Title: CIDC Post-Show

Date: 10 4 2013
Clarion Date:
Duration: Somewhere around two hours

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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson

Presenter: Mike Hanson, Robert Zaunere


We'll be wrapping up CIDC with a discussion of what happened and what we learned! Robert Zaunere will be stopping by to answer questions!

Then we'll be covering Interfaces with Mike Hanson!

Usually we think of INTERFACEs being used between classes. During CIDC, Mike Hanson demonstrated an interface in use between AppGen procedures, so that many reports could be produced by a single shared Report procedure. At the request of some of the attendees, Mike has created a generic example to demonstrate this approach. He's also reinforced why an INTERFACE is such a good idea, by adding alternate output types via the same INTERFACE. It's "Separation of Concerns" in action!


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