLive Website! Mike Gorman will be next week :)
Mike Hanson
Clarion date: 79322
0:01 WikiSpaces will be going away! Write our own web server in NetTalk? Live?? Maybe!
0:02 Introductions
0:04 Cape Town water crisis
0:07 Maybe we should just start the design of the new website?
0:09 Rules of the webinar. Rule #4: Never bowl in street shoes
0:10 Announcements
- WikiSpaces is closing down
0:14 Feature Presentation (which really turned into working on the new ClarionLive website)
0:18 Mind mapping: Users/Creators
0:25 Mind mapping: Consumers
Notes added by Flint Gatrell


February 23 2018
Download Webinar 451 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 451 (MP4 File)

This week, Bruce will be talking about Desktop Mapping!
Bruce says:
Over the (our) summer here I've had a triplet of interns working on various bit an pieces. One of them, Lebo, has been adding a lot of features to the Desktop Mapping code in NetTalk. In honor of this I'll be doing a webinar on Desktop Mapping - we'll look at what you can do, how you might use it, and some of the ways you can use mapping features in an application (even if you never see a map!)
Maps in Apps are very cool, and a great way to spice up your program a bit. And this functionality is in all NetTalk levels, so if you have NetTalk you likely have this in your tool-chest already, so time to make use of it!
Bruce Johnson


February 16 2018
Download Webinar 450 (MP4 File)

Get the code from the GitHub repository https://github.com/narduss/dynamicfiledriver
Nardus Swanevelder will be joining us to talk about the Dynamic File Driver! The DFD is an add-on to Clarion from SoftVelocity and does some pretty cool stuff!
From the SV website:
*You can use any Clarion file driver (ODBC, MS-Sql, Btrieve, Clarion, TopSpeed, Ascii, etc). The Dynamic File driver Template supports caching to In-Memory tables or to physical tables, so you can work with offline tables and detached record-sets.
*Works great with both ABC and Clarion template chains

Report Procedures using local caching are up to 5 times faster than the original report. The report itself is completely unchanged, except for the addition of the Dyna Driver extension template. This technique works regardless of the report template used, or if the report is hand-coded.
*Create a FILE structure at run-time based on the result of a SQL query, or Stored Procedure!
*Use it with the In-Memory driver for global, and local caching of Tables.
Nardus Swanevelder


February 9 2018
Download Webinar 449 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 449 (MP4 File)

Mike is back with Shorthand Fetches - The Aggressive Laziness Continues - Part 7!!
Mike Hanson


February 2 2018
Download Webinar 448 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 448 (MP4 File)

It's here! The much-anticipated SMS texting panel!
This week, we'll be talking about how text messaging works, ways that your Clarion app can implement text messaging, and what types of text messaging features your customers may be looking for!
Bruce Johnson from CapeSoft and Andy Wilton from Noyantis will be demonstrating products they offer to help you implement SMS text messaging.
John Hickey, Bijan Hosseinian, Mike Tabakin will be showing how they've implemented text messaging in their applications.
This is sure to be a webinar you won't want to miss!
Bruce Johnson
Andy Wilton
John Hickey
Bijan Hosseinian
Mike Tabakin
2 hours right about


January 26 2018
Download Webinar 447 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 447 (MP4 File)

Even more aggressive laziness with the King of Aggressive Laziness, Mike Hanson!!
Mike Hanson
Two Hours on the nose.


January 18 2018
Download Webinar 446 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 446 (MP4 File)

Charles Edmonds of LANSRAD will be presenting new templates that were acquired from Bill Roe (they were at valutilities.com)!
The templates are vuMail, vuFiletools and vuSendKeys. They've just been retooled and updated!

For more information.
For Limited Time Special Pricing.
Charles Edmonds
Two very informative hours!


January 12 2018
Download Webinar 445 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 445 (MP4 File)

This week, Mike will be presenting "Shorthand Fetches - The Aggressive Laziness Continues"! And who doesn't want Aggressive Laziness to continue?
Mike Hanson


January 5 2018
Download Webinar 444 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 444 (MP4 File)

This week, Mike will be covering "New Class Derived from File Manager - Part 3"! Welcome to the New Year!!
Mike Hanson


December 29 2017
Download Webinar 443 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 443 (MP4 File)

It's the end of the year!!! What better time to review the ClarionLive Utility Pack!! We'll go through each of the utilities and answer any questions you might have about them, plus introduce a BRAND NEW UTILITY!!! (hint: it was introduced at CIDC 2015 but never completed!! Now it's completed! )
John Hickey
Arnold Young
Mike Hanson
Two hours and a bit!
26min ClarionLive! Utilities
29min Overview
32min Installation from clarionlive.wikispaces.com
37min Ultimate Clarionizer (convert text like SQL into Clarion string)
43min Ultimate Class Creator (quickly creates .inc & .clw)
48min Ultimate Trace (add debug statements in .clw)
53min Ultimate ActiveX (test Active controls for Clarion compatibility)
56min Ultimate TXA (remove duplicate extension templates)
59min Ultimate MessageBox (MessageBox designer)
1:10min Ultimate Debug
1:13min Ultimate Debug Overview (replacement for DebugView++)
1:18min Ultimate Class (add classes to map in app)
1:24min Ultimate Placeholder (create text on Entry field)
1:27min Ultimate SQL (query SQL)
1:44min Ultimate Notify (notify command on steroids)
1:57min Ultimate XML (Discussed as part of Notify)
2:03min Ultimate Version Resource (add version info to app)
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


December 22 2017
Download Webinar 442 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 442 (MP4 File)

This week, Mike will be covering "New Class Derived from File Manager - Part 2"! We'll also do a short update on the new release of SQL Script.It!
Mike Hanson
Two hours!


December 15 2017
Download Webinar 441 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 441 (MP4 File)

Dries is back! Here's what he's up to!!
Dries says:
Friday's presentation is about Google Analytics for Desktop applications, Web applications and Help. I'll be demonstrating how to add it to your desktop applications, your Nettalk webserver applications and even how to use Nina to get metrics on your help!
And of course I will also cover the ins and outs of the Google Analytics site.
Dries Driessen
Right on two hours! and a bit more


December 8 2017
Download Webinar 440 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 440 (MP4 File)

This week Gordon will be talking about N-Tier Development in Clarion! What is N-Tier development?
"N-tier architecture is also called multi-tier architecture because the software is engineered to have the processing, data management, and presentation functions physically and logically separated." -https://stackify.com/n-tier-architecture/
How does this apply to Clarion? Tune in to find out!!
Gordon Holfelder


December 1 2017
Download Webinar 439 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 439 (MP4 File)

So here's the topic: "Write half as much code! New Class Derived from File Manager - Part 1"! What does Mike have up his sleeve? Tune in to find out!
Mike Hanson
2 hours on the nose!


November 24 2017
Download Webinar 438 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 438 (MP4 File)

Just checking out Black Friday Special, talking about attendees experience with different tools and things, and poking around at third party Clarion tools.
The Gang


November 17 2017
Download Webinar 437 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 437 (MP4 File)
PowerPoint For Business Rules
This week, Nardus Swanevelder will be talking about Business Rules! What are Business Rules, how does Clarion handle them, and how can you use them in your app? Tune in to find out! Nardus also talked about Local Classes using his templates. Mike Hanson also did a quick program to demonstrate using a wrapper procedure, when you want to BIND something that does not play by the rules.
Nardus Swanevelder
2 Hours


November 10 2017
Download Webinar 436 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 436 (MP4 File)

This week, the CI gang will be talking about TeamCity! TeamCity is a Java-based build management and continuous integration server from JetBrains. How can this help you with your Clarion development? Tune in to find out! Dave walks Arnold Young thru setting up TeamCity as Rick helps to speed things up with his Version Control Add On tricks - Part 1. Mark Riffey contributed with real life commentary of what you can expect.
Dave Harms
Rick Martin
Mark Riffey


November 3 2017
Download Webinar 435 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 435 (MP4 File)

It's finally here! The new SQL Script.It! will be released on Friday! John and Mary will be demonstrating the new SQL Script.It!, including:
  • Adding SQL Script.It! to your Clarion application
  • Getting around the new SQL Script.It! interface
  • Managing your SQL Scripts (versioning)
  • Creating a distribution file with script updates
  • Updating your end-users
  • Documenting your database with extended properties
  • Exporting descriptions from your Clarion dictionary
  • And more!
John Hickey
Mary Wade
Two hours right on!


October 27 2017
Download Webinar 434 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 434 (MP4 File)

This week, Paul will be demonstrating a new wrapper for creating Excel xlsx spreadsheets! He'll also be demonstrating some cool Excel features that are possible with this wrapper!
Paul Konyk

8min Presentation starts
10min https://github.com/jmcnamara/libxlsxwriter &
11min hand-code example
12min read c-code and change to Clarion code
16min Build & run hand-code - add more code to example
23min Set field formats
40min Borders
47min Sum formula
49min Charts
1:00min Add image
1:09min Template
1:32min Summary
Purchase from http://www.simplysoftware.ca/clarion
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


October 20 2017
Download Webinar 433 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 433 (MP4 File)

CIDC 2017 is in the history books! By all accounts it was a great conference, with lots of terrific presentations, in-depth training, and late-night networking sessions!
Join us for a CIDC 2017 recap with many of the gang who attended, including Robert Zaunere and Diego Borojovich!
The CIDC 2017 Gang!
2 Hours


October 6 2017
Download Webinar 432 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 432 (MP4 File)
Clarion and Dot Net Webinar Code
This week, Ole Morten Heien will be giving us an introduction to C# and Visual Studio!! Why would Clarion developers want to know about C# and Visual Studio? Tune in and find out!

Cheat Sheet for C#, Clarion#, and VB.Net Languages by Mike Hanson
Ole Morten Heien
2 Hours


September 29 2017
Download Webinar 431 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 431 (MP4 File)

This week Rick and Mark will be talking about CruiseControl!! It's all about continuous integration and build automating!
CruiseControl is a Java-based framework for a continuous build process. It includes, but is not limited to, plugins for email notification, Ant, and various source control tools.

We never got to TeamCity and will schedule that for another webinar with the guys.
TeamCity is a Java-based build management and continuous integration server from JetBrains.
Rick Martin
Mark Riffey
Dave Harms
Arnold Young


September 22 2017
Download Webinar 430 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 430 (MP4 File)

New things are fun! This week, Noyantis will be introducing a brand new product! You don't want to miss this one!
Andy says:
During Friday's webinar we'll be unveiling a brand new wrapper template!
I don't want to reveal too much about it just yet, but it is safe to say that there should be enough functionality in the new product to answer a lot of the challenges that most of us face in today's ever connectedworld.
As well as launching the new product, we'll also take a quick look at more products currently in development with release dates planned for the near future.
Andy Wilton


September 15 2017
Download Webinar 429 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 429 (MP4 File)
Example App/Docs to Use Webhooks with Mandrill
This week, Mark Riffey will be joining us to talk about using Webhooks with the NetTalk Web Server!!
Mark Riffey


September 8 2017
Download Webinar 428 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 428 (MP4 File)

Dave Harms joins us this week! Welcome back Dave!
Here's what Dave will be talking about:
Transferring what you know about your applications from your brain to your build server.
Dave Harms
2 hours


September 1 2017
Download Webinar 427 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 427 (MP4 File)

Mike is back part 2! Join us this week as Mike finishes up his template for exporting data from reports!
Mike Hanson
a couple hours or thereabouts


August 25 2017
Download Webinar 426 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 426 (MP4 File)

Mike is back! What will he talk about? We don't know! But we DO know it will be interesting and educational! Tune in this week to find out!!!
Mike Hanson
two hours! and a bit more


August 18 2017
Download Webinar 425 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 425 (MP4 File)
Download MindMap (.mmap file)
Download MindMap (.xmind file)
Download Word File (.docx file)
Driving Mr. Arnold!
Join Mark and Arnold for the Annual Birthday Celebration Webinar for Arnold - Bring a small stack of blank printer paper and let's .... get ourselves ready for some unexpected turns in the road! Pick the point of your journey - planning for managing a crisis or executing a succession plan - for your company or one you are involved with.
Mark Riffey
Arnold Young


August 11 2017
Download Webinar 424 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 424 (MP4 File)
Download Webinar 424A (WMV File)
This week, Bruce will continue the NetTalk 10 launch with the NetTalk 10 Server release, an event so big the normal webinar couldn't contain it!
If you registered for the webinar on September 28th, you're all set! You'll get a reminder for that webinar, and just use that same link.
If you missed the webinar on September 28th (what??!!), you'll need to register using this link to attend Friday's special webinar:
Just remember to use that link and not the link from the ClarionLive! webinar on Friday!
Bruce says:
There's not quite as much to show in the Server Webinar as there was in the Desktop one – after all I only have the 4 pairs of fingers – but nevertheless there are a couple new things worth mentioning, and one (or maybe two) killer features which (I think) are worth the upgrade price all by themselves.

Anyway, I hope to see you there, and with any luck I'll be ready in time!
Of course NetTalk Desktop is included in the Server upgrade as well, and folk are already using NetTalk 10 and giving me valuable feedback.
You can purchase a new license, or an upgrade at http://www.capesoft.com/accessories/netsp.htm#Cost.

It's all currently on special, so now is a good time to get it.
Please note some functionality has additional requirements – see http://www.capesoft.com/accessories/netsp.htm#Requirements for details.
Bruce Johnson


August 4 2017
Download Webinar 423 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 423 (MP4 File)

It's the final chapter in the ROI journey! Today, Mike will be talking about Enterprise Architecture!
 Define and Rationalize an Enterprise’s Architecture’s Scope
 Walk Through How the Enterprise’s Architecture Is Inductively Constructed
 Show the overall Life Cycle of the Enterprise Architecture from As-Is to To-Be
What does all this mean??? Tune in to find out!!
Mike Gorman

All the posted presentations have been updated in minor ways. So, download them all for a "fresh" set of PDFs for the long versions. Contact me anytime for questions and/or presentations to your home-based crowds. There will be more updates to the Business Information System Environment, but NOT today. I will send out a note when it’s updated. I have to focus on converting the Enterprise Architecture Presentation that I will deliver on August 4. The presentation, Business Information System Manufacturing, is posted. It is NOT yet complete but the much longer version will be posted by the end of August. While there are 500+ slides in the deck currently, it’s not all there will be.
The Whitemarsh Return on Investment Presentations are:
1.ROI Concept Paper
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/ROIConceptPaper.pdf

2. ROIs for critical IT issues
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/ROISolutionsToCriticalBusinessInformationSystemProblems150Slides.pdf

3.Enterprise Wide Project Management (ROI #1 (Webinar # 313))
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/EnterpriseProjectManagementTwoDay.pdf

4.Information Systems Planning (ROI #2 (Webinar # 398))
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/EnterpriseInformationSystemsPlanningOneDay.pdf

5. Data Centered Development and Management (ROI #3 (Webinar # 406))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/DataCenteredDevelopmentAndManagememtTwoDays.pdf

6. Data Model Manufacturing (ROI #4 (Webinar #410))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/DataModelManufacturingTwoDays.pdf

7. Business Information Systems Environment (ROI #5 (Webinar 418))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/BusinessInformationSystemsEnvironmentThreeDays.pdf

8. Business Information System Manufacturing – Almost but not yet complete-- (ROI #6 (Webinar 421))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/BusinessInformationSystemsManufacturing.pdf

9. Enterprise Architecture (ROI #7 (Webinar 423))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/EnterpriseArchitecture.pdf


July 28 2017
Download Webinar 422 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 422 (MP4 File)

It's here! NetTalk 10 releases this Friday!
It's an event so big we couldn't fit it into the regular webinar! So we made a special LARGE SIZE webinar!
You'll need to click on this special link to join the webinar this Friday!! Click on it now to sign up!
This week, Bruce will be concentrating on the new additions to NetTalk Desktop. Bruce says "This is by far the biggest update to NetTalk Desktop since NetTalk was released." so you know this is BIG!
You don't want to miss this one! Be sure to use this special link to sign up now!!!
Special note: You will get a notice tomorrow for the regular ClarionLive! webinar, and we will be starting that webinar, BUT all it will be is a message with a link to the SPECIAL NetTalk 10 webinar! So tomorrow, be sure you've signed up for the special webinar at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/471213684546526979
See you there!
Bruce Johnson
2 hours!


July 21 2017
Download Webinar 421 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 421 (MP4 File)
This week, Mike continues on his journey to ROI with Business Information System Manufacturing!
Mike Gorman
2 Hours
All the posted presentations have been updated in minor ways. So, download them all for a "fresh" set of PDFs for the long versions. Contact me anytime for questions and/or presentations to your home-based crowds. There will be more updates to the Business Information System Environment, but NOT today. I will send out a note when it’s updated. I have to focus on converting the Enterprise Architecture Presentation that I will deliver on August 4. The presentation, Business Information System Manufacturing Half Day, is posted. The much longer version will be posted by the end of August. While there are 500+ slides in the deck currently, it’s not all there will be.

The Whitemarsh Return on Investment Presentations are:
1.ROI Concept Paper
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/ROIConceptPaper.pdf

2. ROIs for critical IT issues
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/ROISolutionsToCriticalBusinessInformationSystemProblems150Slides.pdf

3.Enterprise Wide Project Management (ROI #1 (Webinar # 313))
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/EnterpriseProjectManagementTwoDay.pdf

4.Information Systems Planning (ROI #2 (Webinar # 398))
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/EnterpriseInformationSystemsPlanningOneDay.pdf

5. Data Centered Development and Management (ROI #3 (Webinar # 406))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/DataCenteredDevelopmentAndManagememtTwoDays.pdf

6. Data Model Manufacturing (ROI #4 (Webinar #410))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/DataModelManufacturingTwoDays.pdf

7. Business Information Systems Environment (ROI #5 (Webinar 418))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/BusinessInformationSystemsEnvironmentThreeDays.pdf

8. Business Information System Manufacturing (ROI #6 (Webinar 421))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/BusinessInformationSystemsManufacturingHalfDay.pdf
Note: this is not the Looooooooooog version, but the two hour version.

9. Enterprise Architecture (ROI #7 (Webinar <not yet presented ))
a. Link:


July 14 2017
Download Webinar 420 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 420 (MP4 File)
This week, Stimulsoft Report discussions continue for Arnold's Birthday part 2 featuring Bijan Hosseinian showing us how to use Stimulsoft Reports (which we looked at last week) with NetTalk - with excellent commentating by Bruce Johnson on basics and next step suggestions. John Hickey followed showing us how to use Stimulsoft Reports in your Clarion application using the ActiveX, Class, and Template you assembled under the guise of UltimateStimulsoft!
Find it here... https://github.com/ClarionLive/StimulsoftCOMWrapper
Bijan Hosseinian
John Hickey
Bruce Johnson
2 Hours
Instructions for those who wish to add RegFree COM support to the Stimulsoft products w/o using the template.



July 6 2017
Download Webinar 419 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 419 (MP4 File)
WINNER WINNER For Asking Great Questions: Bijan Hosseinian - Stimulsoft Reports.JS Single License -- Congratulations -- thanks to Stimulsoft for their generous gift AND

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: 30% until September 1, 2017 - Code: CLARION

This week, Aleksey Andreyanov from Stimulsoft is with us for Arnold's birthday!!


Stimulsoft produces a top-notch report writer for rendering and designing reports that can be used in Clarion (with a COM wrapper), as well as on the web!
One of the great things about the Stimulsoft components is that no royalties are required when using their report generator engine at runtime, and no royalties are required when using their report designer at runtime!
Here's a brief outline of what they'll be showing us today:
Products summary
  • Reports.Net
  • Reports. Web
  • Reports. Java
  • Reports.JS

General concepts

Using Reports.JS. Code
  • HTML5 Designer
  • HTML5 Viewer

Using the Designer
  • Available Data Sources
  • Basic components
  • Bands
  • Data band
  • Header/Footer bands
  • Group Header/Footer bands
  • Components
  • Text components
  • Image component
  • Chart
  • Barcode
  • Checkbox
  • Report types
  • Report Wizard
  • Simple list
  • Report with groups
  • Master-detail report
  • Style Designer
  • Extended report features
  • Conditions
  • Drill-down
  • Interactive sorting
  • Embedded code

You can learn more about Stimulsoft and download a demo at www.stimulsoft.com
Aleksey Andreyanov


June 30 2017
Download Webinar 418 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 418 (MP4 File)

Mike Gorman is back! This week Mike will give a talk on Business Information Systems Environment!
Mike Gorman

All the posted presentations have been updated in minor ways. So, download them all for a "fresh" set of PDFs for the long versions. Contact me anytime for questions and/or presentations to your home-based crowds.
The Whitemarsh Return on Investment Presentations are:
1.ROI Concept Paper
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/ROIConceptPaper.pdf

2. ROIs for critical IT issues
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/ROISolutionsToCriticalBusinessInformationSystemProblems150Slides.pdf

3.Enterprise Wide Project Management (ROI #1 (Webinar # 313))
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/EnterpriseProjectManagementTwoDay.pdf

4.Information Systems Planning (ROI #2 (Webinar # 398))
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/EnterpriseInformationSystemsPlanningOneDay.pdf

5. Data Centered Development and Management (ROI #3 (Webinar # 406))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/DataCenteredDevelopmentAndManagememtTwoDays.pdf

6. Data Model Manufacturing (ROI #4 (Webinar #410))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/DataModelManufacturingTwoDays.pdf

7. Business Information Systems Environment (ROI #5 (Webinar 418))
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/BusinessInformationSystemsEnvironmentThreeDays.pdf

8. Business Information System Manufacturing (ROI #6 (Webinar <not yet presented ))
a. Link:

9. Enterprise Architecture (ROI #7 (Webinar <not yet presented ))
a. Link:


June 23 2017
Download Webinar 417 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 417 (MP4 File)

Dries is back! This week, he'll be covering TWO topics!

1) IIS and Nettalk on the same port: Reverse proxy
2) Embedded website in your app - shared content for users

IIS and Nettalk on same port

IIS 7.5 and above can be run as a reverse proxy, creating a new way to integrate Nettalk webserver with IIS:

No need for Nettalk’s multisitehost solution to run more than 1 website on port 80/443.
Easier updates to websites (don’t have to bring other sites down)
Websites don’t have to be on same Nettalk version anymore
No shared session queue, possibly reducing contention
IIS will handle https, your Nettalk apps don’t have to, without compromising security
Possible to run the Nettalk website on non-public IP address
No need to make any changes in your Nettalk apps.
This technique can also be used to share a port with other software such as TSPlus
IIS can be configured to run as a reverse proxy for a (sub-)domain but also for a folder within a domain. A Nettalk app could be run only for parts of a website, for instance, to host the forms of a website, where all other content is hosted by a CMS.

Embedded website

The technique is not new – embedding Internet Explorer in an app using Capesoft’s FileExplorer. I will show the details how I implemented it:
No distribution required of the shared content for our users. In our case - laws - but it could also be a product catalog, a dictionary etc.
One code base for both a website as well as the ‘window’ in the Clarion app.
SPA architecture of the web application
Nettalk webservice is used by the Clarion desktop app as well as the website. A native phone app that is being developed (outsourced) will also use that webservice.
Bookmarks on the MDI background, for easy access.
Dries Driessen
Two Hours!


June 16 2017
Download Webinar 416 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 416 (MP4 File)
Mike is back! This week, he'll be showing a technique for using Clarion reports to generate csv files! How will he do it? Tune in to find out!!
Mike Hanson


June 9th 2017
Download Webinar 415 (MP4 File)
Mike Gorman was scheduled but couldn't make it at the last minute, so Bruce Johnson jumped in to save the day with a tour of String Theory!!!! Lots of great discussion about what you can do with this amazingly useful tool!! Greg Bailey and Mike Hanson added to the discussion!
Bruce Johnson
Greg Bailey
Mike Hanson
Right on two hours!


June 2nd 2017
Download Webinar 414 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 414 (MP4 File)
This week, John and Mary from Ohnosoft will be presenting the next release of SQL Script.It! SQL Script.It! is a script management system that lets you track versions of your SQL scripts, including Views, Functions, and Stored Procedures, and then deploy them easily to your end-users.
The interface has been completely redone, along with the addition of some exciting new features! They'll be demonstrating how SQL Script.It! works, and then go "behind the scenes" and talk about how this version came about, the design decisions that were made, and how that design was accomplished.
And of course, there will be some special pricing available for a limited time!
John Hickey
Mary Wade

At 1.19 John talks about how they use Ultimate Notify in SQL Script.It.


May 25 2017
Download Webinar 413 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 413 (MP4 File)
Part 3 of Bruce's series on accessing data in Clarion! This week, Bruce will talk about accessing data in your Clarion program. What do all of those different forms of SET mean? How is data accessed in ABC as compared to Legacy templates? All this and LOTS more coming up this Friday!!!
Bruce Johnson
Two hours!


May 19 2017
Download Webinar 412 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 412 (MP4 File)
Looks like it's time for another mystery webinar! What will it be? Who knows, but these things usually turn out to be pretty good!!! Tune in to solve the mystery!

Okay it was Bruce Johnson continuing on with his discussion and discovery of the data dictionary with Greg Bailey chiming in!
Bruce Johnson
Two hours!


May 12 2017
Download Webinar 411 (MP4 File)

On May 12th Charles Edmonds of LANSRAD will be demonstrating and talking about his new ProDocument template.

ProDocument is the ultimate file and document manager for Clarion!
This easy to implement class and template set make file and document management in Clarion a breeze!

No matter if your goal is a simple list of files managed by your application, or a complex solution such as tracking individual documents associated with each line item of a commercial invoice, ProDocument is the answer!

Much more than simply using RUN to execute a link to a file, ProDocument gives you (and optionally your users) total control over what types of files are managed by which applications.

You can also choose to have internal procedures manage certain file types (such as a PDF viewer built into your application).

ProDocument will tightly integrate with a number of other 3rd Party templates such as ImageEx, ProScan, ProImage, PDF Viewers and more.
It already has built-in support for NetTalk web servers (and H5 support will be added soon).

This feature allows you to selectively make your stored files available on the LAN or Internet. It can also make it possible for users to upload files to the document manager from a browser or mobile app.

It supports using original files, storing copies of files (both as external files and in BLOB files) or by moving selected files into the document manager.
Special BETA pricing is available for a limited time that will save you $100 on the cost of this template.
Charles Edmonds


May 4 2017
Download Webinar 410 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 410 (MP4 File)

This week, Mike will be talking about Data Model Manufacturing.
Data Model Manufacturing addresses the following questions:
1. How does and enterprise determine the domain of its data?
2. Once the data domain is understood or created, how does the enterprise triage the various nouns that turn into types of data.
3. How do you maximize the value of "column" naming through the use of semantic and data use modifiers?
4. How do you automatically generate column names and definitions?
5. What is an overall approach to database design so as to maximize integration, interoperability and non-redundancy.
6. How do you discover "facts" and what are the different classes?
7. Besides the traditional approach to data modeling, that is, Conceptual, Logical and Physical what are other components that must be modeled?
8. How do you validate the completeness of a database table?
9. How do you know that all this data modeling work is profitable? And by how much?
Questions NOT dealt with in this presentation:
1. How to design Clarion Tables? --- This was generally covered by Bruce last week.
2. Just how do you do Third Normal Form? This is set out in the PPT Slide Deck (420 slides are in the deck) that will be posted. This presentation is just over 100.
3. What are the different classes of Key/Index Types and how do the different DBMSs construct each for best use?
4. How can you engineer database loading to maximize "logical retrieval" efficiency?
5. Just why is it that SQL engine DBMSs starting in 1998 were NOT Relational?
6. Why do certain SQL engines that execute the exact same syntax produce different results?
Mike Gorman

The Whitemarsh Return on Investment Presentations are:
1.ROI Concept Paper
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/ROIConceptPaper.pdf
2. ROIs for critical IT issues
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/ROISolutionsToCriticalBusinessInformationSystemProblems150Slides.pdf
3.Enterprise Wide Project Management (ROI #1 (Webinar # 313))
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/EnterpriseWideProjectManagement.pdf

4.Information Systems Planning (ROI #2 (Webinar # 398))
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/WhitemarshInformationSystemsPlanningOneDay.pdf

5. Data Centered Development and Management (ROI #3 (Webinar # 406)
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/DataCenteredDevelopmentAndManagememtTwoDays.pdf

6. Data Model Manufacturing (ROI #4 (Webinar #410)
a. Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/DataModelManufacturingTwoDays.pdf

7. Business Information Systems Environment (ROI #5 (Webinar <not let presented ))
a. Link:

8. Business Information System Manufacturing (ROI #6 (Webinar <not let presented ))
a. Link:

9. Enterprise Architecture (ROI #7 (Webinar <not let presented ))
a. Link:


April 27 2017
Download Webinar 409 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 409 (MP4 File)

Bruce is back! This week, Bruce will be talking about "formal database design". ie learning some of the names and concepts for some of the things we are (mostly) already doing.
This will be a "first principles" look at what designing a database in a dictionary really means.
The goal is to both solidify good practices already taking place, and also to perhaps eradicate some bad practices that we may have picked up along the way.
Bruce Johnson


April 21 2017
Download Webinar 408 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 408 (MP4 File)

Source control for databases! This week, Dennis will be talking about Continuous Integration for databases.
Topics to include:
Forking the database to make changes to the database or the code.
Branching and merging
Code that watches for a database change in version control (very simple process here)
The code or the processes that do the actual builds.
The tools used by the build processes, Sql Compare, Sql Data Compare, Sql Doc and Sql Builder (I don’t use the Sql Data Generator for some specific reasons)
And the resulting executable files that create or upgrade the databases.
Dennis Evans


April 14 2017
Download Webinar 407 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 407 (MP4 File)
Passwords!!! Bruce says:
Everything you should know about passwords
This Friday (April 14) on ClarionLive I'll be doing a presentation on passwords.
What you as a developer should know about them, what you as a user should know about them, and what to tell your users about them.
At the same time I'll be demonstrating and releasing our newest bit of Charityware - a small class which allows the "Paste" functionality of password fields to be restored.

I'll discuss why you may, or may not, want to do this, and some other benefits of using the class.
Bruce Johnson
Right on two hours!


April 7 2017
Download Webinar 406 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 406 (MP4 File)
This week, Mike Gorman will be presenting "Data Centered Development and Management". What's that you wonder? Tune in and find out!
Mike Gorman
Short of 2.5 hours.
The link to the VERY long Power Point version of this presentation is:
The next presentation is going to be Data Model Manufacturing. The slide count for that presentation is 405. That presentation is hopefully to be May 12. There will be a 75 or so Clarion Live Presentation and then the posting of the entire 405 slide count version.
The previous presentations that lead up to this one are
1.ROI Concept Paper
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/ROIConceptPaper.pdf

2.7 ROIs for critical IT issues
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/ROISolutionsToCriticalBusinessInformationSystemProblems150Slides.pdf

3.Enterprise Wide Project Management (ROI #1)
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/EnterpriseWideProjectManagement.pdf

4.Information Systems Planning (ROI #2)
a.Link: www.wiscorp.com/pub/WhitemarshInformationSystemsPlanningOneDay.pdf


March 31 2017
Download Webinar 405 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 405 (MP4 File)
Download Webinar 405 (Why HTTPS? PDF)

This week Roberto will be showing us how to secure your NetTalk Webserver! He'll be showing us how to acquire a domain/ssl certificate, how to configure the certificate do the key conversion, etc, and then show how to set up a secure nettalk webserver app!
Roberto Renz
Right on two hours!!
0:26 Why HTTPS?
0:30 Different Kinds of SSL Certificates
0:35 Good idea / Bad idea?
0:37 How do I start?
0:40 SSL Certificate Sellers
0:43 https://www.namecheap.com (comodo certificates)
0:46 Stuff they ask for
0:50 Domain names & DNS
0:55 Get SSL certificate
1:03 Bought certificate
1:04 Manage certificate
1:04 CSR
1:05 Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
1:06 NetTalk has bat file to create it - alternative approach
1:08 Back to MMC
1:16 Add data to CSR
1:20 Save CSR
1:21 Paste CSR into namecheap.com
1:22 Validation
1:23 Contact details
1:24 Confirm domain
1:27 Received Certificate
1:28 Import Certificate into MMC
1:29 Export Certificate with Private Key
1:30 Files ctr, csr, pfx
1:32 Check if OpenSSL is installed
1:33 https://www.markbrilman.nl/2011/08/howto-convert-a-pfx-to-a-seperate-key-crt-file/
1:35 Export Private Key (-e.key)
1:37 Create RSA Key (.key)
1:38 Combines .crt & .ca-bundle
1:41 .crt & .key - copy to app certificates folder
1:42 Nettalk Security settings
1:43 Confirm key correspond to certificate
1:44 https://decoder.link/matcher
1:46 Compile app & test
1:49 https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


March 24 2017
Download Webinar 404 (WMV File)
Download Webinar 404 (MP4 File)
Last week was very exciting! We setup Git repositories and in a virtual machine, got Cruise Control up and running! This week, Rick will take us through the next stage in creating an automated build system! When we're done, the build system will pull changes that have been made to the Clarion environment and the apps, build them, then run setupbuilder to create installs.!
This is a practical webinar, and we'll be going step-by-step as we create the build system. Thanks to Rick for sharing his expertise!!
Rick Martin
Couple hours


March 17 2017
Download Webinar 403
It's John's Birthday webinar! Last week, Rick talked about versioning and automation, and introduced us to the CruiseControl continuous build tool. CruiseControl looks pretty awesome, but it's a whole webinar unto itself. Guess what!! Here's that webinar!
In this webinar, Rick will help John get his system setup to use CruiseControl and do automated builds by pulling from a GitHub repository! Sound complicated? It is, that's why Rick is helping out! This will be a step-by-step on how to design and create an automated build system. Come join the party on Friday!
Rick Martin
Right on two hours!


March 10 2017
Download Webinar 402
Download Webinar 402 With WebCam Intro
Versioning! And Automating! It all ties together! In this webinar, Rick will show us how to set version information in your app's exe and dlls, and then how to automate your build processes using Cruise Control! If we have time, we'll compare that with Build Automator from IceTips! The goal? Click one button and everything is done automatically, including compiling, copying files, backing up apps, running SetupBuilder (or any installer program) and even copying to FTP for distribution!
Rick Martin


March 3 2017
Download Webinar 401
#400 has come and gone, and now it's time for... Configuration Day Part 4!!! This week, we'll be looking at third-party addons! And probably some other things!
An Esteemed Panel Of Experts!

23min Presentation Start
25min Devstart.io Brahn Partridge
31min Install
36min Main devstart.io page
44min Hotkeys
46min Property Grid Options
51min Tools, Clarion Addins
53min Cancel Build, Cancel Generation Buttons
55min IDE Debugging
56min Keyboard shortcuts
59min IDE Theme
1:00min Devstart.io
1:00min View, Tools
1:00min ClaEvaluate
1:02min Debugview
1:03min Clarion color (obsolete in C10)
1:04min Macro
1:07min Solution Icons
1:08min Search Pad Extras (obsolete in C10)
1:09min Project Browser Extras (obsolete in C10)
1:11min Imageviewer in IDE
1:15min Open URL in an embedded browse window
1:19min ClarionLive Countdown
1:21min Rick Martin's Format Assignment (Upper Park Solutions)
1:38min Open XML File
1:47min Tools, Regular Expression
1:58min Finished
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


February 23 2017
Download Webinar 400
It's here!! Years in the making, we've made it to Webinar #400!
Hard to believe our very first webinar was way back on March 27th 2009 and featured Andy Wilton!! That's just shy of eight years ago, or fifty-six dog years! That's a lot!
Robert Zaunere and Diego Borojovich will be stopping in for a bit, then Brahn Partridge will be doing a presentation on Clarion Cloud Functions which is amazing stuff!! It involves Azure and Clarion and Evaluateand .Net, and Brahn will explain it all!
We'd like to thank all of our presenters who, over the years, have supported ClarionLive with amazing presentations and contributions to the Clarion community!! We love the Clarion community!
We'd also like to thank Robert Zaunere, without whom Clarion would probably not even exist today!!! And Diego and all the great folks at SoftVelocity for all of their support over the years!
And of course, thanks to everyone who watches and supports ClarionLive, without whom we would just be talking to ourselves!!
See it, learn it, share it!
-- John and Arnold
Brahn Partridge


February 17 2017
Download Webinar 399
Configuration Day part 3!!!! More fun as we continue exploring the Clarion 10 IDE!! Tune up your environment, it's Configuration Day!
An Esteemed Panel Of Experts!

09min Presentation Start
10min Text Editor Tree - Code completion
33min XML Options
33min XML Schemas
33min Open XML Files, XML Menu option, XML Tree Tab
40min Highlighting - adding own highlights
46min Tools Tree - External Tools
48min Component Inspector - ActiveX
50min Help 2.0 Environment - no one knows what it does
51min Subversion Options - no one uses?
52min Clarion Tree - Clarion for Windows
58min Versions
1:10min Dictionary Editor
1:22min Dictionary Diagram - no one uses
1:23min Applications (appgen)
1:29min Edit schema as text button - Data tab
1:36min Window Previewer
1:37min Exception Log Reader
1:38min Auto Export/Import
1:40min Designers tree - Window Froms Designer is for .NetWindow
1:40min Window Structure
1:44min Smart Tags
1:50min Report Structure
1:52min Finished
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


February 10 2017
Download Webinar 398
Information Systems Planning.
While this presentation focuses on determining which business information systems should be done, in what sequence, and how their products and schedules are interrelated, this course applies to any other set of projects that need to be done within the enterprise.
Setting: The CEO or CIO calls a meeting of his 20 senior IT managers and says, "Ok, which system should I allocate money for?" All hands to up. Which system should I do first? All hands go up? No matter the question the answer is always, "ME FIRST."
To address or solve this problem, that is to create a business-based sequence for work, a number of things must be developed. These are:
1. An enterprise mission model
2. A high level data model
3. A resource life cycle model
4. The precedence based intersections of the various resource life cycle nodes.
5. The identification and allocation of the As-Is and To-Be databases and business information Systems to the Resource Life Cycle Network.
6. Configuration and allocation of the To-Be databases and business information systems to the Resource Life Cycle Network.
7. The configuration of conversion projects that transform the As-Is to the To-Be.
8. The resource loading of the Conversion Projects.
9. The discovery of the inevitably required trade offs on strategies to accomplish the conversion projects.
10. The execution, monitoring, and on-going evolution of the Information Systems Plan.
The Resource Life Cycle Network provides a PERT Chart of the completion sequence and requirements of the complete set of projects
Mike Gorman
A bit over 2 hours, like twenty minutes or so
Good Sunday evening.

Here's the link to the Friday presentation:

Whitemarsh Information Systems Planning One Day

Here's an executive overview presentation to all the ROI courses:
ROI Presentations Executive Overview

The next talk will be in March. It will be ROI #3.
You can review the objectives for each ROI via the Executive Overview Presentation.


February 3 2017
Download Webinar 397
It's Configuration Day Part 2!! Join us as we look at all the different options you can set in your IDE, and debate the best settings!
An Esteemed Panel Of Experts!
two hours and a bit more
21min Presentation Start
23min Tools, Options
24min IDE Tree
Discuss Number of Open Apps at a time
28min Open file via redirection file - trace button & Ctrl-Shft-O vs Ctrl-O
32min Language
34min Appearance
39min Fonts - Consolas for editor
43min FullScreen
44min Load/Save
50min Task List - HACK, TODO FIXME keywords
55min Output Window
56min Double click on pinned panel will open it
57min Projects and Solutions
1:05min Menu Shortcuts
1:08min Ctrl-F3 Search on highlighted word
1:17min File Type Associations
1:19min Coding Tree
1:19min Code Snippets
1:20min Text Editor Tree
1:29min Markers and Rulers
1:37min Behavior
1:49min Clarion Specific Options
2:01min Smart Formatter
2:16min Finished
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


January 27 2017
Download Webinar 396
A TSPLUSloadbalancer using Netalk webserver
To balance the load of multiple TSPlus servers I wrote a custom loadbalancer. This webinar will explain how it works in detail:

- Nettalk webserver login page on a separate webserver

- Keeping track of logged in users (user and server) using a separate exe that automatically runs on startup. (Windows registry)

- Sending the login information to one of the servers

- Bi-directional communication between your app and the html5 page using Windows api.

- Monitoring of the loadbalancing

- Increasing security: user does not need to know username/password of the server
Dries Driessen


January 20 2017
Download Webinar 395
It's Configuration Day! This week, we've assembled an esteemed panel of experts, including Rick Martin, Greg Bailey, Mike Hanson, and Bruce Johnson to help us all get the most out of the Clarion IDE!
We'll be checking our Clarion 10 settings, looking at IDE layouts, exploring how to customize windows and themes, discover the mysteries of Clarion configuration files, and more!!! It's all very exciting!!!!!
An Esteemed Panel Of Experts!

31min Presentation Start
Discussion about Clarion 10 Versions
38min GoogleAPI
39min Layout: Panels and Tabs
47min View, Choose Layout
50min Discuss different Tabs
53min TODO, HACK, FIXME keywords in Code
55min Tools, Open Configuration Directory - show all Clarion config files
56min Discussion on Clarion Search & Randy's Search
1:02min Bookmarks Ctrl-F2 and F2 (But IDE doesn't remember them)
1:05min Definition View - no one knows it or use it
1:10min Save your layout
1:12min defaults.clw - collection of definitions applied when creating procedure
1:44min Tools
1:45min Tools, Application Options - Edit embedded source errors in generated code
1:48min Auto-Save
1:53min Tools, Application Options, IDE Tab
1:59min Tools, Application Options, Registry Tab
2:03min Tools, Application Options, Generation Tab
2:10min Tools, Application Options, Synchronization Tab
2:13min Tools, Application Options, Embed Editor Tab
2:14min Tools, Application Options, Dialogs Tab
Discuss Open Sans vs Seqoe UI
2:18min Finished
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


January 13 2017
Download Webinar 394
The Webinar is about 2 hours long. It was a 90+ slide subset of the two-day Whitemarsh Enterprise Project Management Presentation. Here is a link to the two day presentation:
You can request a free version of the Metabase System from:
Last week Whitemarsh presented an overview presentation of the 7 killers of IT. The very first one of these is Enterprise Project Management. As with all the ROIs, Project Management is a key module from within he Metabase System. This system is available for free from the Whitemarsh website.
The issues that Whitemarsh project management addresses are:
● Task-driven vs deliverables driven projects
● Same projects but different deliverables and tasks
● Same projects but different velocities
● Same projects but different work environments
● “Stove-piped” projects
● One-off custom developed project plans
● Not “integrate-able” project deliverables
Each of these issues were driving factors in the development of the project management module. This talk, via power point slides and screen shots from within the project management module will lay out the process of accomplishing project management within your organization such that the work plans are:
● Repeatable
● Integrated, and
● Reliable.
To that end, the topics of the presentation are:
● Introduction to Whitemarsh Project Management and the issues that have to be addressed
● The overall Process Model that guides the development of quality projects
● The various templates that enable quick, inexpensive projects
● The enterprise infrastructure components that define project contexts
● The generation of project plans
● The process of loading the resources that enable project schedules and staffing
● Project execution and “tuning up” projects along their execution
● Return on Investment (ROI) and Summary
This presentation is a subset of the one-day course. There is also a two-day course that includes student-led workshops.
Mike Gorman


January 6 2017
Download Webinar 393
The Clarion Live presentation this Friday is going to address the 7 killers of IT. These include:
    • Project Management
    • Information Systems Planning
    • Data Centered Development and Management
    • Data Model Manufacturing
    • Business Information Systems Environment
    • Business Information Systems Manufacturing
    • Enterprise Architecture Development
Each of these topics is addressed and shows how they all fit together in an overall framework that is characterized by integration, interoperability, and non redundancy.
The presentation of each of the 7 topics includes:
    • The issues that have to be solved
    • The solution's engineering
    • The enumeration of the work products created
    • The computation of the ROI that makes each approach worth the effort
    • The features, advantages and benefits
    • How the topic addresses productivity, quality, risk and cost
    • How and where Clarion fits in each ROI solution.

This two hour presentation provides an overview of all 7 ROIs. Attendees, thereafter are welcome to request a more in-depth presentation of each ROI including actual work products and detailed accomplishment steps.
Mike Gorman is happy to schedule these full presentations as individual ROI Clarion Live presentations, or if your organization desires a one-on-one presentation, a Go-To-Meeting presentation that lasts from a few to a half-day can be done.

As you all know, Russ Eggen died this past December 24, 2016. Many of our community participated in the GoFundMe 01 and 02. From Russ and his family, these two GoFundMe efforts were dramatically helpful.
Russ’s last few months were very stressful and painful. He held strong, clear-eyed on the ultimate destination, and became very much ready for his journey.
Russ's family, that is, his house-mate Celeste, his sister, Julie, and his nephews and nieces were all with him when he embarked.
On Friday, January 13, 2017 Mark Riffey, Rick Smith, and Mike Gorman will be hosting a "Russ Stories" webinar session.
The session will start at 11 AM Eastern, which is 8 AM Pacific. It will last no longer than 45 minutes.
Here is the link to sign up:


Our objective is to record various "Russ stories" that you may know throughout all these years. Stories that are personal, Clarion related, and TopSpeed and SoftVelocity related are all welcome.
We will record the session and make a version of it available on the Clarion Live Wiki space. We will also provide a link to Russ's family.
As to the general approach, as needed or requested, we'll give over control to different persons who may want to say and/or show something relevant.
If you would like to present please send me an email at: mmgorman@wiscorp.com so we can call you on you appropriately. Needless to say, make sure that your head phones and materialis already at the ready.
Mark Riffey,

Rick Smith, and

Mike Gorman
Mike Gorman


December 29 2016
Download Webinar 392

Final webinar of the year! Roberto says:
"We will present a new Gauges Template that we have been creating. Also a Report Control Addon to Andy Wilton's Codejock Wrapper to make things easier. It will include SQL configurability and new CRUD buttons."
Also, we did a DevCon survey, and we'll be showing some results! Is it looking good, or not??? Tune in to find out!
Roberto Renz
Alejandro Elias


December 23 2016
Download Webinar 391
This week, Mike Hanson continues with Part III on his presentation on using interfaces in the real world, as he extends the validation classes and writes a template to wrap them up in! An excellent tutorial on how to use interfaces!
Mike Hanson
Something over two hours of good stuff!


December 16 2016
Download Webinar 390
Come join us Friday morning for our weekly webinar featuring an interview with Robert Paresi, Founder of InnQuest Software!
Robert Paresi
A bit over two hours


December 9 2016
Download Webinar 389
This week, Mike Hanson continues on his presentation on using interfaces in the real world, as he extends the validation classes and writes a template to wrap them up in! An excellent tutorial on how to use interfaces!
Mike Hanson
Two hours and a bit more


December 2 2016
Download Webinar 388
In this week's webinar, Mike Hanson will show two examples of interfaces in the "real world". The first will be a new WindowValidator class that implements the WindowComponent interface from the ABC Classes. He'll also create a new interface that the validator will use, to plug in the validations for individual controls. He might even write a template to tie it all together, but that will probably be part 2.
Mike Hanson
Usual length


November 18 2016
Download Webinar 387

Brahn alllllllllll the way from Australia! will be presenting this week! He'll be staying up late (or getting up early) to tell us all about ClarionHub! What is this mysterious ClarionHub? It's awesome, that's what it is! Tune in Friday to learn all about it, and to keep Brahn awake!
Brahn Partridge
Exactly as long as it took


November 11 2016
Download Webinar 386

Bruce Says:
From time to time a discussion will arise in the newsgroups about the "look" of a program. What can Clarion programs look like if you move beyond the plain default settings. In response I'll usually post a link to one of our commercial apps (https://www.veculim.com/Screenshots.htm) to act as a visual aid to some of the topics I discuss in reply.
Lots of interesting discussion will then take place, but sooner or later someone asks;

"What Print Preview are you using?"

(You can see the print preview screen-shot here https://www.veculim.com/Screenshots.htm#preview)
The answer is that it's a modified version of the previewer that's built into our RightReports product. Which of course is not terribly helpful if you are not using Right Reports in your own program. (And RightReports is a bit expensive to purchase just for the previewer.)
Well, earlier this year I needed a print previewer for a program that doesn't use RightReports. So I took the time to extract the previewer into a separate accessory, and along the way added some features to it, and tidied it up a bit.
This new accessory is called Premiere and I'll be showing it off during the ClarionLive webinar this Friday. Please join me there to see how this might improve the programs you are making.
Bruce Johnson
Two hours on the nose!
Cool stuff!


November 4 2016
Download Webinar 385

First, John will be reviewing some of the many features in UltimateSQL! He'll be starting an app from scratch, add UltimateSQL to it, and show how easy it is to get up and going with MSSQL!
Then, John will demonstrate the new features in the long-anticipated update to SQL ScriptIt! This tool helps you manage your SQL Scripts and deploy them to your customers in a single encrypted TPS file. And will there be special pricing available? Tune in and find out!
John Hickey
oh this one went over two hours


October 28 2016
Download Webinar 384

This Friday, William Cirino will be showing us how to use the Google API in our Desktop apps!
William Cirino

0:14 Google API
0:16 Geocode
0:17 Telerik Fiddler Web Debugger https://www.telerik.com/fiddler
0:17 Directions
0:18 Distance Matrix
0:20 Embed Map
0:21 Classes
0:25 Add Class, Library, template to come
0:29 https://JSfiddle.net
0:52 http://json2csharp.com creates classes from json code
1:30 Ultimate templates
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


October 21 2016
Download Webinar 383

This Friday, Helgard Scholtz will be introducing a new product, Relational Browse and Edit-on-the-spot bundle!
Relational Browse:
Relational Browse consists of a class and templates that allows any table defined in the dictionary to be browsed with a minimum of code. It supports tables with keys for all file drivers.
The class uses the standard ABC Browse class to generate a page loaded browse for all the columns in any table with a locator, column sorting and filtering.
This is not meant as a end-user tool but during development, debugging and support and access to

this function should be limited for that purpose. It can be seen as TopScan built into any program.
Since it uses the ABC Browse and RelationManager classes, it can only be added to applications using the ABC template chain. It can however be implemented in an ABC DLL and linked into a legacy (Clarion) template application.
Edit-on-the-spot: Wink White Thailand
While developing, testing and supporting applications one frequently have to fully examine records being created and maintained by the system. Most browses and forms do not show all the columns in a record, only the fields applicable to a specific function.
Tools like TopScan allows you to browse a table and examine and edit any of the columns. For SQL one can use SQL Management Studio or similar programs. In all the cases you need to start up an external program and then have to find the specific record you want to check or edit.
The class and templates for Edit-On-The-Spot were created to be able to examine and edit any record from any file driver directly from inside the program where that record is used or displayed, normally from inside a browse. This can be implemented by two simple templates without any coding!
Helgard Scholtz
a bit under two hours!


October 14 2016
Download Webinar 382

This Friday, Bruce will be doing an overview of WinEvent,looking at the functions it offers, and the way you can make use of it in your programs.
Bruce says:
This year marks the 20th anniversary of one of our oldest accessories, WinEvent.

WinEvent has always been our "catch all" library for functions that were useful, but which didn't really "fit" into any specific product. Along the way it has proved to be a foundation to many other accessories and is a requirement, or optional extra, for GPF Reporter, SelfService, Ezhelp, Replicate and SendTo. It started out as a simple library used to subclass Windows Messages, but rapidly grew so it now has around 200 functions.
Did you know that the original price for WinEvent was $15? Today it costs a whopping $169 but whenever you bought it you haven't (yet) paid an upgrade price. It's just grown slowly over the years never warranting the kind of work (and hence the need) for a paid-for upgrade. Until now.
The past few months I've been spending time (here and there) preparing WinEvent for it's first-ever paid-for upgrade. And for a change it's not because we've added a lot of functionality, but rather because we've re-packaged it to make it more useful to you moving forward.
WinEvent was born in an era before classes and objects, when the easiest way to distribute libraries was as compiled binaries. That era changed towards the end of the 90's (we haven't released a product as a DLL since around 1999, when Insight Graphing 1 was released) but some of our older products are still shipped with a DLL. That's slowly changing though, Office Inside and Insight Graphing both now ship as source code. WinEvent 5 will continue that tradition and will also ship as source code.
Bruce Johnson


October 7 2016
Download Webinar 381

Everybody's gone on Friday! Only John remains to run the webinar and start the recording! John is the only host, and there is no presenter! So what will we do? Tune in to find out! Maybe something will happen, maybe nothing will happen!!
one hour and 55 minutes!
It was a Wednesday open webinar on a Friday! We talked about what to do if you're a one-man shop and you get hit by a bus, Stimulsoft report writer, activex controls, and turning off ultimate debug!


September 29 2016
Download Webinar 380

Dries will be showing how he created an html5 webapp:* Differences between html5 webapp and Nettalk apps/H5 apps
  • Html/css package created by webdesigner
  • Nettalk webserver: 1 WebPage procedure
  • Single Page App (SPA):
    • one page that stays loaded in the browser - no page refreshes
    • index.html contains all pages
    • Navigation using hash tags
    • Data retrieved using ajax
  • Typescript: Javascript with Intellisense and type safety
    • PageViewModels
    • Services
    • AppFabric
  • Showing data in html: using databinding and a MVVM pattern (Model-View-ViewModel)
  • Local data-storage: cache to prevent downloading data continuously and data is available even when offline.
  • Cache Manifest: resources of webapp offline accessible
    • Bundling and minification of js and css files
  • Detecting online/offline events and sending data changes created when offline
  • Websocket to detect data changes immediately - sending events to connected clients
  • multi-tenancy: separate database for each user, using the dynamic filedriver.
  • Detecting data changes in MS-SQL using GetChanges to efficiently replicate changes in database to webserver's database
Dries Driessen


September 23 2016
Download Webinar 379

This week, Bruce Johnson will be talking about Database Design for Distributed Data Systems!
Here's what Bruce has to say:
At the ClarionLive webinar this Friday I'll be discussing a topic that's a little bit more theoretical than normal, but which is becoming more and more relevant at the moment. The topic is entitled "Distributed Database Design" and focuses on the idea that we need data to exist in multiple places at the same time.
Now of course, if you think about it, most-all programs allow data to exist in multiple places. For example if you have an export in your application then data can exist in your database, as well as in say a CSV file. The key difference though is that this export is usually uni-directional in these days of disconnected mobile devices, we need designs and methods which allow the export to be bi-directional, meaning that the data can exist in both places, and be sync'd back together at a later time.
This all of course falls under the broad heading of "replication" and indeed that is fundamentally what I will be talking about. However the system I will present is language independent (making it easy to integrate programs written in different languages) and crucially data store independent (meaning that you may need the data to exist in different stores, depending on the location.)
No doubt we'll also stray into related topics, like why Auto-Numbering is a poor approach to primary keys, and how best to generate a GUID, data filtering and so on.
Changing database design is really hard to do once a project has been going for a while, which is why getting the design right early on is so important. You may not be able to change your existing databases to this method, but designing your next database with these principles in mind is critical to the life of those databases later on.
Bruce Johnson


September 16 2016
Download Webinar 378

It's another mystery webinar week! Bruce had to move his webinar back a week, so once again we have no idea what's going to happen! Tune in this Friday to solve the newest mystery!
Greg Bailey
Mark Goldberg
just over two hours by a bit
Greg stepped up and showed us a super-sweet thing you can do with the topspeed ODBC driver! lots of gems in this one!


September 9 2016
Download Webinar 377

This week is mystery webinar week! At this point, we have no idea what's going to happen! Tune in this Friday to solve the mystery!
Andy Wilton

Andy Wilton showed us some new features in the Noyantis Flow Graph and Calendar templates, and Mike Hanson continued on his mods to the Window Manager Class!


September 2 2016
Download Webinar 376

This week Mike will be modifying the Window Manager Class? What is this Window Manager Class we hear so much about? And what can we modify it to do? Tune in to find out!
Mike Hanson
Two hours fifteen minutes or thereabouts


August 26 2016
Download Webinar 375

Rick Martin will be demonstrating the latest release of the Upper Park Solutions Version Control Addin!
Here's what Rick says:
A new version of the Upper Park Solutions Version Control Addin will be released near the end of the week.

New support for complex solution folder layouts has been added. Your Solution and APP files no longer need to be in the same folder and the folder containing the exported module (APV) files you commit to source control no longer needs to be a sub-folder of your solution.
Also, support for custom Configuration Directories (/ConfigDir) has been added.

I will be demonstrating support for more complicated solution folders and doing a general overview of using the source control Addin.
I will also be working John Hickey to walk through the full process of creating a GitHub repository and exporting John’s Ultimate Debug Overview utility to the new repository.
Hopefully, we will have a little time to take questions from users who are attending.
Rick Martin
Two hours, about 20 minutes

Promo code for 20% Discount for either new purchase or annual subscription renewal for Upper Park Version Control addin is CLive0816, good through Aug 31st, 2016.


August 19 2016
Download Webinar 374

Bruce will be demonstrating an update to the popular SendTo product, SendTo 3!! As if it didn't do enough things, now it does even more!! What things? Tune in to find out what's new in this amazing product!

Bruce says:
They say it's quietest before the dawn but over here in programmer land quiet just means some goodies are coming down the pipe.

For some months now we've been working on a major update to SendTo.

In case you don't know, SendTo is a magic button that you can add to your browses and list controls. It turns every browse into a report and export, allowing the user to send the browse to the printer or to a file. It's also (optionally) integrated with NetTalk which means you can email, or FTP, the result to someone else. Tie in the support for all popular PDF engines and you get the trifecta want to turn this browse into a PDF file and email it to a manager? Sure just click here.

Of all our products this is the one end users seem to like the most. When we first added it to our own apps we got rave feedback especially as we did not make a big fuss when we put it in. Since then it's consistently been something users comment on it makes their lives much easier so it really sets us apart from the rest.

All sorts of file formats are supported including Excel, Word, PDF, XML, HTML and CSV. (Some formats require additional tools though.)

SendTo exports (or prints) the browse just as it is formatted in the window, using the same filters and layout as the browse. So it works with all browse modifiers like RunScreen, QBE and so on.
Bruce Johnson
Two hours ten minutes just about


August 12 2016
Download Webinar 373

This Friday, Rick will be talking about triggers!
Rick says:
"I'll be talking about Clarion Client Side Triggers located and maintained in the dictionary. Discussion will include, pros, cons, gotchas (things to be aware of when you're creating them and when they're being used) and a fair number of simple and fairly complex uses from my own applications and others. There should be time for some discussion of maintaining and exposing the triggers, and perhaps, just a little on triggers 'in the Global Embeds.' Note: by necessity I'll focus on Client Side Triggers with ABC simply because I haven't done legacy in years and do not have a body of experience with Triggers in Legacy. I understand they do work."
Rick Dafler
Two hours pretty close


August 5 2016
Download Webinar 372

This Friday, John will be talking about debugging! There are templates, classes, and programs included in the ClarionLive Utilities that have changed over the years designed to help with debugging. Recently, a new program called Ultimate Debug Overview has been released, which is a Clarion replacement for Debugview.
On Friday John will be going over all of the resources available in the ClarionLive Utilities to help you debug your app quickly and efficiently! He'll also be covering all the new features in Ultimate Debug Overview!
John Hickey
Unexpectedly a little over two hours


July 29 2016
Download Webinar 371

This Friday, Dries will be talking about extending TSplus and using websockets!
Extending TSplus - using Nettalk and websocket
Server setup
- Automatic creation of users, database
- Group policy on organizational unit
- Registry settings
Html5 client
- Html5.html
- Uses canvas and websockets
Extending html5 client
- Nettalk webserver on different port
- Websocket connection
- Html overlays

Websockets reflector
Dries Driessen
Two hours forty five minutes or so!


July 22 2016
Download Webinar 370
Mike Gorman is here today to talk about the perils and travails of Many-to-Many relationships and relationships that support non-redundancy. Even though these violate sacred data modeling rules, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. We'll see why Mike had to do just that. Here is his slideshow in PDF format.
Michael M. Gorman has integrated the Product Management stuff but not even started its generation - here is the source files for the app, dct, and data model diagrams.
Mike Gorman
Just a tad over 1.5 hours because John was not here.
Hi guys..... I have made changes to the slides and have a new deck for you to download. The changes were to clean up some mistakes and to add a few slides towards the end so that you may better understand the method behind my madness in constructing the software that does a complete Person Delete.


July 15 2016
Download Webinar 369

Simon will be talking about a clarion queue debugging / development tool called QView, which he has found to be indispensable over the last 10 years!
In addition to this product demonstration, there will be some discussion about queues and debugging in general.
Simon Kemp
Right on two hours nice!


July 8 2016
Download Webinar 368

It's Arnold's birthday and you know what that means! That's right, we don't know either! It's Arnold's birthday surprise with Mark Riffey, join us for the celebration!
Mark Riffey
Arnold Young
Two hours on the nose!


July 1 2016
Download Webinar 367

This week, SoftVelocity is with us to show us their new H5-Bootstrap technology! An updated AppBroker was released June 22nd, along with a series of videos showing how it works. For more information about this technology, visit http://clarionsharp.com/blog/clarion-h5 , and tune in to this weeks webinar!
Robert Zaunere
Diego Borojovich
Two hours and about seven minutes or thereabouts
It was really awesome!


June 24 2016
Download Webinar 366
Dries will be demonstrating the latest release of the Ninja classes!
From Dries:
This release completes the WebFileClasses - the classes that deal with DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive - by adding bi-directional synchronization of a local folder with a remote folder. A new class - WebFileSyncClass - makes many different synchronization scenarios possible, with very limited amount of coding. This new class can be used for creating backup applications, replacing FTP, publishing new content or other files to customers, exchanging documents/reports with customers, etc.
New features:
- AppFolder
- GetChanges
- new callback options: access to the http request, http response header, http statuscode and response body.
- new WebFileclass methods such as GetMetaData, DownloadByUrl, Update
- new gWebFile properties such as ParentID, ParentIdType, DownloadUrl, MimeType
- the BeginUpload method of the GoogleDriveWebFileClass will first check if the file already exists on the remote drive. If it does, it will call the BeginUpdate method instead, to prevent creating multiple copies of the same file.
Dries Driessen


June 17 2016
Download Webinar 365
The last couple of weeks, John has been showing a Clarion-specific Debug viewer, similar to DebugView++, called UDOverView. It started out as a way to parse debug logs, but with the help of Simon Kemp it now reads Debug messages directly! This week, a new top secret feature has been added that makes this incredibly useful utility even more incredibly useful! Tune in to find out what this new feature is!
We'll then do an App review of UDOverView with Mike Hanson. We'll examine how the code works, finalize some features that aren't quite working, maybe add some new ones, and then release it into the world for everyone to use in ClarionLive Land!
Mike Hanson
John Hickey
Two hours twenty minutes or so


June 10 2016
Download Webinar 364
Mike Gorman is presenting an overall strategy for architecting and engineering business information system. The strategy is based on layers. That is, starting with the Data Layer and proceeding through development layers of Menu, Update, Loading, Daily Work, Reporting, and finally Reference Data.
Each layer is well defined and thus able to be predicted and estimated. A PDF of the overheads will be posted to Clarion Live after the presentation.
Participation is welcome related the quantity, name, and description of the layers.
Mike Gorman
Just a tad over two hours
Slides for Presentation


June 3 2016
Download Webinar 363
Bruce says:
On ClarionLive this Friday I'll be doing a demonstration of creating a virtual machine at Amazon. This is a really simple process, and also one which is a lot cheaper than you might think. Because you pay for the machines by the hour you can create them for testing, then throw them away. Or you can use them to deploy your software for the benefit of customers. In the webinar I'll deploy a NetTalk web server onto the machine, but using the same ideas you could deploy a remote install of your software to "run in the cloud".
Bruce Johnson
A bit over two hours
Just what Bruce said would happen!


May 27 2016
Download Webinar 362
This week Bob Wilhelm will be talking about using Crystal Reports with Clarion and SQL! Bob will cover everything you ever wanted to know about Crystal Reports, you won't want to miss this!
Bob Wilhelm
Two hours actually a little more


May 20 2016
Download Webinar 361
This week Paul Konyk will be talking about Virtual Machines and VMWare. What are Virtual Machines? How do you use these things anyway? Paul will reveal all!
Paul Konyk
Right on two hours how did that happen?


May 13 2016
Download Webinar 360
This week Wolfgang will be doing a presentation of a SOAP-Client-Server-Desktop-Combo. What exactly is a SOAP-Client-Server-Desktop-Combo? I have no idea but it sounds awesome! Tune in to find out!
Download the source code at
Wolfgang Orth
little less than two hours


May 6 2016
Download Webinar 359
This week Wolfgang will be doing a presentation of a SOAP-Client-Server-Desktop-Combo. What exactly is a SOAP-Client-Server-Desktop-Combo? I have no idea but it sounds awesome! Tune in to find out!
Wolfgang Orth
an hour and a half
The webinar was held hostage! We need presenters, so the webinar was in a crisis hostage situation until we could get four volunteers. We only got three! So the webinar wasn't released until it was too late for Wolfgang to present :(


April 29 2016
Download Webinar 358
This week Mike Gorman will be talking about ROI!

Virtually all Business Information Systems are:
  • Late
  • Over budget
  • Not meeting original requirements to say nothing of
current requirements.

This presentation introduces positive ROI solutions
to these vexing problems!
Mike Gorman
Right on about two hours again, how is this possible?
Presentation Slides


April 22 2016
Download Webinar 357
On the ClarionLive Webinar this Friday Bruce will be showing a new feature of CapeSoft's Draw library, the addition of the DrawGauge class and template, which makes drawing gauges on a window really really easy.
Bruce will also show how these gauges can be used to make widgets for iDash, they're dashboard tool of choice. It should be a lot of fun, and perhaps there'll be a special or two to celebrate the new release!
Bruce Johnson
Around two hours again, doing pretty good!


April 15 2016
Download Webinar 356
This week Bruce will show some of the techniques and tools used to recently update a commercial application to give it a fresh new look!
Bruce Johnson
Two hours how about that!


April 8 2016
Download Webinar 355
Do not let the webinar title "SQL in Clarion" fool you - interesting dives into SQL practical stuff that you might just find invaluable.
Mauricio Nicastro
Just about 2 hours
ClarionLive –Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
Live from Girona Spain… It’s “SQL for Clarion Developers” with your host Mauricio Nicastro. After a brief yet intense Jeopardy session on the topic of the world’s “Canal Cities Landscapes” that introduced Mr. Nicastro, Mauricio jumped in by explaining that using SQL with CW is not only just a driver change; flipping the driver does get you to SQL but it really doesn’t cut the mustard. It’s more than just a driver change, much more.

Mauricio follows up with a Server Side/Client Side overview and dives right into an in depth coverage of SQL Indexes (Clustered/Non Clustered/Covering/Filtered) and goes deep into SQL Execution Plans (Executing SQL queries). Covering important topics such as “Index SCANs” vs “Index SEEKs”, matching query variables with the correct data types (String vs Number), and observing the count of Logical reads .

As there are many ways to wrap a fish there are many ways to construct a SQL query; and the different Query structures can achieve the same results but the execution times can vary widely. So Mauricio followed up with a dialogue on what to look for when tweaking your SQL queries and showed differences in the timings of the example Query structures. A brief discussion on the timings using “Group By” ensued and Mauricio wrapped up with a list of SQL tips and tricks to improve your timings.

Link to the example SQL scripts that Mauricio used: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bw6mn3wbxx24vzq/AADpFInGoyNB-gOiyfPpWbqAa?dl=0
John was awol, Mike was missing while Arnold was smitten with the picturesque canals of Girona. Only Lisa and Bruce put in a full shift.

(2hrs 13min - Live)

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April 1 2016
Download Webinar 354
Well originally, Mike Gorman was going to do a session on ROI. BUT, he had internet problems, so we winged it and John Hickey showed off a new (sorta) utility called Ultimate Trace! Then we made a SetupBuilder for it, so look for an update to the ClarionLive Utility Pack soon!
John Hickey
Two hours again!
April Fools chaos! Presentation is #358


March 25 2016
Download Webinar 353
This week, Craig will be showing us PDF-Tools Digital Signatures, and PDF-Editor Form Builder! Plus some Mike Hanson wonderment!
Craig Ransom
Right on two hours


March 18 2016
Download Webinar 352
It's John Hickey's Surprise Webinar Birthday Spectacular!
This week, Dries Driessen will be bringing us an update on the Ninja oAuth Classes! He'll be showing an OAuth client working in a Nettalk Webserver app: DropBox, Google Drive and Onedrive integration!
Then, Andy Wilton from Noyantis will be bringing us up to date on some of the exciting new features in the Noyantis templates!
And who knows, there might be more surprises! Or not! Tune in and find out!!!
Dries Driessen
Andy Wilton
Two hours twenty minutes I think
ClarionLive –Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
It John's birthday (again), so to celebrate this most festive occasion the following “Birthday Surprises” are in effect; All are “expiration time” sensitive… so act fast.

Get 15% CapeSoft Accessories for 61 hours! Just mention John's birthday 15% off in the comments section until Sunday midnight ClarionLive time! Visit www.clarionshop.com or www.capesoft.com .

Get 15% off Noyantis new purchases for 61 hours! Discount is automatically applied after the order is placed! Good until Sunday midnight ClarionLive time! Visit www.noyantis.com

Get 25% off the Ninja oAuth Classes from Indirection (Dries Driessen!). Normally $149 now $111.75 until the end of March! Purchase at www.clarionshop.com.

Purchase a copy of SQL Script.It! from Ohnosoft, normally $169, for just $99.61 until Monday March 21! Use coupon code BDAY61 when checking out. Visit www.ohnosoft.com

Enter to win a FREE copy of SQL Script.It! or, if you already own a copy, a one-year maintenance plan extension! Enter to win until Thursday, March 24th
Visit www.ohnosoft.com to enter!

After a heated ClarionLive team discussion on the ins and outs of proper butter presentation Dries Driessen came in and picked up where he left off from Webinar #347. This time covering the usage of his OAuth Ninja class with a NT Web Server. OAuth is a very popular open standard for authorization. Used by many websites to log in by using their Dropbox, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Drive, Twitter, Flickr, Microsoft etc. accounts.

The Ninja OAuth Classes allow integration of OAuth based APIs and it supports both OAuth 1 & OAuth 2. Dries showed a NT WS application using the Ninja classes, Dropbox and BackgroundSync. The multitude of candles on John’s Birthday cake caused Dries Fire Alarm to go off numerous times.

Then Andy Wilton came to the party and showed some real world app examples using the Codejock controls and the Noyantis Templates/Classes. These included the Centre Manager (A “Resource Manager” application), Exante Bet (A “Bookmaking” application) and Displomo(A “Multi-Media POS Display Manager” application).

The Andy went into the various updates that were included in the ReportControl Template and brought John a few gifts (Can’t wait for my B-day!). John’s first gift was “Browse column Filters”, then a big box that contained a new “Search” (Highlights found cells that have the text searched for within the cell) function, followed up by a brand new “In Place” Browse column Filters (via drop downs) and “In Place Buttons” for cells. A new XAML demo procedure added to the ReportControl demo app.

Arnold asked a lot of doggie doorbell questions while Lisa and Mike were singing B-Day songs.
(2hrs 19min - Live)


March 11 2016
Download Webinar 351
PDF Presentation CLICK HERE
This week, Mike will be presenting Email Management! including:
 Overarching Requirements
 Major Data Structures
 Major Processes
 Clarion Application Code
 NetTalk 9.06 Email Processing

SNAP Selling, by Jill Konrath
Agile Selling, by Jill Konrath
Sandler Success Principles, by David Mattson & Bruce Seidman
The Sandler Rules, by David Mattson
You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a bike at a Seminar, by David Sandler with John Hayes, PhD
Professional Services Marketing, by Mike Schultz, John Doerr, and Lew Frederiksen
Insight Selling, by Mike Schultz and John Doerr
Selling to the C-Suite by Nicholas AC Read and Stephen J Bistritz

Mike Gorman
Two hours on the nose!


March 4 2016
Download Webinar 350
Get the code here -->

This week, it's Functional Queue Sorting Part 2 with Simon Kemp! Two weeks ago, Simon started showing us about Functional Queue Sorting, but he had so much to show he couldn't fit it into one webinar! Join him for Part 2 and learn even more amazing things about queue sorting!
Simon Kemp
Two hours and 20 minutes or thereabouts
ClarionLive –Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

Simon Kemp comes back for part two of Functional Sorting and he picks up basically right where he left off diving back into Position(), Sort(), Get() and Add(). He admits that Put(queue) is far more complex than he realized and promises to RTFM in future. He then attempts to clarify the implications of multiple sort orders on queue order. The analysis reveals that "physical" (pointer) queue order looks rather arbitrary once multiple sort orders are in action. When in doubt, SORT() first.

Each step of the excursion through Functional Sorting Simon showed examples, among them were examples of sorting "numeric strings" (by IP Address Format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx), Randomized Expressions (using EVALUATE), Tree Lists (setting Tree LEVEL values), Sorting by a Group Element using WHAT(), Hand coded queues of queues and a nifty Distance example.

Here is a link to download Simon's Demo application, template and class to get you started in exploring the world of functional queue sorting.


(2hrs 19min - Live)
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February 26 2016
Download Webinar 349

This week, Marko Golem is here from Thin@ to cover:

- Thin@ subscription model
- Thin@ 3.2 diagnostic window
- new product GUI Manager and resizer (how to implement step by step and features explanation)
- discount code for both GUI Manager and Thin@ (100 USD for each product) for all webinar live atendees.

- Q & A
Marko Golem
a short one! one hour and like 20 minutes!
ClarionLive –Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

Marko from Thin@ stops in and introduces a new product, the GUI manager.

Marko led off by reviewing the subscription models and then went right into the new GUI Manager. The GUI manager does not require Thin@ to be used, but it can be used with Thin@ with no problems.

Marko delved into the GUI Manager feature set which included, Auto adjusting font sizing/Window Scaling, Menus can be added to Toolbars (has a similar look like a TaskPanel), MDI toolbar (has a similar UI look to a SHEET/Tab). Marko explored the Resizer function, showing how it changes the size of the app window based upon the resolution of the target machines display while maintaining the proper proportions/aspect ratios. Additional features incorporated were Toolbar fonts automatically scaling and support for 4k monitor scaling. After the GUI Manager demo Marko went into a QA session on the new products and anything Thin@.

John announced some new scriptIT features, Arnold was MIA while and Mike became a ghost of a former webinar.

( 1hr 11min - Live)

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February 19 2016
Download Webinar 348

This week, it's Functional Queue Sorting with Simon Kemp! What is Functional Queue Sorting? I have no idea! But I'm looking forward to finding out!!!
Simon Kemp
So close to two hours it hardly matters
ClarionLive –Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

Simon Kemp joins in and begins his Functional Sorting quest with Clarion Queues. This allows you to create a custom sort function that can be used similar to a Virtual Method of a class.

He begins by examining the various forms to sort a queue, (Key/Name/Function) and shows the simple SV example that uses a pair of GROUP structures, this sorts each queue group/record structure as a single string. He then follows up with passing Typed Groups which allow you to perform sorting on the individual queue fields within the structure. Simon delves deeper by showing functional sorting on a String Reference (very cool) and even reveals a Clarion RTL “No need to sort the queue again side effect” problem - then shows a code workaround and a RTL call FreeQueueFunctionKey(); both approaches do the job.

Topics covered with examples given included… Covers Queue of queues, Object refs, using GET() and ADD() with the third form sort(). Simon finished up with in depth analysis of using POSITION() with GET() and ADD() - building towards a queue LOCATOR. Alas two hours don’t seem to go very far so Simon will be back to finish the exploration of the third form sort(), with “Do’s and Don’ts”, tips and tricks and a purportedly useful free template/class in part two.

Lisa and Arnold were speechless while Mike enjoyed the ride.
( 2hr 7min - Live)

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February 12 2016
Download Webinar 347
Welcome back Dries! Dries will be showing us how to use API's that require OAuth authorization and authentication:

- Short OAuth overview

- DropBox integration in desktop application

- Explore DropBox, GoogleDrive and One Drive folders in a single window

- OAuth 1.0a: Flickr

- Sharing: Facebook and LinkedIn sharing of texts and photos.
The classes required for the OAuth integration are based on the NinjaClasses I introduced at CIDC 2015. The NinjaClasses are now based on CapeSoft products and have been enhanced to allow for webrequests within classes without the need for a Window or an accept loop.
Dries Driessen
Two hours serious!
0:16 Dries - OAuth Ninja
0:20 HTTP WebRequest Demo
0:21 Sync & Async
0:25 OAuth
0:29 OAuth for Apps
0:32 OAuth diagram
0:36 Discussion about tokens
0:40 https://www.DropBox.com/developers
0:41 DropBox - Create App
0:43 App Key & App Secret
0:45 Redirect URL
0:48 Connect from App to Dropbox
0:50 Dropbox Explorer
0:54 Looking at code
0:59 Fidler Web Debugger
1:00 Authorization Bearer token
1:02 WebFileClasses
1:02 WebFileExplorer
1:15 Google https://developers.google.com/google-apps/products
1:17 OneDrive https://dev.onedrive.com
1:18 Microsoft Graph
1:19 Flickr & Facebook https://www.flickr.com/services/api
1:21 Photo gallery
1:24 Authorise Facebook
1:26 Publish on Facebook
1:28 Looking at code
1:31 LinkedIn - Create App in Clarion
1:34 Create App in LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/secure/developer
1:38 Back to Clarion
1:40 Auth window
1:43 Find Auth Url https://developer.linkedin.com/docs/oauth2
1:45 Scope parameter - permissions
1:45 Set Auth URLs
1:47 Build App & Run
1:49 Connect to LinkedIn via Clarion App
1:50 ShareWindow
1:54 LinkedIn Share URL - find it in the API documentation
1:58 Compile & Run
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


February 5 2016
Download Webinar 346
Ron Meyer will be showing us how to use the IP Driver! He'll be converting the Clarion Invoice example app to use the IP Driver, and talk about what the IP Driver does and show us how to use it in a Client/Server environment!
Ron Meyer
close to two hours


January 29 2016
Download Webinar 345
SoftVelocity is here! Topics to include H5 and discussion about the new javascript product!
Robert Zaunere
Diego Borojovich
Two hours!
Diego showed new IDE features coming up in the next release! Bob talked about ActiveImages, and there was a nice discussion about how they could be used if you already had an app and wanted to convert! And, there was talk about the new javascript product coming soon!


January 22 2016
Download Webinar 344
This Friday Bruce will look at some of the new features in the NetTalk 9 Server level for folks who are building, or wanting to build, web apps. And who doesn't want to build web apps!
Bruce Johnson
under two hours!
ClarionLive – Training with Bruce: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
Part two of the award winning NetTalk training webinars. Bruce explores the new features of NetTalk 9 Server for building web applications. Bruce delves into the additional products required, NetTalk upgrade issues and even gets into the “Click ABC Second” control template trick that prevents IDE GPF’s when adding control templates onto a window. Winding through IP Banning, jQuery popup animations and the new server features including Host Variables (Cross User variables) and Web Sockets.

A brief discussion of “Time based one-time passwords” (a one-time password generated from a shared secret key and the current time) was started that eventually turned into a future webinar. With lots of time to spare Bruce and Lisa jumped in to a brief but concise refresher course on css elements/class structures. Arnold & John were soliciting future webinar topics while Mike was off in an undisclosed location?

( 1hr 50min - Live)
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January 15 2016
Download Webinar 343

On ClarionLive today, Bruce will be doing a session on Email everything you wanted to know and perhaps some you didn't!
He'll look at the new email example and see how you can use the techniques in there to add simple, no holds barred,

email sending functionality to your program!
Bruce Johnson
two and a half hours and a bit more
Just what you would expect!


January 8 2016
Download Webinar 342

It's a brand new year! And we don't have a clue as to what we'll be talking about! Join us and find out what our New Year surprise will be!!!
Mike Hanson
around two hours and 12
ClarionLive – Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
It’s 2016 and we’re back to the UltimateFetch. Mike goes over the existing code and refreshes us all with the plan of attack. He covers the WhereQ “Any” clean up code and then begins adding a CountParametersForComponentCount Routine and reworking the AssignComponents Routine into a function and adding High/Low clearing for missing key components. Mike delves deeper by adding a RememberComponents Routine (Assigns the components to the proper WhereQ member). After a little trial and error with the WHAT() statement it seems to be working as expected. Mike plan to add SQL filter support to the code is underway. Arnold loses his car and he and John beg for webinar presenters. Lisa starting singing to herself… “Hold that Tiger, Hold that Tiger, Hold that Tiger… C-L-E-M-S-O...N!”
(2hr 12min - Live)

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December 18 2015
Download Webinar 341
Mike's back! It's always a treat and we're not 100% sure what he's going to do, but I'll bet it'll be darned interesting!
Mike Hanson
Right exactly two hours!
It was FetchKey!


December 11 2015
Download Webinar 340
At the Wednesday Open Webinar, Dave Nichols showed some malloc (memory allocation) code he's written that can vastly increase memory allocation speed in your Clarion application by 100 times! This is a pretty big deal, and thanks to Dave for sharing!
Bruce Johnson is working with the code and transforming it into a class/template so we can all just drop it in and see the improvement! Bruce will then be releasing it as Charity-ware.
This week, Dave and Bruce will be presenting the code and showing us how it's all done!
Dave Nichols
Bruce Johnson
Just a bit below 2 hours
ClarionLive - Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
Christmas comes early to the Clarion community this year; Dave “I’ll have a bit of that” Nichols has donated a replacement for the Clarion RTL memory allocator. It has been it production code as part of the Match-IT production control system and has dramatically improved its memory allocation performance. Dave has reported an x100 speed increase over the RTL malloc methods. His allocator replaces the Clarion one at run-time so it becomes the one used for all memory allocations, including those inside the RTL. It is safe for ABC/Legacy/Hand Code, Multi-DLL, and multi-threaded applications. It is also not tied to the Clarion RTL version. Bruce has created a class and Template for it called FastMem – ($20.00 Charity-Ware). It is available on the Capesoft website. Dave went though the internal code and discussed the equate flags and tuning the allocator settings. He show his “Memory usage statistics” browse that was fed info coming from the allocator source and showed his “Memory Test” code and how he measured the performance of his allocator. Dave wrapped it up with a little background on how it came about.
Mike was late (Work), Lisa and Arnold were speechless while John searched for a coding Romance novel.
( 1hr 45min - Live)

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December 4 2015
Download Webinar 339

It's the official release of NetTalk 9!
This will include the first demonstration of running a program, generated by Clarion, as a native app (ie an APK) on an Android device! You won't want to miss this one!
Bruce Johnson
Right on two hours!
ClarionLive - Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
After 21 months, 68 builds, Heartbleed, Poodle, Beast, Logjam, NT9 has officially arrived. Bruce announces NetTalk 9 to the Clarion world and begins his introduction with the NT9 3 tier versioning; Desktop/Server/Apps. Each tier builds upon the previous tier.

NT9 Desktop (Email/ftp/Web Client/NetAuto)
NT9 Server (Includes NT9 Desktop functionalities + Web Server/Web Wizard)
NT9 Apps (Includes NT9 Desktop & NT9 Server functionalities + support for Disconnected Web Application & Packaged Hybrid Mobile Apps Android/WinPhone/iPhone)

He then walked through the new features supported by NT9 Desktop (Digital Signatures for Email/full FTPS & FTPES) and NT9 Server (Server Name Indication/Session ID’s as tokens/SYNC action/Direct REST method calling). Bruce then discusses Data Synchronization in his journey to building an android demo app from a simple NT9 Web server app.

In a nutshell Bruce used the following formula…
NT9 Web Server + (mBuild * PhoneGap) = APK file (Android application package)
Then it is a matter of downloading and installing the APK app on your Android device and launching it.

Then the questions really started flowing and the discussion covered a wide range of mobile topics/concepts among them were “Data set” reduction for mobile apps, Desktop vs Mobile UI versioning, “Deleted” Row handling. Bruce also covered NT 9 Pricing (New licenses and Upgrades).

Mike was on the road, Arnold donned a hat and Elvis left the building.
( 1hr 59min - Live)

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November 20 2015
Download Webinar 338

Fetching a record by its key values typically involves at least three lines of code. Wouldn't it be nice to do that with a single command. Mike Hanson will describe the solution, examine various approaches, then walk through the implementation of "GetKey".

(Or perhaps FetchKey).
Mike Hanson
Two hours, a bit more, maybe eight minutes over I guess
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
Mike begins the dog and pony show when he explores using FETCH, Fetch gets a specific record by its key value and handles any errors. But it does require that you prime the key prior to the fetch. So Mike expands on the FETCH method by adding a custom FetchUnique() procedure where you pass the file, key and the unique “key” values (up to 9). He then builds on the concept by adding a ValidateKey routine that ensures that a passed key is one that is assigned to the passed file, a ValidateComponentCount routine that checks the passed key component count and an AssignComponents routine that moves the passed values into the components of the passed key. All seemed to be working well until the ValidateComponentCount routine started dogging him when the key{prop:fields} was returning blank instead of a field count. Mike was able to fix the issue and “success” was found in the nick of time. This allowed Mike to leave on time and he was able to go walk the dog.
John announces the renaming of the ohnOsoft “SQL Script Manager” to “SQL Script.It”. No webinars next week so Lisa and Arnold can get their Gray Thursday/Black Friday deals and Mike can play with his puppy.
( 2hr 8min - Live)
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November 13 2015
Download Webinar 337

This week, Bruce will be covering string classes, including the included Clarion string class and CapeSoft's StringTheory!
Bruce says:
"StringTheory is now accessible to most of the Clarion community, but probably as a requirement for something else. If you're not using StringTheory in it's own right though you are probably missing out. Bruce looks at some common tasks and shows how they can be simplified with StringTheory methods."
Bruce Johnson
two hours twenty minutes or so
Just what you would expect, it was awesome!


November 6 2015
Download Webinar 336

Download Apps Used In This Presentation

John and Mary have been working on releasing a new product, SQL Script Manager. Turns out that's a lot of work! This week, they'll take you behind-the-scenes to see how the interface was built using Noyantis templates. They'll also show how they implemented on-line software updates using CapeSoft's SafeUpdate, and how that was tied into a generated Maintenance Plan using Cryptonite, StringTheory, and xFiles. Finally, they'll show how they wrote a DLL that can be called from SetupBuilder to validate the Maintenance Plan when installing.
John Hickey
Mary Wade
Just right at two hours!!
ClarionLive - Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
John and Mary Wade of ohnOsoft go backstage and behind the scenes to bring you “Script Manager: Unplugged”. Script Manger allows your scripts to be versioned and organized into Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Tables. You then publish your scripts into one secure TPS file for easy distribution. John shows the flattening the UI and the usage of the Codejock DockingPanes, Ribbonbars and SyntaxEdit controls (via the Noyantis Templates)inside the application. He discusses setting up the each pane on a separate thread and using Notify() to handle inter-pane (thread) communication. John then voyages into “Moving Clarion Code to SQL procedures” and then into using SafeUpdate and Setup Builder for creating a maintenance plan.Arnold goes easy on John and with both Bruce and Mike out of action, Lisa lets the boys play.
( 2hr 0min - Live)
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October 30 2015
Download Webinar 335

This week Craig Ransom will be talking about BString! He'll show us what they are, and construct a class to properly handle BStrings, which can be a bit tricky!
Craig Ransom
Under two hours!
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
Bruce introduces a basic overview of the newly added C10 “User defined properties” feature. Craig Ransom jumps in and explores Variants, Safe Arrays and using BSTRINGs with clarion. A BSTRING is a LONG pointer to a Wide Char array used in COM/Interop programming. Craig was explaining the theory and concepts of working with BSTRINGs when his presentation ran out of slides. Craig plans to reload and come back for a BSTRING part two showing how to use them with CW and to share his class.
John announces the Script Manager Winner while Mike shows up late but just in time to begin packaging up the Virtual Listbox class and template... but as luck would have it it's broken in one of his test browses. He fixes the issue by adding template support for “Use only when local template is also present”, after that template fix is in place the class still doesn't seem to work on most screens. Failing to find a viable backup version puts the fix and the VLB project off until another day. Lisa cries! Arnold was finally found, late.
( 1hr 50min - Live)
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October 23
Download Webinar 334

Mike Gorman on "A Key Overlooked Benefit from Converting to an SQL Engine."
Using a combination of TPS and SQL to access data and solve data quality problems. Key topics include:

  • Nearly “neither” Clarion & TPS or Straight SQL is THE answer.

  • Initial acquisition through CSV is the way in the door.

  • Conversion from CSV to TPS enables more sophisticated data value. adjustments (e.g, table lookup changes, “moving” data, etc.).

  • Conversion from TPS to SQL enables application of specialized operators such as Counts, Distinct, and Concatenation that enable even more sophisticated value adjustments (e.g., specific row identification and update.

  • Decision of only ONE choice is not the right approach.

  • Moving data from one access method to another is essential.

  • Include all three on the road to data quality.
Mike Gorman
Two hours and about 1/3 more
ClarionLive - Instructional Documentary Coding DramaMichael Gorman recounts a long challenging journey from label scans to table rows using CSV (not the pharmacy), TPS and SQL structures. Michael describes his interesting usage of Clarion (via TPS and SQL) to solve data access and data quality issues. Then Michael follows up with a continuation of one of the CIDC topics with a protracted Kimball vs Inmon analysis, a “Which comes first, Data Mart or Data Warehouse” exploration is reviewed.

(2hr 17min - Live)
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October 15
Download Webinar 333

Bring your questions or contribute to the ClarionLive! Open Webinar, a free-for-all for Clarion ideas and helpful hints!
Mike Gorman
Mike Hanson

ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

John passes the host torch to Mike and he takes over and initiates part two of the SuperInvoice Delete Tagging project. Coach Lisa directs Mike journey through the process so he won’t stumble and fail (too badly) as the host. A bad EqualBuffer value throws a wonkey wench in to the mix and with a little help from Craig Ransom, Mike is able to finish the project with minutes to spare. Michael Gorman jumps in and begins a lengthy discussion of the Kimball Dimension Data Model, a set of modeling techniques and concepts used in data warehouse design that allows optimized query performance through the application of Facts and Dimensions tables. Arnold asks how to summarize the data using the dimension model? Bruce announces that most of the CIDC videos have now been uploaded.
(2hr 2min - Live)
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October 8 2015
Download Webinar 332

CIDC 2015 is history! We'll have a CIDC wrap up, plus Mike Hanson will do something fun, interesting, and exciting!
Mike Hanson
Two hours and a fraction over that
<TV announcer voice>Now back to our normal scheduled programing</TV announcer voice>

ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

CIDC Wrap-Up: John, Arnold and crew relive the fun and effort of CIDC. Mike briefly discusses the MailChimp operation before Lisa communicates the sad story of a NTWS and the need for the special handling of record statuses (deleted invoices). So Mike jumps in and starts to modify SuperInvoice to meet her needs. Craig Ransom stops by to clarify Trackers PDF tools situation and is joined in the discussion by Bruce, who arrived late due to a towed car situation. Before Mike can finish the ultimate in Deleted Record Tagging systems, time runs out. Part Dux is now a pending future episode. All have catchup issues to attend to before getting back to the “routine”. The NTUG and the Open Webinar are back at there normal days, times and place.
(2hr 9min- Live)

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September 18 2015
Download Webinar 331

It's the last webinar before DevCon! John Hickey and Mary Wade will be showing an early preview of a new product that will be introduced officially at DevCon, SQL Script Manager. This product is designed to allow easy management of SQL Scripts (imagine that!)! Features include version control, call reference tree, SQL script formatter, and a method to easily update your client's databases.
John Hickey
Mary Wade
Like, two hours for reals!
ClarionLive - Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

<TV announcer voice>It’s the Pre CIDC episode and remember there is no webinar for the next two weeks. ClarionLive is recorded in front of a live audience.</TV announcer voice>
Bruce and Mike discuss the BUFFER() statement. The gang gears up for the countdown to CIDC as Bruce leaves to pack when Mike goes to the counter to Supersize his order of fries. John and Mary Wade show the alpha version of his SQL Script Manager application. It allows you to manage/organize your SQL scripts and provides script maintenance and it makes script deployment simple and secure by using combining all scripts into a single file. (It looks great, but it needs a bit of XAML if you ask me). Arnold wants to keep it simple and Lisa wants to buy it NOW. John plans to have it ready for CIDC, so John now has some extra homework. On the way out Mike touches on the SET() statement and Views.
(2hr 0min- Live)


September 11 2015
Download Webinar 330

The Friday Clarion Live Session addresses UltraTree. The topics for THIS Friday deal with:
1. Identifying the three classes of UltraTree trees: Hierarchy, Network & MultiTable.
2. Setting out the actual steps in the development of Hierarchy Trees.
3. Illustrating the use of the Hierarchy Tree example. Included will be:
3.1 The ability to drag an item in a tree and move it to another parent, without any coding

3.2. A single set of updates covering multiple tables.

3.3. Automatic resequencing by moving up and own.

3.4. Built in Checkboxes.

Follow-on Clarion Live presentations will address:
  • Network UltraTree step by step building

  • Critical difference between Hierarchy and Network UltraTrees

  • Multi-Table UltraTree step by step building

  • Building Procedure Routines to programmatically navigate UltraTrees.

  • ReCasting the Procedure Routines to be "generalized" with Any-variable and &Ref strategies.
The presentation slides along with a PDF containing the detailed steps-by-steps along with a Clarion DCT & App will be available for download.
Mike Gorman
Don DeRespinis
Two and forty
ClarionLive - Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

Mr. Hanson gives way as Mike Gorman and Don DeRespinis drop by to show us the forest from the trees by showing off the UltraTree template set. The UltraTree templates builds a mechanism for browsing and managing multiple levels of relational data in a single hierarchical list, a relational tree. This single relational tree control can replace several browses and their various secondary controls and all data at all levels of the data hierarchy can be managed and updated using one set of supporting controls and includes automated handling of relational integrity relationships.

Gorman covers setting up the SQL Table relationships, configuring the UltraTree sections (Main/Appearance/Behavior/Update/Options) while Don introduces UltraTree manipulation; drag and drop, auto-resequencing, check boxes, Update forms and Dragging within the same tree (Pruning & Grafting). John maintains stern screen control despite the fact that Lisa and Arnold are very quiet and well mannered… at least until the end.
CIDC update: Registration is closing soon and some rooms are now available at the Rosen Shingle Creek, act now as they are going fast! Remember all "on site" attendees get an “Arnold Young” signature edition Winbook.

(2hr 41min- Live)


September 4 2015
Download Webinar 329
Mike shows us Windows Rollup!
Mike Hanson
Two hours and some more
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson:Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
Bruce announces (and perfectly too) the upcoming NetTalk 9 alpha release due out in mid-September and introduces the new NT 9 Tri-Level product functionality breakdown; NetTalk Desktop, NetTalk Server and NetTalk Apps. Mike reveals what to do when you have too many “monitor” windows on your screen; just use his “Amazing Window Rollup” class, it keeps them neat and organized. Mike shows how his class uses EVENT:Maximize/EVENT:Iconize to handle his “roll up” and “roll down” window displaying. Bruce joins in and helps Mike tweak his class by just saying “No”, Lisa enjoys hosting the “correct” programming style banter between them and is intrigued by the class itself. John looks for ways to get around Bruce’s viewpoint and pushes for sound effects.
Bruce sets off for dinner as Mike moves on to the Ultimate VLB class, adding support for “From” strings. It all starts to come together until the USE variable value decides to play “hard to get” and with only seconds left on the clock, the “From” string support is put on the back burner until a later episode.
CIDC update: The “Welcome Reception” method has been derived to a “Welcome Buffet”. Food for all, but you're on your own for “spirits”.
( 2hr 36min- Live)


August 28 2015
Download Webinar 328
Mike is back! Will VLB Quest continue, or will it be something else this week? Tune in to find out!
Mike Hanson
Two and Twenty
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson:Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
Sound effects play a major role as Mike stars in the “Return of the VLB”. Mike continues his five star performance as he adds a column walker method to the VLB class before starting the VLB templates. Mike breathes templatized life into the VLB class as he creates the smallest template he's ever written to generate greenbar! Now with the template in place and the demo app setup to use it… he compiles, runs the app… It’s ALIVE! The Ultimate VLB Template is born and the gang rejoices.
Lisa begin the webinar with a Bluetooth ache but got it fixed before the webinar got underway and as soon as the VLB template was completed she starts the “renovation” process by asking for the ability to change Mike’s greenbar color choice. With time to spare Mike gives in and makes the changes needed to get Lisa off his back. Bruce highlights the NT and Open webinar topics while Arnold takes the day off to be with family and John bakes cookies.
CIDC Update: The staff is busy making final arrangements (food/AV/Internet/etc) and the presenters are busy getting their presentations ready. See you there!
( 2hr 20min- Live)


August 21 2015
Download Webinar 327
Bruce Johnson on deriving ABC Classes!
Bruce Johnson
Two Two Two
ClarionLive - Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
Bruce cruises in and covers the ABC’s of ABC classes; revisiting the fundamental building blocks of the Clarion ABC Class Library and goes into the concepts of class derivation using the base WindowManager Class. Bruce touches on interactions between calling the Self/Parent (Which comes first… chicken or the egg?) methods, the “Ins and outs” of the Class file includes and a little “Self” analysis was done too. Template generated derived methods triggered by "embedded" source and setting a derived ABC class to be used in your app via the Global Properties is covered too. Arnold and Lisa had a lot of great questions and were quizzed as the derived ABC class voyage progressed; John’s nap is cut short when the Parent.Init() question is thrown his way. Mike is on shore leave.
CIDC Update: Remember a Winbook Tablet is to be given to each physical attendee. All of them have been fully tested by John and Arnold (hmmm… you might need to clean out the Outlook inbox).
( 2hr 22min- Live)


August 14 2015
Download Webinar 326
Windows 10 is out! Mark is here to show us some of the new features of Windows 10! Plus, will Mike Hanson continue his never-ending VLB quest ? Tune in to find out!
Mark Goldberg
Two and a half hours and then some
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson:Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
Mike becomes a member of C.L.A.S.S.Y. (Clarion Live Association of Standard Source Yarns) as the gang deliberates the usage of UI help vs the feature/function complexity of an application, keeping a balance between a “One Button Does All” (ultimately simple) to an “Encyclopedia“ (informational overload) UI. Mark Goldberg strolls in and plows through the Windows 10 upgrade circus. Mark covers the different Versions, Costs, Activating, Installation, tips, tricks and more. John meanders through some of the changes in C10 build # 11897. Arnold is waiting for Mark to give him the thumbs up before treading into the world of Windows 10 even though John knows that Arnold loves the nightlife. Lisa celebrates her 22nd Birthday earlier this week and Daisy Daugherty stops by and flashes her cool goggles.
CIDC Update: An attendee survey is coming soon.
( 2hr 39 min- Live)


August 7 2015
Download Webinar 325
What's going on at Noyantis? Tune in and find out, as Andy Wilton brings us up-to-date on the latest enhancements to the Noyantis Templates!
Andy Wilton
Just right on about two hours
ClarionLive - Noyantis Update!!
Bruce and Mike discuss software “Support” issues. John passes on a Rick Martin tip for running Inline debugging (build from source files only). Andy W. stops by and announces the release of the new NYS CJ FlowGraph template. The Flowgraph is a graphing control used to display Flow charts, Relationship Graphs and Diagrams. Andy covers the concepts of setting up your Nodes, Points and Connections. Later Andy adds the CJ CombDropDown to the todo list and touches on the new upcoming feature for the CJ ReportControl; Column Header Filters (QBE). Arnold needs some stimulating to get his Flow Graph juices flowing. Lisa is out… and about.
(1hr 57min- Live)


July 31 2015
Download Webinar 324
This week Bruce will talk about SendTo! SendTo lets you send your data exactly as it appears in your browse/list to a Printer or File (HTML, Excel, Word, CSV or PDF), and allows you to email it directly. Simply drop the SendTo button on any browse/list in your application, and you'll have all these options available without having to design extra reports or export procedures. Find out what's new in SendTo this Friday!
Bruce Johnson
An hour and 53 minutes precisely
ClarionLive - Sending With SendTo!

Mike discusses product name branding while Bruce walks through the steps to use SendTo with a browse. SendTo adds the functionality of WYSIWYG data export to a browse/list with a single button. Output can be sent to Printer, File (HTML, Excel, Word, CSV or PDF) or email it directly as an Excel, Word, HTML, CSV, XML or PDF attachment. Lisa controls the show until Arnold stops the recording. John “Good morning Mr. Hickey” goes on an impossible movie mission.
CIDC Update: Less than two months until…
(1hr 53min- Live)


July 24 2015
Download Webinar 323

Mike is back with VLB quest!
Mike Hanson
Two hours fifteen mins
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

NTN’s award winning coding documentary drama series host Mike H is back and starts off by getting real then jumps back into the VLB and tackles adding support for Trees. He starts by scraping the column structure for the missing PROPList properties (TreeBoxes/TreeIndent/Treelines/TreeOffset/TreeRoot). With that now in order the VLB class is closer to “templatizing”. Lisa gets to work forcing Mike to clear his “Honey Do” list and makes him “clean up his room”. Arnold gets ready to host the NYUG on Saturday. John just smiles.
(2hr 15min- Live)


July 17 2010
Download Webinar 322
Another mystery webinar!
Mike Gorman
Bruce Johnson
An hour and about fifty minutes more
ClarionLive - Always something to talk about

No shield, no hammer, no feature presentation… no problem! A “Free Form” Friday rolls in for the weekend. Michael Gorman gets the ball rolling by talking about what's he's done to replace DMC in his migration of the Metabase database demo from Mimer SQL to MS SQL. Bruce continues by receiving Gorman’s chip pass and begins discussing the non-trivial challenges of SV adding 64bit exe support to Clarion, the future of Unicode support in Clarion, and the colorful passage of a C6 to Cx conversion. Lisa counts the days until the Virtual Listbox class is completed. Arnold clears the air and tries to worm his way out of his CIDC presentation. John celebrates his first C6 to C10 DLL conversion by getting very small with his tiny plans to see Ant-Man in 3D. Where’s Mike?
(1hr 47min- Live)


July 10 2015
Download Webinar 321
It's Arnold's Birthday webinar with Mark Riffey talking about Metrics!
Mark Riffey
Right at two hours, darn close
ClarionLive - Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

Arnold's Birthday "Webinar Surprise"; Mark Riffey stops by to help Arnold celebrate his 21st birthday and covers the topic of Metrics - The fine art of measurement and counting. Mark shows the need to “see” what your Web server is doing and how he went about “seeing” it using Clarion, a little C#, a pinch of Segment (a customer analytic data hub) and a dash of Mixpanel; the most advanced analytics platform. The results are impressive. The gang joins in and dinks with setting up a query button in the school demo app only to find it riddled with angst. John and his underlings prepare to embark on a world “Ultimate Domination” tour. Lisa becomes a minion of John and follows his grand scheme of the global movie watch-in. Mike is still MIA.
(1hr 59min- Live)


July 3 2015
Download Webinar 320
Arnor from IceTips is back!
Arnor will be going through and talking about is how he uses Build Automator to do his product builds. He'll go through a couple of his build scripts and explain how they work and how he uses Build Automator to make a new product build in minutes and not worry about missing a step!
Arnor Baldvinsson
Under two hours!
ClarionLive -Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

Mike is still MIA so Arnor Baldvinsson stops by and shows the Build Automator, a tool to automate the process of creating new versions of software and making them ready for use. This includes compiling code, copying files and compiling install projects.
The whole gang discusses the build process, version control, and archiving strategies. Arnold plans for overnight zip backups as an upcoming birthday present. John makes plans for an after “build” snapshot archive strategy and recurring chained projects. Lisa plans for the BBQ on Saturday.
(1hr 43min- Live)


June 26 2015
Download Webinar 319
Bruce Johnson
Just under two hours
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama
Since Mike is MIA again Bruce jumps in and drives the Magical Mystery Tour bus down the bumpy road of SSL/TSL issues, through the slippery slope of using the ASSERT statement and shows the new Capesoft ABC Defaults Template. Arnold ASSERTs his “Proper Code Indentation” Rule and announces birthday webinar topic plans. Lisa ASSERTs her thankfulness that there was nothing to talk about and tries to convince Bruce to show up to the CIDC. John makes plans for the Ultimate ASSERT Class.
CIDC Update: Free Winbook Tablet, and learning Clarion stuff????
(1hr 55min- Live)


June 19 2015
Download Webinar 318
Mike continues the continuing VLB Trek!
Mike Hanson
Two hours thereabouts
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

Mike returns and dives back into the elusive VLB class until a major interruption gets in the way, but returns in time to start adding Tooltips and Style support. Bruce hangs back and enjoys the view before heading home. Lisa becomes confused watching Mike work his coding voodoo. John fills the “interruption” time with a quick discussion on handling Credit Card processing.
Arnold goes to the parade.
CIDC Update: Attendee count 109
(2hr 3min- Live)


June 12 2015
Download Webinar 317
Mystery presentation!
Bruce Johnson
A bit under two hours
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

Mike is MIA. Bruce is shrouded in mystery as he fills in and covers better coding tips, tricks and techniques; from DebugView++ to Ctrl-F. Lisa celebrates her husband's 21st Birthday and wants all to watch a good webinar. Arnold continues in-depth testing of the CIDC WinBooks while John makes MMM (Major Mesozoic Movie) plans.
CIDC Update: Preview of Presentation/Topic schedule.
(1hr 51min- Live)


June 5 2015
Download Webinar 316
VLB Trek continues, with Mike Hanson continuing the treacherous journey!!
Download Source Code
Mike Hanson
Just a tad over two hours
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

"Get ready to rumble"; Mike vs UltimateVLB class. Mike breaks it, fixes it, and makes it better while adding Icon handling to the UltimateVLB class. The UltimateVLB is inching its way closer to perfection. Lisa improves her class writing knowledge as she endures a case of choppy audio while pointing out Mike's errors. John shows a quick preview of the new SV web site. CIDC Update: Everyone who attends in person will receive a Winbook tablet, one of those that both John and Arnold have fully test driven. (Editor's Note: We wanted to make sure these Winbooks would work well for our fellow Clarionnites, so we felt they just had to be tested! - John and Arnold)
(2hr 7min- Live)


May 30 2015
Download Webinar 315
VLB Trek continues!
Mike Hanson
Two hours five minutes give or take a few seconds
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

Trek through the debug drool of the UltimateVLB class as Mike becomes perlexed while working with a few dummies (VLB columns cell values/colors).

First the cell values returned were not playing well with the list stripe Color and then trek becomes even muddier. Lisa helps Mike break the class. Arnold adopts a Zen approach to the process. John steals a TV concept.
(2hr 5min- Live)


May 22 2015
Download Webinar 314
It's a Clarion Improv Jam! We'll let YOU choose from four topics that Mike can present, then off he'll go!
Choose from:
- VLB Continued
- Factories Continued
- WorkerThread Refactoring
- Using ABC in Legacy

PLUS, an exciting CIDC 2015 announcement you won't want to miss!
Mike Hanson
Two hours and a little bit more.
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

This Friday's "Improv jam" episode features the attendee Topic Poll, today's "Topic Poll" winner was the continuation of the Virtual List Box (VLB) topic. Watch Mike expand on the UltimateVLB class; adding Colors to the row data queue, formatting, a few more methods and then uses it inside an application. Whitemarsh Training with Michael Gorman. Lisa spends her staycation staining a retaining wall and shows her dark side when her topic won and it forces her to stay which delays her homework. John looks to fill the dead air when Mike halts to answer his fricking WinSheep.

CIDC 2015 Update: Everyone attending (on site) the Conference will receive a WinBook TW802 8" Tablet
(2hr 11min - Live)


May 15 2015
Download Webinar 313
Working Threads! What are they? They are in C10, and tomorrow we'll try to figure out how they work and when/why to use them!
Bruce Johnson
Mike Hanson
Only an hour and forty minutes!
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

This Friday's episode explores the inner workings of the C10 EE Working Thread Manager Class with Bruce and Mike. Join Bruce & Mike as they probe deep into the class concepts and the WTM class methods. Lisa thinks about starting a test app using the new Class. Arnold acquires a headache when he finds out that John needs more Map UI training the hard way. CDIC 2015 Update: Room availability.
(1hr 38min - Live)


May 8 2015
Download Webinar 312
This week, Mike will show us how to make a template that creates empty files/tables from your dictionary. This can be very handy, especially if you need to create TPS example files!
Mike Hanson
Two hours forty minutes or close to that
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

This Friday's episode brings viewers the latest award winning Template coding from Mike. Watch Mike go through the creation process from the beginning and he shows how to handle a stubborn %FilesToExclude% symbol found while building the "UltimateTableCreator" template. Lisa and Arnold delve deep into learning the template creation process while John gingerly feeds a bear and ignores an old high school love interest.
(2hrs 30min - Live)


May 1 2015
Download Webinar 311
Mike is back! What will he talk about? We're not 100% sure! But we all know it will be interesting and informative, so don't miss it!

What we did: Mike talked about passing Procedures, using Interfaces, and many other interesting topics!
Mike Hanson
Exactly 2 hours!
ClarionLive - Coding with Hanson: Instructional Documentary Coding Drama

On tonight's epsisode, realistic sets and special effects give way when John has a run in with the compiler. Meanwhile Lisa and Arnold discuss the "Joys of Interfacing " with Mike.
(120 min - Live)


April 24 2015
Download Webinar 310
This week we have an update from Greg Bailey on fuzzy matching, Pratik Patel will demonstrate claDropbox, a simple Clarion drop-in global wrapper template that allows direct access to the "root" folder of a registered Dropbox application without actually having to install the Dropbox client application, and Mike Hanson will talk about much anticipated "Virtual destructors and the factories that need them"!
Greg Bailey
Pratik Patel
Mike Hanson
Two hours ten minutes or thereabouts


April 16 2015
Download Webinar 309
This week, Craig Ransom of PDF Tools will demonstrate some of the lesser-known features of Tracker Software Products' PDF-Tools, PDF-XChange Driver, and PDF-Viewer!
Craig Ransom
Just under two hours, like one hour fifty-five minutes or something


April 10 2015
Download Webinar 308
Last week, we started reviewing the settings in Clarion 10. It took a long time and we're only half way there! This week we'll finish up our tour of the new Clarion 10 IDE with all the new options!
The Gang
Just about two hours


April 3 2015
Download Webinar 307
Time to go through our settings! With Clarion 10 just around the corner, we decided it was a great time to go through all the options available in the IDE! There are so many though, we only got halfway through! Tune in next week for part 2!
Arnold Young
John Hickey
Greg Bailey
Two hours and a few minutes more


March 27 2015
Download Webinar 306
Andy's been busy! Andy will be showing the latest and greatest enhancements to the Noyantis Templates, including new ReportControl and Calendar features!

Please watch Mike Gorman's chat about JP's and DMC situation and his request on how we can help JP and his Family. His segment begins at about the 4:45 minute mark. Gorman PDF Slides
Andy Wilton


March 20 2015
Download Webinar 305
Clarion 10 is coming, and Bob and Diego will be here to show us some of the new features! Plus, a walk-through of the Clarion 10 IDE!
Robert Zaunere
Diego Borojovich
Another one just shy of two hours!


March 13 2015
Download Webinar 304
Server API's Part 3! Bruce will be showing us how to create and consume JSON instead of XML. Bruce will be using jFiles, a brand-new product from CapeSoft, and show us how to construct different types of JSON!
Bruce says:
This webinar will be on using JSON instead of XML when building a Server API, or when consuming someone else's API.
JSON is a bit like XML in that it's primarily used to transfer information between programs, or to store ad hoc information for a program. I'll spend a bit of time looking at the JSON format itself and different sorts of JSON you might encounter.
In order to do all this I'll be releasing jFiles, our newest accessory. jFiles has all you need to create and consume JSON using really simple and friendly commands. jFiles works with Clarion 8, 9, 9,1 and 10.
During the Webinar I'll show you how to integrate jFiles into your NetTalk Web Server to add JSON to the supported formats for your API (Hint: that's pretty easy to do.) You'll also see how to construct any JSON packets you may need when making use of other people's API's.
Bruce Johnson
Just shy of two hours!
0:22 Bruce - API
0:23 What is an API
0:24 Why have an API
0:25 Types Of API
0:26 Protocols
0:27 Encoding
0:30 Capesoft Required Products
0:30 What is jFiles?
0:34 jFiles example App
0:36 http://www.json.org
Discussion of JSON structures
0:43 Continue looking at jFiles example app
0:49 Add jFiles to WebServer
0:51 Running client app
0:59 Load - jFiles Documentation
1:03 Creating - jFiles Documentation
1:09 Saving JSON object
1:10 Nested JSON Structure
1:14 Reusing JSON object
1:15 Discussion about collections
1:21 Looking at code in example app
1:23 SaveFields
Continue looking at code
1:29 json.ValidateRecord & JF:Filtered
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


March 6 2015
Download Webinar 303
Clarion makes it easy to create multi-dl apps if you're starting your app from scratch. But what if you already have a large single-app solution that keeps getting bigger and you decide to break it into DLLs? This week, Mike will show us how to do just that!
Mike Hanson
Two hours 15 minutes or so


February 27 2015
Download Webinar 302
Part 2 of Bruce's series on using APIs with your Clarion program! This week, Bruce will talk about using JSON and REST in your API!
Bruce Johnson
Exactly two hours!
Bruce did not cover JSON, the webinar focused on REST. This is an excellent series!
0:06 Bruce
0:07 What is an API
0:08 Why have an API
0:09 Types of API / Protocols
0:13 Encoding/Pay load
0:17 Requirements
0:18 Open Web77.app (WebServiceRequiresXFiles) - looking at methods
0:21 Short discussion of what Rest is
0:23 Back to Methods
0:26 Parameters
0:30 Returns
0:37 Open client.app (WebServiceRequiresXFiles)
0:40 Documentation - WDSL - Soap
0:41 Documentation - Rest
0:44 dbCustomer method
0:44 Http Get
0:46 Rest Get
0:48 Insert HTTP Post
0:49 Http Post/Get
0:50 Rest Insert
0:53 Rest Put
0:58 WDSL & REST Buttons on Procedure
1:00 dbCustomers method
1:03 Rest Get
1:05 Date method
1:06 ServiceMethod Embed
1:07 PrimeParameters Embed
1:09 ServiceMethod Embed - IMDD
1:11 Rest is lighter than SOAP but no standard for Rest
1:14 Going through procedures in client.app
1:17 dbCustomer
1:22 Question - Response location
1:25 NetTalk\Demo\NetDemo.app WebClient Button
1:32 Question about jFiles
1:38 Documentation SOAP / WDSL
1:50 UTF-8 code page
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


February 20 2015
Download Webinar 301
This week, Mike Hanson continues his Virtual List Box (VLB) Quest, with VLB Part 3! Maybe we'll get to a template.... maybe not! Tune in and find out!
Mike Hanson
Two hours and then about 30 minutes


February 13 2015
Download Webinar 300
Special Guests: Robert Zaunere, Andy Wilton!
It's here! Webinar #300!! We've got special guests! We've got prizes! It's a ClarionLive celebration!
We'll be welcoming Robert Zaunere and Andy Wilton (our very first presenter!) at the beginning of the webinar, then Bruce Johnson will begin a multi-part series on creating APIs for your Clarion program!
Did we mention prizes? This week, you'll be able to register for prizes that we'll give away at webinar #301 next week. This will give those who can only view the webinar recording a chance to enter. Details on how to register will be revealed at the webinar!
We look forward to seeing you at this special ClarionLive milestone!
Here's what Bruce plans to do:
"It seems barely a day goes by without hearing about this API or that API in some or other product. In this multi-part series Bruce discusses what APIS are good for, how to create one for your own app, and how to consume the API's offered by other systems.
In Part 1 we'll cover the basics of what API's are and we'll create a simple API. In the upcoming Part 2 we'll see how to consume other API's."
Bruce Johnson
Robert Zaunere
Andy Wilton

Webinar 300 Prize List!
0:10 Rob Zaunere - Clarion 10
0:24 Andy Wilton - Noyantis
0:43 Bruce - API
0:44 What is an API
0:47 Why have an API
0:52 Types of API
0:54 Protocols
0:56 Encoding
1:01 This webinar series agenda - creating API/consuming API
1:06 Requirements
1:10 Basic starting point - Creating Webserver using Nettalk App
1:19 Running created App - discuss documentation
1:25 Sample Request SOAP 1.1
1:28 Sample Response
1:31 HTTP Post
1:33 HTTP Get
1:37 WDSL
1:38 Looking at Service settings in Nettalk App
1:43 Methods in Nettalk App
2:03 ServiceMethod Routine
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


February 6 2015
Download Webinar 299

Our series on the Virtual List Box continues, as we look at practical applications for the VLB and maybe make a template for it (or not... we'll see how it goes!).

Download the Class that Mike created here
Mike Hanson
Three hours and 20 minutes of programming goodness!


January 30 2015
Download Webinar 298

Last week we covered the Dynamic File Driver and had to bump Mike to this week to talk about the Virtual List Box! What will Mike reveal? Are the Dynamic File Driver and the Virtual List Box the Dynamic Duo of the Clarion world? Tune in to find out!
Mike Hanson
Yeh ok, this went somewhat longer than two hours but it was good stuff!


January 23 2015
Download Webinar 297

We've had a lot of interest in the mysterious Dynamic File Driver, and Gordon will be with us to help solve the mystery! Then, Mike will talk about the virtual list box, and we'll see if we can tie the two together to do something awesome!

Download the Class that Gordon demonstrated here
Gordon Holfelder
Mike Hanson
Right at two hours!
39min Presentation Starts
42min Demo App
44min Fill:Queue Routine
52min Use case
55min End Use Case
1:03min Gordon back after comms lost
1:04min Add calculated field to Select
1:05min Derived class to build SQL Select
1:07min Fill:Queue2 Routine (using derived class)
1:11min Use Case
1:17min Use function in SQL Select to return data
1:25min Use * in select - create file with all columns
1:31min Questions
1:47min End of Presentation
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


January 16 2015
Download Webinar 296

Last week we had a great session with Robert Zaunere from SoftVelocity, but that left no time for Bruce's presentation on icons! This week, guess what?! Bruce Johnson will talk about icons!

ie4uinit -cleariconcache is a command line instruction that will clear the windows desktop cache. If you change your app icon and it is not refreshing on the shortcuts, then run this command.
Bruce Johnson
Just a tad below two hours


January 9 2015
Download Webinar 295

Robert Zaunere from SoftVelocity will be joining us to talk about what's going on at SV! Then Bruce Johnson will talk about icons!

(Bruce didn't talk about Icons, it was a great session with Robert!)
Robert Zaunere
Bruce Johnson
Two hours ten minutes


January 2 2014
Download Webinar 294

Download the template developed in this webinar here.

The Greg Bailey and Mike Hanson Jam Session on Column Header Coloring, Enabling/Disabling techniques, and more!
Greg Bailey
Mike Hanson


December 26 2014
Download Webinar 293

Views! What are these mysterious Views and how can we use them easily? Mike Hanson is here to help!
Mike Hanson
Two hours and about 20 minutes give or take


December 19 2014
Download Webinar 292

This week Bruce Johnson from CapeSoft will be presenting a new product!

From Bruce:

I'm pleased to let you know that we'll be releasing a new product this Friday on ClarionLive.

We've been doing a lot of work on a business application lately. It became apparent that while the app collected an extraordinary amount of data about the business, and there were plenty of browses and reports and so on, but nothing that offered a "birds eye view" of the whole business as a whole.

So we've created a "Dashboard" procedure. This allows you to bring together data from all over the program (and outside the program) in a simple way to give the user that all important insight into their data.

A Dashboard without Widgets though is useless, so we've also created a Widget Interface, and a bunch of sample widgets. We've made it easy for you to create your own custom widgets, or for 3rd party products to expose themselves as widgets, so expect to see a lot of new widget types in the future.
Bruce Johnson
A bit over two hours of Clarion excitement!


December 12 2014
From Dries Driessen - Friday December 12th I'm giving a ClarionLive webinar about websockets using Nettalk webserver. Websockets offer many possibilities for websites: realtime - low-overhead - bidirectional communication between server and client. That includes features such as serverside initiated events, communication between browsers like chatting and using other protocols (e.g. RDP) over a websocket.
I'll be showing several Nettalk applications that use websockets for different purposes: concurrency checking with a twist, sharing locations on a map between browsers and I'll build a websocket application from scratch.

Download Webinar 291

Download example code here: http://www.indirection.nl/downloads/websockets.zip

The source code of the demos is included as are the compiled versions of the demos.

In the docs folder you'll find the presentation I used during the webinar as well as the step-by-step guides for integrating websockets in a nettalk webserver application.

Please note that you won't be able to compile the demos because the websocket-classes are not included. If you are interested in those classes to integrate them in your applications, please send me an email: dries@indirection.nl
Dries Driessen
Two hours twenty minutes of jam-packed information!


December 5 2014
There has been a lot of discussion recently on the newsgroups about how to show the end-user that a process is taking place, such as an SQL backup or an FTP upload.
The suggestion of Bruce and others was to split or branch this Backup-Process into a new, invisible thread, using it for backup. Once it's done, this thread reports back that it has finished. Wolfgang Orth has made a demo of this Notification technique that he will be showing us today! Since this is similar to a technique that Mike Hanson showed us a few years ago, Mike will be joining in to help create the ultimate solution to progress indicators!

Download Webinar 290

Web links used in this webinar:

Wolfgang Orth
Mike Hanson
Two and a half informative hours


November 28 2014
This week, Robert Kolanko and Bijan Hosseinian will be talking about their experiences with Hyper-V, which is a product from Microsoft that can create virtual machines! They'll provide an overview of Hyper-V and show how to install/use it. It can be used as a replacement for VMWare, and they'll be showing us how to do that too! It's a can't-miss session!

Download Webinar 289

Some web links used in the webinar
Using a Hyper-V manager to remotely manage Hyper-v on a windows 2012 core. http://pc-addicts.com/12-steps-to-remotely-manage-hyper-v-server-2012-core/

Probus-IT Hyper-V manager -A solution for managing hyper-V directly on the windows 2012 core. http://www.probus-it.se/help/doku.php/hvm:hvm

Altaro Hyper-V Backup. http://go.altaro.com/
Robert Kolanko

Bijan Hosseinian
Right at just a bit over two hours


November 21 2014
This week Bruce will be demonstrating Resize And Split, which is an update to the popular EasyResizeAndSplit from IngasoftPlus!
One of the most popular window resizing tools for Clarion programs, EasyResizeAndSplit by IngasoftPlus was discontinued and the product was left unsupported when Clarion 9.1 was released. It was acquired by CapeSoft in October 2014, and released as an all-source-code product that month.
CapeSoft Resize And Split is a drop-in replacement for EasyResizeAndSplit. All current template settings are preserved, and there is no effort involved in the upgrade.

BONUS! Mike Hanson showed us his resizing templates, which are part of the Super Stuff product which can be found at

Download Webinar 288
Bruce Johnson
Mike Hanson
Just at two hours


November 14 2014
This week Mike Hanson is in charge! He started with a tutorial on printing records using Super Tagging, then gave us an introduction to the upcoming Super CrossTab templates.
Download Webinar 287
Mike Hanson
Two hours, plus a few minutes


November 7 2014
This week Debra Ballenger will be demonstrating oAuth! Here is what she plans to do:
Discover what oAuth is, and how to leverage oAuth v1 to connect your apps to QuickBooks Online!
We will cover how to use oAuth, and how to overcome errors in your oAuth signatures (the most difficult part of oAuth v1).
Walk through the example app for connecting to QuickBooks Online and sending and receiving data via the API.

David Swindon showed an easy way to use Clarion with Dr. Explain by using a template he created. You can find that template here.

Download Webinar 286
Example App for oAuth v1 CLICK HERE
There is currently no example app for oAuth v2, Debra says she'll have one soon!

Links mentioned in this webinar:

Verify signatures with this URL: http://nouncer.com/oauth/signature.html
Encode and decode URLs: www.url-encode-decode.com
Google Developer site: https://console.developers.google.com
Debra Ballenger
One hour, 53 minutes!
0:11 David Swindon - Dr Explain
0:33 Debra Ballenger - oAuth & QuickBooks Online
0:34 Templates Needed
0:35 What is oAuth / Token
0:38 oAuth Autentication Flows
0:42 Signatures can eat your lunch
0:43 Nouncer.com demo (Website doesn't exist anymore)
0:44 Intuit.com - creating application
0:45 Implementation of oAuth via QB
0:47 Why use QB Online
0:48 QB Resources
0:49 QB API Explorer https://developer.intuit.com/v2/apiexplorer?apiname=V3QBO#?id=Account
0:52 Nettalk Demo App
0:54 Looking at code
0:54 SetupScripts
0:54 RequestoAuthToken
0:56 http://www.url-encode-decode.com
1:02 GetoAuthAccessToken
1:07 oAuthFetchRequest
1:08 Query SalesReceipts
1:10 Update_SalesReceipts
1:11 PostBody_SalesReceipt
1:13 oAuthFetchRequestDataServices
1:14 oAuthGenerateHeader
1:16 oAuth 2 Example
1:17 oAuthV2_GetAccessToken
1:21 Questions
1:28 Using QB API Explorer to debug
1:35 Google APIs https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library
1:36 http://www.oauth.net
1:38 More Google APIs
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


October 31 2014
This week Dennis Crane, creator of Dr. Explain, will be with us to show us the new 5.0 release! Dr.Explain is a help authoring software to create help files, documentation and on-line manuals in CHM, PDF, RTF & HTML formats automatically. It's a terrific product, and we're looking forward to seeing all the new features!
Download Webinar 285
Dennis Crane
Right at two hours!


October 24 2014
Last week we looked at the ClarionLive! Utilities and put them all up on GitHub! This week, we'll create a new SetupBuilder install for the Utilities and post the install for all to use!!
Download Webinar 284
Mike Hanson
John Hickey
A tad over two hours


October 17 2014
This week we look at the ClarionLive! Ultimate Utilities! The CL Utilities have grown over the years, and they are not organized well at all! This week we'll give an overview of all the CL Utilities available, create a new SetupBuilder install for the Utilities, plus version control all of them on GitHub and demonstrate how to use GitHub to contribute to the Utilities!
Download Webinar 283
Mike Hanson
Rick Martin
John Hickey
Arnold Young
Right exactly on two hours woohoo!


October 10 2014
This week Mike Hanson extends the Activex class we worked on last week, and shows different techniques for creating and calling the Activex control within the class itself.
Download Webinar 282
Download WorkerThread Example
Mike Hanson
Two and a half action-packed hours


October 3 2014
This week John Hickey looks at the ActiveX control suite from /n Software! John's been using their Shipping Integrator control, which allows easy access to UPS, Fedex, and USPS. We'll see how to integrate this control with Clarion through classes, and do an overview of the other controls available from /n Software. If you want to take a look a their controls, visit www.nsoftware.com. There is a special discount for Clarion programmers!

30% off individual Activex Controls - use coupon code: clarionlive14
30% off Red Carpet Subscription - regular $1599, with discount $1119
---- email sales@nsoftware.com and mention ClarionLive discount and they will send you a quote with the discount and instructions on how to use it

Download Webinar 281
John Hickey
Two hours twenty minutes


September 26 2014
This week Mike Gorman gives a presentation on Enterprise Wide Project Management using the Metabase system.
Download Webinar 280
Mike Gorman
Two and a half hours


September 19 2014
This week Mark Goldberg will be showing us how to use ASSERT, and we'll be setting up a GITHUB repository for all of the ClarionLive! utilities and showing everyone how to access them!
Download Webinar 279
Mark Goldberg
Two and a half hours and we wanted to go longer!


September 12 2014
This week Bruce Johnson on Splash Screens, and Mike Hanson with a short follow-up on Super Tagging!
Download Webinar 278
Bruce Johnson
Two hours on the nose!


September 5 2014
This week Mike Hanson will review his Super Tagging Templates! SPECIAL! Mike is offering 30% off the Super Tagging templates until next Friday! Grab them at www.clarionshop.com or www.mittensoftware.com, use the coupon TAG30!
Download Webinar 277
Mike Hanson
Just a smidge over two hours


August 29 2014
We'll have an update on last week's webinar (it's working now! Examples will be available for download!), and Mike Hanson will join us to finish up the UltimatePlaceholder class and template!!
Download Webinar 276
To download the complete UltimatePlaceholder click here!
Mike Hanson
sure over two hours but well worth it!


August 22 2014
This week, John will demonstrate how to send messages between computers within your app! This is handy for updating browses or having statuses of processes update automatically on all computers in an organization. He'll be using several third-party and ClarionLive! accessories, including NetTalk, XFiles, and UltimateNotify.
Download Webinar 275
UltimateXML Class
John Hickey
Bruce Johnson
Ten minutes or so over two hours.


August 15 2014
Mike Hanson enhances the UltimatePlaceHolderClass template with an able assist from Bruce Johnson!
Download Webinar 274
Mike Hanson
Bruce Johnson
Two hours!


August 8 2014
Wrapping the UltimatePlaceHolderClass in a template!
Download Webinar 273
Bruce Johnson
Usual length


August 1 2014
Creation of a Generalized Code Solution via Reference Variables and Any Variables
Download Webinar 272
Updated Presentation
CheatSheet for installing the generalized code
Mike Gorman
Two hours and a smidge more


July 25 2014
Our review of the Clarion 9.1 continues, along with a tour of the project system!
Download Webinar 271
Bruce Johnson
Mike Hanson
Two hours or so


July18 2014
John wrote a utility to remove extension templates from a TXA file, thus helping to eliminate duplicate extensions showing up when importing! John reviews how to use the utility, then we look at the code behind it with the help of Bruce Johnson, Greg Bailey, and Joe Tailleur!
Download Webinar 270
Download UltimateTXA App
John Hickey
Bruce Johnson
Greg Bailey
Joe Tailleur
A bit over two hours


July 11 2014
It's Arnold's birthday again, and he's invited Mark Riffey to talk about... what? Find out!
Download Webinar
Mark Riffey
Under two hours!


June 28 2014
A review of the Clarion 9.1 settings
Download Webinar
Mike Hanson
Bruce Johnson
Two hours and some more


June 20 2014
Andy Wilton on RegFree Com!
Download Webinar
Andy Wilton
Just right at two hours


June 13 2014
Mike Hanson helps Lisa Daugherty with Class refactoring! This is a continuation from the previous week when there were some internet problems.
Download Webinar
Mike Hanson
Lisa Daugherty
Just a tiny bit over two hours


June 6 2014
Lisa's in charge! She asks Mike to help with refactoring Classes!
Download Webinar
Mike Hanson
Lisa Daugherty
About an hour and twenty minutes because there were some problems with the internets


May 30 2014
Mike Hanson teaches us all about &,&=,&= NEW and Objects and how to use them properly!
Download Webinar
Mike Hanson
Two hours and a bit more


May 23 2014
Bruce Johnson reflects on Reflection! Arnold Young demonstrates the new UltimateDebug 1.08!
Download Webinar
Bruce Johnson
Arnold Young
Right about two hours


May 16 2014
Mike Gorman presents "ER and Star Schema Modeling" and "Referential Integrity and Referential Actions"
Download Webinar
Mike Gorman
Two hours thirty minutes or thereabouts


May 9 2014
Everything you ever wanted to know about parameters and prototypes!
Download Webinar
Bruce Johnson
Mike Hanson
about an hour


May 2 1014
PostgreSQL and Auto Incrementing Multi-Node Primary Key TPS to SQL
Download Webinar
Jeff Hojka
Joe Tailleur
Mike Hanson
About two hours


April 25 2014
Download Webinar
The ClarionLive! Gang
Somewhere between two and three hours


April 18 2014
Download Webinar
Arnold Young
Bruce Johnson
Rick Martin
Just over three hours!


April 11 2014
Network and System Monitoring with Nagios Core
Download Webinar
Flint Gatrell


April 4 2014
Solution Specific Global Templates!
Download Webinar
Mike Hanson
Around two hours


March 28 2014
Bruce Johnson On Web Services
Download Webinar
Bruce Johnson
Right at two hours but a bit more


March 21 2014
John's Birthday Webinar with SoftVelocity and Noyantis!
Download Webinar
Robert Zaunere
Diego Borojovich
Andy Wilton
Could have been two hours but we yakked for a bit longer


March 14 2014
Introducing NetTalk 8!
Download Webinar
Bruce Johnson
about two hours twenty minutes or so


March 7 2014
DebugView++ and UltimateNotify
Download Webinar
Mark Goldberg
John Hickey
Just a tad over two hours


February 28 2014
iQ-XML Update! http://www.paresi.net/clarion/
Download Webinar
Robert Paresi
Just right at two hours


February 21 2014
JP will be demoing the next (version 4) release of the popular Data Management Center
Download Webinar
JP Gutsatz
Over 2 hours as I recall


February 14 2014
A review of best practices using embeds part II. Mike Hanson on Project settings.
Download Webinar
Gus Creces
Mike Hanson
Somewhat over two hours


February 7 2014
A review of best practices when using embeds!
Download Recording
Gus Creces
Mike Hanson
two and a half hours or so


January 31 2014
Dominique Benoit from TSplus introduces the next major release of TSplus, version 7.10!
Download Recording
Dominique Benoit
Well over three hours!


January 24 2014
Creating Clarion Examples
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
Spencer Dixon
Very close to three hours


January 17 2014
Clarion 9.1 Preview
Prepping for CAT on Version Control
Download Recording
Mark Goldberg
Rick Martin


January 10 2014
Noyantis Update!
Download Recording
Andy Wilton
Just a bit over two and a half hours


January 3 2014
CapeSoft Introduces DrawShot!
Download Recording
Bruce Johnson
Paul Blais
Somewhat under two hours!


December 27 2013
ClarionLive! Utilities Revisited!
Download Recording

John Hickey

Mike Hanson

Over two hours for sure


December 20 2013
Monitoring Changes in TPS Files
Download Recording
Click here to download supporting files
Mike Hanson
Wolfgang Orth
Roberto Renz
Right at two hours, just a bit more


December 13 2013
ClarionLive! Convert-A-Thon Wrap Up!
Download Recording

Bruce Johnson

Mike Hanson

Mike Gorman

A tad over two hours


December 6 2013
Lisa's First Class Part II
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
Lisa Daugherty
A little over three hours as it turned out!


November 29 2013
Capesoft New Production - RecentLookups
Download Recording
Bruce Johnson
2 hours


November 22 2013
Lisa's First Class - Robert Zaunere Clarion 9.1 and Touch
Download Recording
Robert Zaunere
Mike Hanson
Lisa Daugherty
Just about three hours but packed with great information!


November 15 2013
Introducing Thin@ 3.0!
Download Recording
Marko Golem
about two and a half hours


November 8 2013
CapeSoft New Product - AnyText!
Download Recording
Bruce Johnson
Right on two hours again!


November 1 2013
No GUTS No Glory - Using an Interface!
Download Recording
Bruce Johnson
Right on two hours!


October 25 2013
Noyantis Codejock Template Wrappers Update!
Download Recording
Andy Wilton
Just a bit over two hours, not much really


October 18 2013
Managing Your Classes SoftVelocity Update, Creating A Clarion Example App
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
Robert Zaunere
Just about three hours but not quite


October 11 2013
A Wrinkle In TIME
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
A little bit under two hours


October 4 2013
CIDC Post Show!
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
Robert Zaunere
A bit over two hours


September 20 2013
CIDC Pre-show!
Download Recording
Geoff Robinson


September 13 2013
Andrew Barnham's Clarion2Java IDE!
Download Recording

Andrew Barnham


September 6 2013
Clarion 9 Walkthrough!
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
Brahn Partridge
JP Gutsatz


August 30 2013
Re-factoring The Clarion Dictionary Part 3
Download Recording
Mark Goldberg
Mike Hanson


August 23 2013
G-Media and PDF Wrapper From Noyantis, Re-Factoring With JP!
Download Recording
Andy Wilton from Noyantis
JP Gutsatz from DMC


August 16 2013
PDF Tools 4.1
Download Recording
Craig Ransom


August 9 2013
Re-factoring The TimeSaver Template Part 2
Download Recording
John Hickey
Mike Hanson


August 2 2013
Refactoring The TimeSaver Templates
Download Recording
John Hickey
Mike Hanson


July 26 2013
New CapeSoft Product And More NetTalk!
Download Recording
Bruce Johnson


July 19 2013
Clarion9 Pre-Release TOUR (JP Gutsatz) and Apex SQL Product Demo!
Download Recording
Dennis Evans


July 12 2013
Connecting Clarion With PostgreSQL!
Download Recording
Joe Tailleur


July 5 2013
Arnold's Birthday Surprise!
Download Recording
Mike Hanson


June 28 2013
Managing The Look And Feel Of Your NetTalk Web Applications!
Download Recording
Bruce Johnson


June 21 2013
Refactoring the Invoice Dictionary Part II
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
Dave Harms


June 14 2013
Refactoring the Invoice Dictionary
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
Dave Harms


June 7 2013
Making it better - improving your app with UltimateSQL and Classes
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
John Hickey
Lisa Daugherty


May 31 2013
Making A Multi-DLL Part 2
Download Recording
Mike Hanson


May 24 2013
Unit Testing Update, Short Xaml Demo, Making A Multi-Dll
Download Recording
John Hickey
Dave Harms
Mike Hanson


May 17 2013
Moving Your App From C6 To C8!
Download Recording
Bruce Johnson


May 10 2013
Data Dictionary Part 3
Download Recording
Mike Hanson


May 3 2013
Data Dictionary Part 2
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
Greg Bailey


April 26 2013
Using The Clarion RED File, Inside The Data Dictionary!
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
Dave Harms
Greg Bailey


April 19 2013
ActiveX Practical Demo Continues!
Download Recording
Resources For This Webinar
John Hickey
Andy Wilton
Mike Hanson


April 12 2013
ActiveX Practical Demo, Adding UltimateSQL To An Existing App!
Download Recording
John Hickey
Andy Wilton


April 5 2013
SQL Quest Continues Ever Onward (except it didn't!)
Download Recording
Rick Martin
Jim Morgan
John Hickey


March 29 2013
SQL Quest Continues
Download Recording
Mike Hanson
John Hickey


March 22 2013
Setting up an Application Server in the Cloud
Download Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Mike Hanson


March 15 2013
Using Clarion with RavenDB!
Download Recording
Download link for the files used in the webinar:
Dries Driessen


March 8 2013
Template Quest!
Full Webinar Recording
Gordon Holfelder
Randy Rogers


March 1 2013
Hey, It's Webinar 200!
Full Webinar Recording
StringTheory Presentation
Robert Zaunere
Andy Wilton
Bruce Johnson


February 23 2013
Full Webinar Recording
Interface Example Recording
"Interface vs. Abstract Class" Example Source Code
Mike Hanson
John Hickey


February 15 2013
The Clarion Metro Wizard
Clarion Template Quest Continues
Full Webinar Recording
Brahn Partridge
Mike Hanson


February 8 2013
Clarion Template Quest - The Ultimate Address Formatter Class!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


February 2 2013
SQL Heroes!
Full Webinar Recording


January 27 2013
Mike Hanson on Clarion Class Quest Part 5!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


January 20 2013
Mike Hanson on Clarion Class Quest Part 4!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


January 12 2013
Mike Hanson on Clarion Class Quest Part 3!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


January 4 2013
Clarion Class Workship - Understanding Classes, Objects, Handles, and more - part 2!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


December 28 2012
Clarion Class Workshop - Understanding Classes, Objects, Handles, and more!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


December 21 2012
Arnold's Surprise Webinar - TSPLUS!
Full Webinar Recording
Arnold Young
Brian Reid
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Dominique Benoit


December 14 2012
Dennis Evans on Units Tests In MS SQL Server!
Full Webinar Recording
Dennis Evans


December 7 2012
JP Gutsatz on Docking Panes, Mark Riffey on What's Coming Later, and Mark Goldberg on Windows 8
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Mark Riffey
Mark Goldberg


November 30 2012
Bruce Johnson On NetTalk 7!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


November 23 2012
Bruce Johnson With What We've Learned This Year!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson
Mike Hanson
Dave Harms
Greg Bailey


November 16 2012
Geoff Thomson with Office Inside!
Full Webinar Recording
Geoff Thomson


November 9 2012
Capevember Continues With Bruce Johnson!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


November 2 2012
The Return Of Capevember With Bruce Johnson!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson
Robert Zaunere
Diego Borojovich


October 26 2012
Andy Wilton with NoyantisFest Part 4, the Reckoning!
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Wilton


October 19 2012
Andy Wilton on NoyantisFest Part 3!
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Wilton


October 12 2012
Andy Wilton with NoyantisFest Part 2!
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Wilton


October 5 2012
Andy Wilton with NoyantisFest Part 1!
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Wilton


September 29 2012
Mike Hanson with Mo' SQL!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson
Dennis Evans


September 23 2012
JP Gutsatz on DMC Port To SQL
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


September 15 2012
JP Gutsatz with the official release of DMC Version 3!
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


September 7 2012
Rick Martin On Clarion IDE Addins!
Full Webinar Recording
Rick Martin


September 5 2012
Mike Hanson With More OOP and the Clarion Debugger!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


August 24 2012
Rick Martin On Version Control at the Module Level With Clarion 8!
Full Webinar Recording
Rick Martin


August 22 2012
Ted Patrick On Sencha!
Full Webinar Recording
Ted Patrick
Bruce Johnson
Mike Hanson


August 10 2012
Bruce Johnson on CapeSoft Web Forums!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


August 4 2012
Mike Hanson With A Tour Of The Clarion Event Handlers!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


July 30 2012
Dries Driessen on Clarion CGI.exe Part 2!
Full Webinar Recording
Dries Driessen


July 20 2012
Dries Driessen on Clarion CGI.exe Part 1!
Full Webinar Recording
Dries Driessen


July 16 2012
Pratik Patel on Network Security and Sencha Code Generator!
Full Webinar Recording
Pratik Patel


July 6 2012
Mark Riffey on The Best Code Wins!
Full Webinar Recording
Mark Riffey


July 1 2012
Daniel Pavlic and Marko Golem with Thin@ Case Studies
Full Webinar Recording
Marko Golem
Daniel Pavlic
Andy Kaczmarczyk
Russ Eggen
Ton Van Den Broek


June 23 2012
Andy Kaczmarczyk from Auratek and Andy Wilton from Noyantis with Thin@ Integration!
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Kaczmarczyk
Andy Wilton


June 16 2012
Bruce Johnson and Dave Harms With The Ultimate Stretch!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson
Dave Harms


June 8 2012
Marko Golem and Daniel Pavlic on the new Thin@ 2.1!
Full Webinar Recording
Marko Golem
Daniel Pavlic
Dave Harms


June 1 2012
Mike Hanson, Bruce Johnson, JP Gutsatz on porting your app to SQL!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson
Bruce Johnson
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


May 27 2012
Mike Hanson on the Clarion Debugger!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson
Russ Eggen
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


May 18 2012
John Hickey On The Ultimate SQL Class -The Next Generation!
Full Webinar Recording
John Hickey

23min Thin@ update
29min Word of the day
38min WebGem: www.fakenamegenerator.com
48min Ultimate SQL Class
50min Objectives
52min Methods Overview
59min Property Overview
1:00min Open demo app
1:08min Run demo app
1:09min Logon and create database
1:12min Import sample data & user issues
1:26min Continue with demo
1:32min Extended properties
1:36min Clarionizer
1:46min QueryResults Method
1:55min Add empty method
2:05min Contributors
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


May 13 2012
Mike Hanson, Bruce Johnson, JP Gutsatz, Jim Morgan, Mike Gorman on TPS to SQL
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson
Bruce Johnson
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Jim Morgan
Mike Gorman


May 4 2012
John Hickey on Ultimate SQL Class
Full Webinar Recording
John Hickey
Mike Hanson
Dave Harms
Rick Martin

11min Clarion Word of Day Prop:SQL/Send
28min Ultimate SQL Class
34min Purpose
36min Objectives/Components
39min Method Overview
48min Property Overview
49min Get SQL database ready
1:00min Open the SQLBase app
1:09min Ultimate SQL Global Template
1:11min Some user issues
1:22min Open SQLMain app
1:27min Create customer table
1:27min Various Functions
1:43min SQL Connection Screen
1:46min Add app name into SQL Activity Monitor
1:51min Some discussion about buffers
Notes added by Nardus Swanevelder


April 27 2012
SoftVelocity on Clarion.Net and C8 Update and Mike Hanson on Resizing
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Zaunere
Pierre Tremblay
Diego Borojovich

Mike Hanson


April 20 2012
Mike Hanson, Bruce Johnson, JP Gutsatz on Converting Data!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson
Bruce Johnson
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


April 13 2012
Joe Tailleur on SQL Potpourri with the Canadian Mounties and the California Guys
Full Webinar Recording
Joe Tailleur
Mike Hanson
Dave Harms
Greg Bailey
Rick Martin


April 8 2012
Surprise Webinar, featuring Greg Bailey, Dave Harms, Arnold Young!
Full Webinar Recording
Greg Bailey
Dave Harms
Arnold Young


April 2 2012
Robert Paresi on j-HTML and iQ-XML!
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Paresi


March 25 2012
Robert Zaunere on ClarionNet and Robert Paresi on iQ-SQL, iQ-XML, and J-HTML!
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Zaunere
Pierre Tremblay
Diego Borojovich
Robert Paresi


March 18 2012
Mike Hanson and Mark Goldberg On Making More Progress!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson
Mark Goldberg


March 9 2012
Bruce Johnson on New NetTalk 6 Features, Brahn Partridge On Clarion AddIns!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson
Brahn Partridge


March 2 2012
Robert Zaunere, Pierre Tremblay, and Diego Borojovich on LinqToFileProvider!
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Zaunere
Pierre Tremblay
Diego Borojovich


February 24 2012
Robert Zaunere, Pierre Tremblay, Diego Borojovich on Putting Your Data On The Web!
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Zaunere
Pierre Tremblay
Diego Borojovich


February 18 2012
Mike Hanson and Mark Goldberg on Are We Making Progress?!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson
Mark Goldberg


February 12 2012
Bruce Johnson With Insight Graphing Workshop!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


February 4 2012
Gordon Holfelder on SAAS, ExtJS, and NetTalk Part II!
Full Webinar Recording
Gordon Holfelder
Mike Hanson
Greg Bailey
Bruce Johnson


January 28 2012
Randy Rogers Introduces Keystone Source Search!
Full Webinar Recording
Randy Rogers
John Hickey


January 22 2012
Mike Hanson On Interrelated Topics!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson
Pratik Patel


January 15 2012
Gordon Holfelder on SAAS, ExtJS, and NetTalk!
Full Webinar Recording
Gordon Holfelder


January 6 2012
Bruce Johnson on MACS, JP Gutsatz on C6 to C8!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


December 16 2011
Mike Gorman On Designing The Database
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Gorman


December 11 2011
Dave Harms On Clarion.Net Concepts!
Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms


November 30 2011
Robert Zaunere, Pierre Tremblay, and Diego Borojovich on AppGen.Net!
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Zaunere
Pierre Tremblay
Diego Borojovich


November 25 2011
Robert de Jager on Right Reports!
Full Webinar Recording
Robert de Jager


November 18 2011
Bruce Johnson On NetTalk6 - Live Official Launch!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


November 11 2011
Bruce Johnson On Insight Graphing 2!
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


November 4 2011
Geoff Thomson On Secwin 6!
Full Webinar Recording
Geoff Thomson


October 31 2011
Andy Wilton On New Noyantis Command Bars
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Wilton
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


October 24 2011
JP Gutsatz On Improving The User Interface
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


October 18 2011
Dave Harms on Test Driven Development Part III
Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms


October 8 2011
Mark Goldberg With C8 Tips And Tricks
Full Webinar Recording
Mark Goldberg


October 8 2011
Paul Blais And Mike Gorman On Database Refactoring
Full Webinar Recording
Paul Blais
Mike Gorman


September 19 2011
Dave's Back Part II, The Invoice Project and TDD
Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms
Wolfgang Orth


September 12 2011
Dave Harms and Test Driven Development
Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms


September 5 2011
Arnold Young and John Hickey present the ClarionLive Utilities!
Full Webinar Recording
Arnold Young
John Hickey


August 29 2011
Mark Goldberg On Language Reference - A Mixed Bag
Full Webinar Recording
Mark Goldberg


August 21 2011
Charles Edmonds on ProScan and ProImage
Full Webinar Recording
Charles Edmonds


August 13 2011
Mike Hanson On Clarion Test!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson
John Hickey
Brahn Partridge
Arnold Young


August 7 2011
Mike Gorman On Data Model Design
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Gorman


August 1 2011
Paul Blais on ABC Reports and Views
Full Webinar Recording
Paul Blais
Mike Gorman


July 25 2011
Ivan Mintoff and the new ClarioNet!
Full Webinar Recording
Ivan Mintoff


July 15 2011
Mike Hanson and Revenge Of The LongJobPerceptionClass Template!
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


July 8 2011
Mark Riffey and Social Media
Full Webinar Recording
Mark Riffey


July 2 2011
Bob Roos on Clarion Quickbooks Connect!
Full Webinar Recording
Bob Roos
Mark Goldberg


June 24 2011
Robert Paresi on SQL Anywhere, JP On SQL Flavors, Code Camp!
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Paresi
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


June 17 2011
Dennis Evans on CodeSmith and Clarion.Net
Full Webinar Recording
Dennis Evans
Ivan Mintoff


June 10 2011
Robert Zaunere With Devcon Official Announcement, Mike Hanson builds his template!
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Zaunere
Mike Hanson


June 3 2011
Andrew Barnham on clarion2java and unit testing
Full Webinar Recording
Andrew Barnham
Mike Hanson
Mark Goldberg


May 28 2011
Robert Zaunere SV Update, Mike Hanson Builds a Template
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Zaunere
Mike Hanson


May 20 2011
Bruce Johnson with Cryptonite and SafeUpdate 2
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


May 13 2011
Robert Zaunere on SV Update, Rick Martin on Thin@ and Report Preview, Window Services
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Zaunere
Rick Martin


May 6 2011
Daniel Pavlic and Thin@ Thin Client Enterprise Solution
Full Webinar Recording
Daniel Pavlic


April 29 2011
Robert Zaunere, Gordon Holfelder on Dashboards
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Zaunere
Gordon Holfelder


April 23 2011
Mike Hanson and LongJobPerceptionClass Template Part Two
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


April 23 2011
Fabian Chocron on ITB Launcher and IDLE Replacement
Full Webinar Recording
Fabian Chocron


April 15 2011
Flint Gatrell and SSL
Full Webinar Recording
Flint Gatrell


April 10 2011
Mike Hanson and LongJobPerceptionClass Template Part One
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


April 2 2011
Grzegorz Falda and Generating Android Apps With Clarion Using MOBY
Full Webinar Recording
Grzegorz Falda


March 25 2011
Dave Harms and Unit Testing 2.0 Workshop
Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms


March 19 2011
Andy Wilton, Robert Paresi on the New CodeJock Chart Control
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Wilton
Robert Paresi


March 11 2011
ClarionLive Celebration!
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Wilton
Daniel Pavlic
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Dave Harms
Bruce Johnson
Mark Goldberg
Mike Hanson
Rick Martin


March 4 2011
Mike Hanson on Threading and Keeping the End-User Informed on Long Processes
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


February 26 2011
Paul Blais and StringTheory
Full Webinar Recording
Paul Blais


February 20 2011
Bruce Johnson on CSS
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


February 20
Mike Gorman on Business Information System Specification Development
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Gorman


February 13 2011
Dave Harms and Practical Unit Testing
Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms


February 5 2011
Mike Hanson and Who, What, Where, and the DebugQueue
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


February 1 2011
Craig Ransom and Using the PDF Viewer ActiveX Control
Full Webinar Recording
Craig Ransom


January 22 2011
Bruce Johnson on NetTalk and HotDates
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


January 22 2011
Dr David Beggs and Mark Goldberg on Subclassing
Full Webinar Recording
Dr David Beggs
Mark Goldberg


January 16 2011
Ben Dell and SOAP UI and NetTalk/XFiles
Full Webinar Recording
Ben Dell
Greg Bailey
John Hickey


January 7 2011
Ben Dell and a Backup Solution for IP Driver Applications
Full Webinar Recording
Ben Dell


January 1 2011
Greg Bailey, Mike Gorman, Mark Goldberg, Great Discussions, and we start a new class
Full Webinar Recording
Greg Bailey
Mike Gorman
Mark Goldberg


December 28 2011
Extended WebGems, ASCII Reader Class
Full Webinar Recording
Greg Bailey


December 19 2011
Andy Wilton on Dreamweaver, Mike Gorman on Data String Connections
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Wilton
Mike Gorman


December 10 2011
Dave Harms with Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development
Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms


December 6 2011
Ivan Mintoff on Reshaping ClarionNet
Full Webinar Recording
Ivan Mintoff


November 27 2011
Mike Hanson and Design Patterns
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


November 19 2011
Bob Foreman Presents the Clarion 8 IDE
Full Webinar Recording
Bob Foreman


November 14 2011
Bob Huff and Shawn Mason - Clarion App Case Study
Full Webinar Recording
Bob Huff
Shawn Mason


November 5 2010
Arnold Young, John Hickey, Dave Harms, CLDC Wrapup
Full Webinar Recording
Arnold Young
John Hickey
Dave Harms


October 25 2010
Arnold Young, John Hickey, Bruce Johnson, JP in a Spooktacular Boo-fest
Full Webinar Recording
Arnold Young
John Hickey
Bruce Johnson
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


October 15 2010
Brahn Partridge on C7 Add-ins
Full Webinar Recording
Brahn Partridge


October 9 2010
Grzegorz Falda with Android Programming Made Easy for Clarion Developers
Full Webinar Recording
Grzegorz Falda


October 5 2010
Mike Lawson and iPhone/iPad Development
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Lawson
John Hickey


September 26 2010
JP on TPS to SQL with DMC, Mike Hanson on Templates
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Mike Hanson


September 18 2010
JP and Converting C6 to the C7 IDE
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Lisa Daugherty
Dave Harms


September 12 2010
Mike Hanson and Templates Part II
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


September 5 2010
Mike Hanson and Templates
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


August 29 2010
Russ Eggen and All About Debugging
Full Webinar Recording
Russ Eggen
Robert Paresi


August 20 2010
Bob Foreman and Best Development Practices in Clarion 7.2
Full Webinar Recording
Bob Foreman


August 13 2010
Joe Lucas on Barcodes, Ben Dell on the IP Driver and SQL
Full Webinar Recording
Joe Lucas
Ben Dell


August 7 2010
Rick Martin and Version Control
Full Webinar Recording
Rick Martin
David Troxell


July 31 2010
Potpourri with Robert Paresi, Andy Wilton, and Mark Goldberg
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Paresi
Andy Wilton
Mark Goldberg


July 26 2010
Dennis Evans on Stored Procedures and Triggers
Full Webinar Recording
Dennis Evans
Bob Foreman


July 20 2010
JP Gutsatz and Porting Your APP from TPS to SQL
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


July 11 2010
Mike Hanson on Analyzing and Optimizing Clarion Code
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


July 2 2010
CLDC and Bruce Johnson on NetTalk 5
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


June 27 2010
Paul Blais on Threading and Dennis Evans on the Dining Philosopher
Full Webinar Recording
Paul Blais
Dennis Evans


June 20 2010
Andy Wilton and Noyantis Suite Controls
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Wilton
John Hickey


June 13 2010
Mike Hanson on OOP, Interfaces, and SuperTemplates
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Hanson


June 6 2010
Mike Gorman Follow-up Session on BOM
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Gorman


June 6 2010
Mike Gorman and BOM
Full Webinar Recording
Mike Gorman


June 2 2010
David Troxell with Office 2010 and Andrew Barnham with Clarion 2 Java
Full Webinar Recording
David Troxell
Andrew Barnham


May 22 2010
Bob Foreman and the New Clarion Report Writer
Full Webinar Recording
Bob Foreman


May 14 2010
Paul Blais Starting Your App Right
Full Webinar Recording
Paul Blais


May 8 2010
Make Your Clarion App NOT Look Like a Clarion App
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Paresi
Pratik Patel
Bruce Johnson
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Andy Wilton


May 3 2010
Joe Tailleur and Practical SQL
Full Webinar Recording
Joe Tailleur


April 23 2010
Follow-up to Webinar 55, with Mark Goldberg, Wolfgang, and Brian
Full Webinar Recording
Arnold Young
John Hickey
Mark Goldberg
Wolfgang Orth


April 23 2010
John Dunn and Arnold Young Back to Class(es)
Full Webinar Recording
John Dunn
Arnold Young


April 16 2010
Dennis Crane and Dr Explain
Full Webinar Recording
Dennis Crane


April 9 2010
Pratik Patel with CYA and ExtJS with NTWS
Full Webinar Recording
Pratik Patel


April 6 2010
Bruce Johnson Office Inside 3
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


March 26 2010
Gordon Holfelder ClarionLive Lab
Full Webinar Recording
Gordon Holfelder


March 26 2010
Gordon Holfelder and SQL Helper Objects
Full Webinar Recording
Gordon Holfelder


March 24 2010
Genwise Software Factory
Full Webinar Recording
Sebastian Talamoni
Dave Harms


March 12 2010
Full Webinar Recording
Daniel Pavlic
Marco Golem
Wolfgang Orth


March 5 2010
Bruce Johnson NetTalk and SOAP
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


February 26 2010
Report Shootout
Full Webinar Recording


February 20 2010
Bob Foreman and Pierre Tremblay
Full Webinar Recording
Bob Foreman
Pierre Tremblay


February 13 2010
Arnor and the Icetips Utilities
Full Webinar Recording
Arnor Baldvinsson
Andy Wilton


February 9 2010
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


February 5 2010
Noyantis HTML Editor
Full Webinar Recording
Andy Wilton


January 22 2010
Joe Tailleur with SQL Tips and Tricks
Full Webinar Recording
Joe Tailleur
Jane Fleming


January 15 2010
Gordon Again!
Full Webinar Recording
Gordon Holfelder


January 15 2010
Gordon Holfelder and Stu Andrews
Full Webinar Recording
Gordon Holfelder
Stu Andrews


January 9 2010
Bruce Johnson String Theory
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


January 2 2010
Moving Your C6 Apps to C7
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
John Hickey


December 18 2009
Mark Goldberg
Full Webinar Recording
Mark Goldberg


December 18 2009
Randy Rogers
Full Webinar Recording
Randy Rogers


December 18 2009
OOP and Unit Testing
Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms


December 12 2009
Free For All
Full Webinar Recording
Gordon Holfelder
Joe Tailleur
Andy Wilton
Dave Harms


December 4 2009
Dave Harms and Nardus Swanevelder
Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms
Nardus Swanevelder


November 21 2009
NetTalk 5
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


November 14 2009
Full Webinar Recording
Mark Riffey
Rick Smith


November 14 2009
SQL Backups
Full Webinar Recording
Spencer Dixon
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz


November 6 2009
Bob Foreman
Full Webinar Recording
Bob Foreman


October 30 2009
Spooktacular Boo-Fest
Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms
John Hickey


October 26 2009
Clarion Handy Tools
Full Webinar Recording
Gus Creces


October 26 2009
PDF Tools
Full Webinar Recording
Craig Ransom


October 9 2009
Arnold Young Makes an App
Full Webinar Recording
Arnold Young


October 2 2009
Joe Tailleur - Getting Deeper into SQL

Full Webinar Recording
Joe Tailleur


September 25 2009
SQL Super Panel

Full Webinar Recording
Dave Harms
David Swindon
Jim Morgan
Joe Tailleur
Shawn Mason


September 18 2009
Mark Goldberg
Full Webinar Recording
Mark Goldberg


September 13 2009
Geoff Thomson FM3
Full Webinar Recording
Geoff Thomson


September 4 2009
Robert Paresi, Bruce Johnson, and Casual Friday
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Paresi
Bruce Johnson
Rick Martin
John Hickey
John Hamilton


August 28 2009
End-User Auditing
Full Webinar Recording
Jorge Alejandro Lavera


August 21 2009
Bob Foreman Clarion 7 Reporting and Features
Full Webinar Recording
Bob Foreman


August 14 2009
Bob Zaunere Presents the New Clarion Report Writer
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Zaunere


August 7 2009
Randy Rogers
Full Webinar Recording
Randy Rogers


August 7 2009
Jim Morgan
Full Webinar Recording
Jim Morgan


August 4 2009
Show and Tell
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Wolfgang Orth


July 29 2009
TechSmith Camtasia Studio, Snagit, and more
Full Webinar Recording


July 19 2009
Data Equity Assistants
Full Webinar Recording
Steve Stockstill


July 10 2009
Capesoft Profiling and Debugging
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


July 5 2009
Open Mic - CodeJock Control Report, OCX, and more
Full Webinar Recording
Open Mic
Greg Bailey


June 27 2009
Icetips Build Automator
Full Webinar Recording
Arnor Baldvinsson


June 19 2009
Softvelocity - New Applications in Clarion 7
Full Webinar Recording
Bob Foreman
Robert Zaunere


June 13 2009
TDC: Version Control and Issue Tracking
DinamiComp: Local Classes
Full Webinar Recording
Mauricio Nicastro
Victoria Caballero
Nardus Swanevelder


June 7 2009
Rick Martin Continuous Integration
Full Webinar Recording
Rick Martin


May 31 2009
Beach Bunny Software - Lindersoft
Full Webinar Recording
Jane Fleming


May 23 2009
InnQuest - XML
Full Webinar Recording
Robert Paresi


May 23 2009
POSitive Software - VMWare
Full Webinar Recording
John Hamilton


May 11 2009
Quickbooks Connect
Full Webinar Recording
Paul MacFarlane


May 1 2009
Softvelocity - Easing into Clarion 7
Full Webinar Recording
Bob Foreman
Robert Zaunere


April 27 2009
DMC and Noyantis
Full Webinar Recording
Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Andy Wilton


April 22 2009
Clarion Magazine - Clarion 7
Webinar Recording (Last half)
Dave Harms


April 10 2009
Show and Tell - TPS to SQL
Full Webinar Recording
John Hickey
Arnold Young
John Hamilton


April 3 2009
Capesoft NetTalk 4
Full Webinar Recording
Bruce Johnson


March 27 2009
Noyantis (Code Jock Wrappers)
Webinar Recording (only the last 45 minutes)
Andy Wilton

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This week Bob Wilhelm will be talking about using Crystal Reports with Clarion and SQL! Bob will cover everything you ever wanted to know about Crystal Reports, you won't want to miss this!Greg Bailey