Title: OOP, Interfaces, and SuperTemplates

Date: June 11, 2010

Clarion Date: 76501

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Hosts: Arnold Young, John Hickey

Presenter: Mike Hanson

OOP, Interfaces and Design Patterns
  • What's worse than GOTO?
  • Four ways to reuse code in Clarion
  • Refactor must be your mantra!
  • Object Oriented Programming
    • Basic Concepts
    • Classes are not necessarily things
    • What's an Interface, and how does it make life easier?
  • What is a Design Pattern?
  • The most common Clarion Design Pattern: Template Method
  • Other common design patterns
    • Composite
    • Command
    • Facade
  • Displaying Playing Cards
    • Interface
    • Abstract Factory
  • Resources
    • Design Patterns (Gamma, Helm, Johnson and Vlissides, a.k.a. GoF or Gang of Four)
    • Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C# (Martin)
Super Templates
  • Super Stuff (MH) - featuring DropButtons
  • Super Import-Export


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