Title: Robert Zaunere, Gordon Holfelder on Dashboards

Date: April 29 2011
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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey, Lisa Daugherty, Mike Hanson

Presenter: Robert Zaunere, Gordon Holfelder, Arnold Young, Mark Goldberg, Mike Hanson

Description: All I can say is "WOW WHAT A WEBINAR!"

First, Robert Zaunere, President of SoftVelocity, announced the official Clarion Devcon for 2011! He also announced the early release of Clarion 8, a new release of Clarion.net for next week, and that he'll be joining us every couple of weeks to give us updates on what's happening at SoftVelocity! Then we had announcements, with the Clarion Word-Of-The-Day and a demo of Brahn Partridge's new QuickStart Templates, Dave Harms with MagGems and WebGems, Gordon Holfelder on Dashboards, Arnold Young on Mockups, and finally Code Class that started out as a rambling mess but soon turned in to a Gem of a tutorial on using VLBProc thanks to Mark Goldberg and Mike Hanson!


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