Title: Inside The Data Dictionary!
Date: April 26 2013
Clarion Date: 77551
Duration: 2:32:48

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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson

Presenter: Mike Hanson, Dave Harms, Greg Bailey

Let's look at the Data Dictionary! Today we'll dive deep into the Data Dictionary, and look at the various options available to you.
Plus, we'll take a quick look at the Clarion RED file, along with a few more surprises!

C9 Beta Released To 3rd Party Developers

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Topics Covered:
Clarion 9 Beta
ActiveX Query Builder
Using the RED File
Inside the Data Dictionary

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Webinar Introduction
C9 Beta released to 3rd party developers. Dave gives a good tip - he installs any new version in a separate folder and then uses Beyond Compare to see what changes have actually been made. This allows him to see changes that may not have been included in the docs of the new version. Dave and Mike discuss some of things they've seen in C9.
JP talks about the testing he did with the new SQLite driver in C9 and some of the issues he's come across.
JP talks about some of the IDE changes he's come across, such as specifying fonts, while Mike brings up some of the options on screen. JP stresses that it is an EARLY release, but he's excited about what he's seeing.
John has a Special Presentation! His OCX query builder... it's a simplied version of what you can do in Microsoft Server Management Studio... something that you can distribute to end users to allow them to build queries on their own.
Feature Presentation - Mike and Dave on Redirection Files... how it's been set up at their location for multiple developers.

Webinar Recording

Fourth Rule Of The Webinar:

Play games that are not dangerous. Refrain from chasing, pulling and tugging at clothing, fighting (even "play fighting"), karate and judo.


A suggestion about keeping the sources like the obj res rsc and lib in the Obj\release taking the sources and map under a subfolder.
In the rediirection file under Release section
*.map = map\release
*.inc = .\_Source
*.clw = .\_Source
This way all the sources will be generated under _Source sub directory
--Robert Gaudreau

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