Title: Hey, It's Webinar 200!

Date: March 1, 2013
Clarion Date: 77495
Duration: 3:18:05
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StringTheory Presentation


Arnold Young

John Hickey

Lisa Daugherty

Mike Hanson


Robert Zaunere

Diego Borojovich

Andy Wilton

Bruce Johnson

Surprises and Prizes!
This week is our 200th Webinar, and we've invited several of our past presenters to help us celebrate!
  • Robert Zaunere From SoftVelocity will be here!
  • Andy Wilton from Noyantis Software, our very first presenter, will be here!
  • Bruce Johnson from CapeSoft will be here!
  • And a few more surprises, probably!
We've bumped up the attendance limit for the month of March, so no worries about hitting the 100 attendee limit... 500 of you can join in the celebration!
Bruce Johnson will be our main Presenter. He'll be presenting StringTheory, one of the most useful classes in the entire universe!
Thanks everyone for your support, we'll see you at the webinar!
--John and Arnold


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Webinar Introduction
Robert Zaunere gives us a status update on Clarion 9, H5 - Html5/CSS +jQuery and Clarion.Net
Diego Borojovich joins Robert and expands on new RTL & IDE functionality; plus he promotes SoftVelocity on social media - go Like SV on Facebook!
Q&A: Mike Hanson asks questions from the group. Robert hints at first beta in coming weeks and says he'll see us at DevCon in September.
Joe Lucas presents his webgems of the week.
It's All About the Wiki Baby! John Hickey gives us the scoop on the brand new ClarionLive WikiSpace! Our goal is to use this as a way of cataloging all the webinars and putting them in to a searchable format to make it easy to not only pick out the webinars that interest you on a particular topic and give you breakouts as to the times different sections of the webinar begins in case you need to get right to the meat of a presentation. Most importantly everyone who joins our wikispace can help us to fill in the blanks or add additional information.
And one additional section, Heard it Through the Grapevine, is a place to store conversations you saw or were a part of on one of the Skype chats - something you think might be of interest to others that might otherwise get lost in the etherworld.
Greg Bailey discusses our Word.Of.The.Day - ALONE.
JP Gutsatz gives us a brief overview of his new web service - DMC on the Web - no need to buy a license for a one time conversion, "rent" DMC for the week.
Feature Presentation - Bruce Johnson talks about String Theory.
Greg gives us a follow-up report on ALONE.
Bruce answers a question about xml tags and String Theory... bottom line, use XFiles for xml handling.
PRIZES!!! Generously donated by some of our wonderful 3rd party vendors! If you won, contact that vendor directly please. :)
Late Breaking addition - it turns out we are lucky enough to get our very FIRST webinar presenter on with us! Andy Wilton quickly gives us an overview on an upcoming release for his Report Controls template which will allow for data binding... NO dictionary required, link right to your SQL database... it's magic I tell you!
Wrap it Up! See you next week!

Webinar Recording

Fourth Rule Of The Webinar:

Don't microwave stinky food in the shared lunchroom.


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