Title: Marko Golem and Daniel Pavlic on the new Thin@ 2.1

Date: June 8 2012
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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson

Presenter: Marko Golem, Daniel Pavlic

Description: Two ClarionLive! Featurettes! Lisa Daugherty with Clarion Hidden Gems, and Dave Harms on Github! Then, a comprehensive demonstration of Thin@ by Daniel Pavlic!

Note: We had some technical difficulties during the Thin@-ClarionTools support section of the webinar, which were solved after the webinar. This is a short description of the problems and their cause:

1st Issue: Printing in the Thin@-ClarionTools demo app did not work as expected.
Cause: Too many WMF files have been generated in the temp folder on the server.
Solution: Clearing out the temp files and turning on the Auto-Cleanup feature solved the problem.

2nd Issue: A window in the Thin@-ClarionTool app did not appear as expected.
Cause: Window position saving bug in Clarion that puts the window off the display.
Solution: Turning off saving of the window position in Clarion.


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