Title: Robert Paresi on SQL Anywhere, JP On SQL Flavors, Code Camp!

Date: June 24 2011
Clarion Date: 76879

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Code Camp Debug Variables Utility

Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson

Presenter: Robert Paresi,Jean-Pierre Gutsatz

Description: What a great webinar! First we talked about the upcoming Clarion International DevCon (the Early Bird deadline was extended to July 15th, yay!), then we did the Word.Of.The.Day (it was ERASE), then Robert Paresi did a great presentation on SQL Anywhere, including some really amazing tips on how to keep your SQL database secure, and finally JP did an overview of different flavors of SQL! Then is was on to Code Camp, but then.... the webinar accidentally ended! But have no fear, we restarted the webinar and had Code Camp anyway! See the separate link below! And it was a really good Code Camp too, don't miss it!


  • Clarion International Developers Conference
    • This is THE official SoftVelocity DevCon!!
    • Where: Rosen Centre in Orlando, Florida!
    • When: September 26th - October 1st
    • What: Three days of Talks, Three days of Workshops
    • Registration is now open! Please reserve your Hotel room now!!! www.CIDC2011.com
Early Bird Extended
through July 15th!
CIDC Talks
CIDC Workshop
CIDC Talks & Workshop
  • Noyantis user group meeting cancelled for tomorrow

Word.Of.The.Day: ERASE

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Dave's Corner: None - On Hiatus

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Webinar Introduction
Rules of the Webinar
Word.Of.The.Day: ERASE
Dave's Corner (none, he's on hiatus!)
Feature Presentation
Obfuscating your database passwords in code

Webinar Recording

Fourth Rule Of The Webinar

  • Change your Furnace Filter at least every two months


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