Any reason why the default install dir now is C:\Clarion9.1 instead of %ProgramFiles%\Clarion9.1 ?
Placing Clarion inside Program Files causes problems with UAC and so on. Basically windows wants the "program" and "data" to be separate, but in the case of a compiler much of the "program" is data. For example the template registry is "data", and so should be outside the Program Files folder. But moving that outside the Clarion folder makes "snapshotting" the environment a real pain. The simple solution is to put it all in c:\whatever Obviously you can move it back into program files if you like.

Have installed 9.1 in c:\Clarion9.1 9 is in c:\Clarion9
Both read the same app files. I have copied all my apps from 9 to 9.1 I wish to continue using 9 until I am happy with 9.1.
I do NOT wish v9.1 to access my v9 apps or templates.
Tried lots of things, with no resolution. I guess this is something to do with files in \user\softvelocity\roaming, as they seem to use the same files.
They both use same configuration folder by default. You can change it my starting one version with the /Configdir switch, to point it to a different location. From the help:
Clarion.exe command line parameters:
/Configdir - sets the IDE to use alternate folder location for its configuration files
The /Configdir parameter can be used to name a base folder to store the IDE configuration files. There are two forms supported for /Configdir;
1. /Configdir=Foldername
2. /Configdir

Running a 9.1 compiled program on a surface pro 2 .. how do i make the touch keyboard not pop up (preferably this would be a setting in the program)
Look for code that RUNs TabTip. If they didn't ship it, then you can use Mark Goldberg classes: