Title: Setting up an Application Server in the Cloud

Date: March 25 2013
Clarion Date: 77516
Duration: 2:59:49

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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson


Jean-Pierre Gutsatz and Mike Hanson


PRESENTER: Jean-Pierre Gutsatz and Mike Hanson

A. How to implement in our Clarion apps Brahn's Metro Look class and give a new modern "look" to your application .....
1. A short presentation on the technique used in DMC to add his classes
B. Rent a dedicated remote server and set it up with vmware esxi for TSPlus (or any other)
1. OVH dedicated servers - SSD's and RAM
2. OVH IPFailovers (MAC address required for vm's)
3. Updating OVH Esxi to latest 5.0.2 patch (enable w8 and w2012 vm's)

4. Getting a FREE vmware Vcenter lic. (limited to 32 Gb ram)
5. Installing VCenter Server Hypervisor on your local machine - static IP and OS requirements
6. Installing VCenter Client in your local computer to access Esxi (local vcenter Server or remote Hosts)
7. Getting hold of Microsoft ISO files required for vm's - a "JP Trick"
  • Upload the XP ISO file and "wget" it through SSH
  • Install an XP vm
  • Dowload your ISO files from microsoft
  • Install VCenter Client to "upload" these ISO files to the Esxi datastore

8. Creating a w2012 or w7 or w8 vm
  • MAC Address requirements with Esxi - OVH IP failover allocation
  • Licensing with MSDN - or Bizspark or ActionPack

9. Using RDPManager to access your vm's compared to Microsoft RDP

10. Setting up the OS for TSPlus
  • Users
  • Shared Folders compared to giving access rights
  • Group Policies
  • Setting up an FTP server
  • Using Veeam "backup & restore" to sleep in safety

10. Installing and setting up TSPlus - quick review as already done in a previous webinar


Old Business: None

New Business: None


  1. POKE
  2. PEEK


  • JSONLint (Link) - a JSON Validator
  • Time.is (Link) -aims to be the most accurate, the most reliable and the most user-friendly source of time and time related information on the web

Topics Covered:

  • John demonstrated how 3rd party vendors could add and edit their wiki page on clarionlive wiki
  • JP shows off how he has set up and is using the Clarion Metro Wizard class

Additional Downloads: None

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Time Events:

Webinar Introduction
Quicky Wiki Tutorial - How to add 3rdParty Vendors
Web Gems - By Joe Lucas
Clarion Word.Of.The.Day - By Greg Bailey
Usage of Brahn's Metro Class - By Jean-Pierre Gutsatz
Cloud Application Servers - By Jean-Pierre Gutsatz and Mike Hanson

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