Apex SQL Product Demo!
Date: July 19 2013
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Hosts: Arnold Young, Lisa Daugherty

Presenter: Dennis Evans

Description: First part on Clarion9 Pre-Release TOUR by JP Gutsatz followed by

Apex Sql Product Short Demos

1. Doc.

Generate documentation for a database. Why would I want to do that, I don't have documentation for the code is the database special?

2. Profile.

This tool is not an optimizer, it is not a query analyzer, what it is, is a small, low cost add-in for management studio that does not do much. But even though this one does not do much, what it does can be very useful. This tool has some real bang for the buck.

3. Audit.

Set up an Audit for selected tables and selected columns in a database.

Add DDL triggers to track log in create, alter and drop. Tracking log in changes is a common requirement in audit trails

4. Compare (Schema).

Quick demo of using the UI to compare two databases and update one.

5. Compare (Schema) command line and the Compare SDK.

Generate a snap shot, from the command line. Then using the SDK API (and a few lines of code) create new database. Edit the new database, drop some columns, edit some stored procedures, just make some random changes. Then using the same snap shot update the database so it matches the original.

6. Short demos of any of the other tools in the Developer bundle that people want to see. Basically a short ad-hoc session, obviously this will depend on time, interest and so on.


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