Title: No GUTS No Glory

Date: November 1 2013
Clarion Date:
Duration: Right on two hours!

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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson

Presenter: Bruce Johnson from CapeSoft


From Bruce:

In 1998 I investigated classes in Clarion, and fell in love almost immediately. So much so that I wrote a book and travelled the world training on it. But Interfaces, a cousin of classes, didn't really grab me, and I didn't find a genuine use case for them. Until now...

During this session I'll write a simple class, which contains an Interface, and show how the Interface adds real value to what the class is doing. And the example is anything but contrived, indeed it's something a number of our tools will soon make use of so the result of the session (named GUTS) will be released as a free accessory for anyone to inspect, use or build upon.

The GUTS page on the CapeSoft site is located here;

You can get the code for the GUTS class, and the LeftRight class created during the webinar, by going to

All feedback and suggestions are welcome.


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Topics Covered:

Create a small class from scratch.
How to get over the Blank Paper Syndrome.
Introduce the GUTS class, and see how it works.
Introduction to creating and using an INTERFACE, specifically the one created by the GUTS class.
Add support for GUTS to the LeftRight class.

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