Webinar 300 Prize List!


1st Prize : Up to $300 off any purchases made via our website

5 Runner up prizes of $30 off any purchases made via our website
30 days Promotions (starting on the Fri 13th Webinar):-

10% off all new product purchases made via our website

10% off all “Active” plan renewals / extensions made via our website (current “Active” plans can simply be extended)

An amnesty on all “Lapsed” plan renewals made via our website – allowing the user to renew at the standard “Active” plan price
BoxSoft (Mike Hanson)
Super Template of Your Choice!

Sterling Data
LogFlash – $195 value!


Clarionites can use the CLARIONLIVE300 (30% discount) coupon to buy new SetupBuilder 8 Developer Edition licenses (including 1-year of maintenance and support) for $279.30 instead of $399.00 (-$119.60) and maintenance and support plan reactivations for $174.30 instead of $249.00 (-$74.70). Of course, this includes the free update to the Windows 10 compliant SetupBuilder version.
New license:

Reactivations (renew expired maintenance and support plan):

Just enter the CLARIONLIVE300 coupon in the "Have a coupon or promo code? Enter it here:" field.

The coupon expires on February 28, 2015.
Upper Park Solutions (Rick Martin)
3 free - Format Assignment Statements Addin licenses
This addin to the Clarion IDE automatically neatly aligns adjacent assignment statements so the operator (=, +=, etc) align at the same column in your code. Available on ClarionShop.
Winner's choice of any of our templates. This includes all of the ProSeries templates at www.clarionproseries.com as well as any of the ones in our SealSoft family of templates at www.seal-soft.com .

ClarionTools at www.clariontools.com is offering three 50% discount “coupons” off the total purchase price of any new full license product or product combination (does not apply to upgrade purchases.) Winners must email request for products and complete purchase via secure credit card payment on or before April 30, 2015, this offer is not transferrable.

ONE Capesoft accessory of your choice! (bundles excluded)

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