SQL CAT Wednesday - 7 Hours - First Day of Presentations
  • 0:00:00 Arnold Young - SQL CAT Survey Results
  • 0:29:30 SoftVelocity - SQL Scriptor
  • 1:13:23 Panel - SQL CAT Mind Map / Survey Q&A
  • 4:58:00 Joe Tallieur - PG-SQL Server Monitor
  • 5:09:00 Mike Gorman - Clarion DevCon Making Stovepipe Data Models into Nuclear Power Plant
  • 5:51:00 Mike Gorman - Third Normal Form

SQL CAT Thursday - PostgreSQL Label Case and FM3
Suggestion for using FM3 with SQL
  • Set your tables in your dct to not create
  • Create a utility app that simply touches the files
  • In the Global Properties/File Control, in the utility app, set create to Create All
  • This should eliminate the possibility of any tables being dropped

SQL CAT Thursday - DMC

Mind Map:

SQL CAT Convert-a-Thon PDF
SQL CAT Convert-a-Thon Mindjet MindManager 14 File

Other References:

For a list of Connection Strings:

Highly recommend attending a SQL Saturday if one is in your area and you use MSSQL.

Websites to allow you to backup SQL databases from anywhere via the net...

Need help figuring out the connection string for a particular database?

Free SQL Formatter

Free add-in to MSSQL Management Studio for searching

tsqlt - SQL Object unit testing

Universal Database Management Tools. Please tell us what other 3rd-party tools you use and recommend. Manage your table changes and ship an exe to update.
Keeps the dct and the backend in the same order