Title: Moving Your App from C6 to C8

Date: May 17, 2013
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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson

Presenter: Bruce Johnson

Moving Your App From C6 To C8!

Still have apps in C6? Clarion 9 is coming out soon, and support for C6 from many third-party providers may soon be a thing of the past (don't panic! It's not happening yet, but seriously, how much longer can they continue to develop enhancements to their C6 products?)

Bruce will talk about what you should consider when moving to C8, the steps you'll need to take, and questions you'll need to ask yourself. Is now the time to finally move to C8? Should you wait a little longer? Should you upgrade at all? Attend and find out!

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Topics Covered:

Moving your C6 applications to C8.

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Webinar Introduction
Bruce Johnson goes over the steps for moving your app from C6 to C8...
stage 1 -- update 3rd party products to "modern" versions in c6. -- correct clarion 6 app
stage 2 -- identify 3rd party requirements -- purchase (if necessary), download and install. -- identify items that are no longer available.
stage 3 -- prepare the c8 environment -- install what's available. -- manually install stuff that's no longer available (source only.)
stage 4 -- open app & dict in C8 -- correct errors in C6 or fix environment
stage 5 -- tidy up the imported solution.
stage 6 -- compile and run

Webinar Recording

Fourth Rule Of The Webinar:


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