JP Data Management Center


Shortcut your time to deliver : One Data Management Tool for Multiple Formats
Convert - Migrate - Clone - Transfer - Visualize your data ... from any source to any destination

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Save time

DMC skillfully manipulates your data in a wide variety of data structures. Whether you need to simply take a peak at a table or do mass updates to fix major data problems or clone a Table or a complete SQL DB or a complete folder containing various flat Tables, DMC is the tool to get it done.

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Save money

DMC being an "all in one" tool with it's powerful options (data mapping) and features, you will soon realize all your data manipulation tasks are done faster than you thought (and invoiced to your clients).

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Concentrate on your work

You have full control over the data and can perform complex lookups using storable QBE tools as well as multi-table relational lookups and data migration. When your data needs and designs change, DMC is here to "fix" your data without the need to create custom conversion code.

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All major Formats are supported

ASCII (TXT & CSV) - Clarion (DAT) - Topspeed (TPS) - Dbase FoxPro Clipper (DBF) - ODBC [ANY* SQL and Excel (XLS) and Access (MDB) and Windev (HyperFile)]

Predefined Export Formats : Extended Markup Language (XML) - PDF - HTML - CSV - WORD - XLS
MsSQL - MySQL - PostGre - Pervasive - Oracle - SQLAnywhere - Firebird - IBM DB2 - Mimer - WD HyperFile - Excel - Access - DSN

If you work with data - Reach for DMC first!