Charles Edmonds

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Charles has been involved in computers and software since the early 1980's. He got started when he traded a banjo for a used Commodore VIC-20 at a friend's pawn shop. After spending the winter plunking around with it, he was totally hooked. As he likes to say: "I turned out to be a whole lot better with the computer than I ever was with the banjo!".
Even though he made his living in the hardware and networking side of the industry for many years after the IBM-PC and compatibles came out, he never stopped writing software. He was always interested in new development tools that could make the job faster and easier.
So for someone who considers himself to be basically a lazy person (although you'd never know it from the long days and nights that he has put for the past 25 years), Charles was drawn to the RAD aspect of Clarion like a moth to a flame. He has been a Clarionite since the Clarion Personal Developer first appeared on the market and has owned all the Clarion versions plus most of the 3rd Party tools that have ever been made.
With such a passion for finding the easy way to do things ( and liking to take things apart and see how they worked since he was a kid ), it was a natural progression that he would end up as a vendor in the Clarion 3rd Party tool market.
Charles first introduced ProScan and ProImage back in 2005 after spending three years fairly living in the ImageEx code. While he was developing his highly successful auction photo editor "FotoKiss", he became very good friends with Jens Weiermann ( the developer who wrote ImageEx ) and really learned how to push the imaging library to it's limits.
Both products were wildly received and have been best sellers for the past six years. Thousands of developers world wide use one or both of the templates in countless applications that cover everything from personal projects to medical and Government applications.
Charles continues to be an active 3rd Party vendor, actively enhancing his templates, developing new ones and supporting the community in the newsgroups.
He has also recently taken over the ClarionDesktop and is in the process of revamping it as a free tool for everyone.

On the personal side of things, he enjoys sailing, flying and traveling to new places as well as most types of music. He still dabbles with the keyboard and the guitar as well and has been known to sing outside of the shower on occasion. He and his wife of almost 27 years have four Schipperke dogs as well as a German Shepherd, Border Collie and a couple of cats lounging around somewhere. They are true animal lovers with big hearts for their furry friends.
In the past year or so Charles has taken up Artesian Bread Baking and pictures of his delightful goodies have appeared in the newsgroups from time to time.
When asked if he would ever want to be a professional baker instead of a Clarion programmer, the answer is a solid "No" (because of that lazy gene again!). But since so much of bread baking involves time and he is always awake and working, the two have gone hand in hand quite nicely.
Besides, a well fed programmer is a happy programmer and after all - with Clarion it is always about food in the end isn't it?