Title: SQL Quest Continues Ever Onward!

Date: April 5 2013
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Duration: 2:47:38

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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson


Rick Martin
-- reviews the PERSISTED modifer in the SET INDEX command
-- extended discussion on the OMITTED function from last week (with code example!)
-- IDE addin - Formats assignments statements so they are aligned from top to bottom based on various criteria including the longest variable (Purchase)
original code:
 x = 1
 XP_P = 3
aligned code:
 x    = 1
 XP_P = 3
Jim Morgan
-- IP phones
-- finder utility template
-- SQL Script generation templates
Andy Wilton
-- the clarion property of the day
John Hickey
-- shows of the Surface Pro and the touchable interface he's written for it
Links to products used in this demo:
VideoCapX ocx control: http://www.videocapx.com/
Clarion FreeImage Project: http://www.clarionfreeimage.com/

Jim Morgan from Mitten Software joins us with some free Templates!

Rick Martin has a new product to show!

John Hickey has build a Tablet app to run on a Surface Pro to demo!

Then, SQL Quest continues, as we improve Lisa's SQL converted app!

  • Portable Apps (Link) - Extensive list of applications that do not access the host computer
  • Web Color Codes (Link) - Visual representation of colors with their code - Larry Sand
  • Microsoft WebMatrix v3 (Link) - New version of Microsoft's web programming environment -Mark Goldberg
  • PlaceKitten (Link) - for when you need an image placeholder - Mark Riffey

  • PROP:Object

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