Download ActiveXHelper

Download the Date Time Picker from Smart-ActiveX

Download the ActiveX Demo App demonstrated in the webinar (includes C8 source code)

Download the TimeDatePicker Class that was created during the webinar.

Download the DateTimePickerDemo app that shows how to use the class.

Click Here for RunElevated Source Code

Information on how to check that ActiveX Control is registered

Receiving Multiple Return Values from an OCX

To use the type library viewer that John used during the webinar to view info about our Date Time Picker OCX:

Download iTripoli Type Library Viewer and install it.

If you would like to call this directly from the Clarion IDE:
  1. Launch Clarion and select Tools | Options.
  2. On the Tools tab, click Add to add an external tool to the tool menu. I called mine "iTripoli Type Library Viewer".
  3. Browse to the location that TypeViewer.exe was installed to... I used the default which was "C:\Program Files\iTripoli\Tools\TypeViewer.exe". I left all the other fields blank and clicked OK and ta-da, its now on the top part of my Tools menu in Clarion.

List of useful OCX controls

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