Title: Mike Hanson on Clarion Test

Date: August 13 2011
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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson

Presenter: Mike Hanson, John Hickey, Brahn Partridge, Arnold Young

Description: After the usual opening and Devcon updates, John did a short demo of Icetip's Build Automator, which is really really cool! Then Mike Hanson gave a terrific demo of how to do Unit Testing, as he has added some new features to the process! Of course we ran overtime so no Code Camp, but we managed to have Brahn Partridge show his new website for Clarion Addins at http://www.clarionaddins.com , and then we were totally out of time but Arnold showed us a testing app he was working on , and all of a sudden we started talking about how to improve the code, and the next thing you know it was a mini-Code Camp!


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