Title: Coloring!
Date: February 22nd, 2013
Clarion Date: 77488
Duration: 3:24:32

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"Interface vs. Abstract Class" Example Source Code

Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson


Mike Hanson

John Hickey


Coloring! This week, Mike Hanson will be showing us his "coloring" stuff! It's a set of classes for defining a default color set, and allowing the creation and editing of new sets. It applies the chosen set to a screen at runtime.
From Mike:
"In my case, it's not so much for "all screens" in your APPs, but rather specific screens that need to support recoloring. For example, my casino stuff has various "Viewers" which are shown on big screen TVs in casinos. Each casino wants to choose the colors to be used."

PLUS! John Hickey may be showing something he's been working on, perhaps! Tune in to find out!

  • Webinar #200 Next Week! Nothing Special Planned!
  • JP is giving away stuff
  • Final Survey Results

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  • ColorToHSL
  • ColorToRGB
  • RGBToColor

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Time Events:

Webinar Introduction
John Hickey demonstrate a new technique for displaying data on-the-fly using the Codejock ReportControl
Word.Of.The.Day, a discussion of ColorToHSL, ColorToRGB, RBGToColor found in the cwutil.clw file
Mike Hanson begins the main Presentation, demonstrating his Coloring class used in his application
Marc Walgren gives an example of using an Interface, and he and Mike Hanson then proceed to create a complete example and explanation of how to use Interfaces

Full Webinar Recording
Interface Example Recording

Fourth Rule Of The Webinar:

Wear a hat and gloves when it’s cold. Seriously.


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