Title: iQ-XML Update!

Date: February 28 2014
Clarion Date:
Duration: just about two hours

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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson

Presenter: Robert Paresi

Robert Paresi will be joining us to talk about iQ-XML! Topics to be covered:

Discuss new things added recently to iQ-XML

  • XML::AddChild() - Enhancement for easier XML
  • XML:ConvertFromXML - now works for HEX and not just Decimal
  • XML:ReadComment() - Ability to read comments inside an XML

Discuss Web Services and writing for Web Services

  • Talk about indention/non indent for XML writing
  • Talk about End of Line Character for XML writing
  • Discuss Soap/Enveloping XML documents and why they exist
  • Discuss accessing a Soap Envelope element quickly through iQ-XML
  • Discuss processing XML documents via Web Services and properly spawning a job

What else might we do? Maybe we'll make some more Clarion examples. Maybe we'll re-do the Clarion Utilities in SetupBuilder so they install better (and learn about SetupBuilder in the process). Maybe we'll show a brand-new way to handle Notify. We'll see!


Old Business: None

New Business: None


Topics Covered:

Additional Downloads: http://www.paresi.net/clarion/

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